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German Hall of Fame Introduced with All-Time 11 Chosen

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The German football hall of fame has been opened and introduced an all time 11 elected by sports journalists. The team they voted for is:


Breitner - Beckenbauer - Brehme

Matthäus - Sammer

Netzer - Walter

Seeler - Müller - Rahn

Manager: Josef Herberger


That´team looks  about right. There are only two questions in my opinion: Whether Maier or Kahn deserve to be named as goalkeepers, and if Klose or Völler should be ahead of Rahn. I´m undecided in both cases.

Aw, and the Müller in this team is Gerd Müller of corse.


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  • The title was changed to German Hall of Fame Introduced with All-Time 11 Chosen
9 hours ago, Rucksackfranzose said:

Don´t underestimate Rahn´s significance. Just a quote: "Aus dem Hintergrund müsste Rahn schießen, Rahn schießt..."

I've read Helmut Rahn's biography "Mein Hobby, Tore schießen". Very interesting read, and certainly one of the most significant personas of Germany's football history. 


But I don't think any of us can judge someone who played in the 50's, 60's, 70's properly unless you are BartraPique and think you know it all. 

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Well depends, although I saw the likes of Maier and Müller live, I do agree  I´ve been easier to impress as a child than I´m nowadays, but what I can tell you is that those, who saw Seeler playing still had a glitter in their eyes ten years later, when they talked about it, this is also true for those who despised HSV. Same is true for Fritz Walter, Gerd Müller, and Franz Beckenbauer but I never experienced anything with players from the 80´s or later, so there is a difference to recognice even for us, in my opinion.

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