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West Ham to Increase London Stadium Capacity to 66,000

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West Ham and London Stadium landlords E20 have agreed to a plan which will eventually see its capacity rise to 66,000.

The Premier League club was due to go to the High Court in a bid to fill the 9,000 empty seats at their new home which are currently unavailable for use, but that case has now been settled.

Licensing regulations meant the capacity was limited to 57,000 but Monday's agreement will see that rise in stages until the maximum is reached.

The initial increase will take capacity to 60,000.

A West Ham statement read: "West Ham United and its landlord E20 have agreed a plan which allows the Club to sell additional seats for their matches thereby ending the litigation surrounding the capacity at the London Stadium.

"Both parties are delighted to have taken the first step towards the Stadium reaching its potential of up to 66,000 capacity, to their mutual benefit, and would see it become the largest in London and the second largest in the Premier League.

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The Premier League club was due to go to the High Court in a bid to fill the 9,000 empty seats”. 

Weren’t West Ham one of the sides who were found to be inflating their attendance figure? Surely they should worry about filling 57,000 seats on a regular basis before worrying about an extra 9,000 seats?


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6 minutes ago, The Artful Dodger said:

To be fair, if they're doing this coupled with very low ticket prices then I'm all for it. Live football should be more accessible for the real support bases of these clubs, make it £10-15 and attendances would boom.


They do this. But only if they’re playing the likes of Macclesfield in the League Cup. They’ll never do it for a Premier League game. 

43 minutes ago, DeadLinesman said:

So they want give out extra free seats? Why?

Do they even do that? I know it was all part of the plan moving there but I’m not sure it really goes on. I’m pretty sure in some games they don’t have concession prices. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

West Ham will pay extra £450,000 per season if they increase capacity to 66,000

By Simon Stone

BBC Sport

12 December 2018 | West Ham

West Ham has agreed to pay almost £450,000 extra per season to use London Stadium if the capacity is raised to 66,000.

The figure was revealed in a joint letter from West Ham and the stadium's operators E20 to the London Assembly.

That letter outlined the detail of the 'peace' deal that was agreed by the two parties in November.

The deal was reached minutes before a potentially costly court case, lasting up to six weeks, was set to start.

Under the agreement, London Stadium's capacity will initially rise from 57,000 to 60,000, with the club hopeful that extra space will be ready for the Premier League game against Brighton on 2 January.

After months of arguing, the two parties, led by Hammers vice-chairman Karren Brady and E20 chief executive Lyn Garner, have established a more productive working relationship.

In the detail of the new agreement, West Ham will not pay any extra rent beyond their current £3m annual fee as long as the stadium capacity does not exceed 57,000.

However, if the capacity is 60,000, West Ham will pay another £250,000 annually. They would then pay a further £83,000 to take the capacity to 62,500 and around £33 per seat after that, which adds up to £448,500.

It is understood, in the short term at least, West Ham are likely to keep the capacity at 60,000.

West Ham will also pay for any licensing, planning and physical improvement costs in increasing the capacity.

The club must let E20 know by 1 June each year what they want the capacity to be.

Brady and Garner say they are "fully committed to making the London Stadium the jewel in London's crown" while the agreement has been welcomed by Gareth Bacon, chairman of the London Assembly's budget and performance committee.

He said: "We are pleased that peace has broken out between the London Stadium's key players.

"It made no sense for more taxpayers' money to be squandered on legal costs to break the deadlock."


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1 hour ago, CaaC - John said:

New pictures emerge from Upton Park which have not gone down well with West Ham fans

10th September 2018

Damien Charles Lucas




Says 'Winners Social Club' there. I'm guessing it was always empty?

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