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FA Investigating Pep Guardiola for Defending Referee

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You couldn't make this up. Such a backwards organisation.

The FA is seeking observations from Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola over the comments he made with regards to referee Anthony Taylor ahead of Sunday's victory over Manchester United.

Guardiola has been asked to explain his media comments in his pre-match press conference ahead of the 3-1 win over Unitedwhen he discussed the appointment of the official.

The decision to appoint Taylor for the match at the Etihad Stadium was criticised by Manchester City supporters due to the fact that he comes from Wythenshawe, just six miles from Old Trafford, but the Premier League had no issues appointing him.

All Premier League referees have to declare their allegiances, with Taylor being a season-ticket holder at National League North club Altrincham.

"I don't know. So the people know, he is from Manchester but the people knows the team he supports?" Guardiola said on Friday.

"So no problem. He is going to try to do the best job, like we try as managers and football players.

"Even with VAR there will be mistakes but it will reduce that issue. Mr Taylor is going to try and make a good time.

"The important thing is to focus on our game and of course knowing which opponent we are going to face and that is all.

Taylor is a season-ticket holder at National League North club Altrincham

"Hopefully they can make good decisions for both sides, and a good game, like all England and all Europe is going to watch us. That is the most important pleasure. The referee doesn't want to make a mistake.

"He knows everyone from around the world is going to watch him and he doesn't want to make a mistake, that is pretty sure.

The FA on Monday said it has sought observations from Guardiola, who has until 6pm on November 15 to respond.

Guardiola did not necessarily say anything controversial, but the FA has previously warned managers about commenting on officials pre-match.


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Don't think it's about defending him supporting Altrincham, it's about repeatedly saying he'll try his best, not make mistakes etc which could be interpreted as trying to gain an advantage by buttering him up before the game.

Pretty sure you're just not allowed to comment on the referees performances negative or positive unless it's a blanket statement like "he was good" post game.

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Coaches should be blatantly banned from making any reference to a referee at all.  But first of all add rules to the press so that they the,selves can't bound the coach with questions on anything regarding referees.

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2 hours ago, Teso dos Bichos said:

:congrats:of course pep would be happy, the check cleared was clearly on their side . Doubt the FA will punish the hypocrite. 

The only shot you had on target was the penalty  ..was that the refs fault too? :dash3:

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This is definitely a bigger priority than the blatant diving, inconsistent officiating and serious verbal abuse of officials that goes on at games up and down the country every weekend.

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