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Peru 0-2 Ecuador - Thursday, November 15th 2018

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I won't be going. I honestly want to say this will be an easy win but we will have another experimental game which is fine with me. Ecuador are terrible right now but our second string proved to be quite sub par as well. I hope this new batch or returning players will be better.

Hernan Bolillo Gomez said that Ecuador aren't even close to Peru's level, and he's right. They aren't. However, that is best 11 vs best 11. I still think we have depth issues.

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Corzo - Santamaria - Araujo - Trauco

Aquino - Yotun

Polo - Benavente - Flores


Looks like we'll go with that.

Ruidiaz I've said too much on, but Benavente has also been very good for his club. Problem is neither of them fit into the system. Polo can be inconsistent but if he plays like he did against the USA, than I think we'll do well. I hope we see the Flores from last month.

Trauco is my only concern. Hasn't played at all this past month and an out of form Trauco is a farce in defence.

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So my friend offered me tickets, he told me he wanted me to advertise for him and I said I wanted to go.

Unfortunately he was charging me more expensive, and that was pretty much the reason I couldn't go to begin with xD

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3 minutes ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

Ecuador vs Peru is a pretty even match. Expect peru to play a little better than they did versus the spazzos but it won't be good enough for their fans and their unrealistic expectations

I see more unrealistic expectations from neutrals than our fans. Whether it's agenda filled people like yourself or just people who fell in love with our team.

You have no respectable opinion though considering you said that we wouldn't qualify to the World Cup in another 40 years xD

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Ecuador confirmed their starting XI tonight. Definitely see a few weak links in there. Gruezo, Dominguez and Paredes are the 3 players to try and beat out as they are awful. Enner Valencia isn't the same as he used to be and Antonio isn't getting game time. Not really sure on the rest, I liked Jefferson Orejuela but not sure how he's doing these days.

I will reserve my prediction until our starting XI is out. I hope it's a mix of starters and second string to see who should stay. Just not Nilson Loyola please.


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So yeah... we lost 2-0 on the 1 year anniversary at home... the best fanbase in the world that has fans leaving early in frustration. Couldn't make it up xD

Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy we won that award but we don't help ourselves with those sort of things.

As for the game itself, some people say the Ayrton Preciado sub for Jefferson Montero in the 30th minute changed the game. I disagree, we were doomed from the start with our tactical mentality trying to revolve play around Ruidiaz. He doesn't fit the style, and as a result we dominated the first half and did null with our end product. We didn't even try to get a shot at goal. We also underestimated Ecuador. I know we have gone unbeaten against them in the last 4 before this, but it seems to have made us forget we have a horrible record against these, as before the 1-0 win in 2013 we hadn't beat them in almost 40 years.

Enner Valencia, I did not expect that performance. He's obviously talented but he lacks so much concentration in general. The other day he put on a show and really silenced the ground. Antonio Valencia was also quite good, but not as good as the former nor Ayrton Preciado. As for us, Luis Abram was our only saving grace. He has to be the starting CB now, along with Miguel Araujo. Advincula was quite poor it has to be said, probably because some people made him believe he is the best right back in the world, and that can't be proven yet. Raising the stakes a bit. Renato Tapia was awful, and the team really lacks Christian Cueva. He's easily our most talented player alongside Andre Carrillo and is so important to this team.

Anyways, Costa Rica next. A few changes to be made, but it's a friendly and I really only care about the squad learning from these mistakes before going all out at the Copa America. Lets not win all our friendlies like we did Pre-World Cup. That was a mistake.


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