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Are More Teams Out Of Their Depth Than Ever Before?

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10 games in none of the bottom 8 have managed to make it to 10 points. 4 teams don't even have 6 points.

2017/18 - 5 teams had less than 10 points, only one less than 6.

2016/17 - 3 teams had less than 10 points. 2 of which less than 6.

2015/16 - 5 less than 10. 1 less than 6.

2014/15 - 4 less than 10, 1 less than 6.

2013/14 - 4 less than 10, 2 less than 6.


A side effect of increasing money in the league making it harder for newer teams to establish themselves?

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There's a much better chance as a new team to stay up by playing for stifling draws and 1-0s than expressing yourself and going for it like Blackpool famously did unless you spend a shit ton of money (or a suspiciously average ton of money) like Wolves.

There's also massive disparity between the top six and the rest except for United who are a mess. That's why I mentioned in the other thread that Madrid and Barcelona need to carry out a raid on Kane, Hazard, Salah, De Bruyne etc to even things back out a bit.

Fact is right now the bottom 14 are arguably out of their depth. If you chose the worst XI from the top six of players who at least have a few appearances this season against the best XI from the rest of the League the top six XI would probably win.

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I think Leicester gave them all the rocket up the arse they all needed. I looked at the transfer activity some of those teams were doing before that and thought "What the fuck?". Since then they've all developed more of a structure. 

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