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Liverpool For Sale?

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American newspaper New York Post has reported that principal owner John W Henry is privately inviting offers and would be willing to sell the Premier League club for a bid in excess of £1.53billion.

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I've said recently that I wouldn't swap the stability we have at the moment. I was critical of the ownership about a year ago but this summer* they showed they were willing to spend big and wanted to win so I don't think I'd want to risk that now for a change of ownership

*And in January with Van Dijk to be fair

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Saw this and I also agree with what Mike said, FSG have denied it. I can't see why they'd want to sell it so soon personally, they are going to be making some more profits this year and he looks like he is committed to the project at Liverpool. 

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I hope not, with every good owner there's always a Hicks & Gillete in disguise looking to bleed the club dry behind the scenes. Im happy with FSG they have gradually done a good job with us and they have shown a lot of ambition over the last couple of years.

when you compare the job they have done with us after the state H&G left us in back in 2011 you can only applaud them.

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Liverpool issue statement amid sale rumours as John W Henry reaffirms a commitment

The New York Post claimed the Anfield supremo could be set to cash in

Liverpool's owners Fenway Sports Group have categorically ruled out selling the Anfield outfit.

Reports in their native US claimed principal owner John W Henry has begun a “quiet process” to cash in on Liverpool eight years after buying them for £300million.

But Liverpool have dismissed the speculation and insist the club is not for sale.

A Liverpool spokesperson said: “As loathed as we are to give a story of this nature a meaningful response, on behalf of the club’s ownership, I can completely dismiss this unfounded speculation.

“To repeat, once again, this club is not for sale, including any ‘quiet process’ or anything of that nature.”

The initial report that the Reds were on the market came from Henry's homeland of America, with the New York Post claiming the Boston Red Sox owner was "quietly" looking for around $2billion.


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