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FIFA's New Loan Rules for 2020

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FIFA's proposals to overhaul the loan system could come into effect as early as 2020, Sky Sports News understands.

World football's governing body say they want to end the "commercial exploitation" of the loan system and instead want to see it used for "youth development".

It is understood the proposals would limit clubs to only loaning between six and eight players to other clubs per season.

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Fifa has announced a series of measures to restrict fees paid to players' agents and the amount of international loan deals clubs can be involved in.

They will see agents of the selling club receive a maximum of 10% of the transfer fee.

In addition, the cap will be 3% of the player's fee and 3% of the player's fee for agents of a buying club.

The recommendations from the Football Stakeholders Committee will go to the Fifa Council meeting on 24 October.

The Premier League paid out more than £260m to agents during 2018-19 - an increase of £49m on the previous 12 months.

The restriction on international loans is designed to "prevent player hoarding and ensure that loans have a valid sporting purpose for youth development as opposed to commercial purposes".

For players aged 22 and over, from next season clubs will be limited to eight international loans in and out, with that number dropping to six by 2022-23.

There will also be a maximum of three loans in and three out by the same two clubs.

The new guidelines are part of Fifa's ongoing process to reform the transfer system, in order to protect its integrity and prevent abuses.


Seems to only affect international loans, clubs will probably adjust to having far more domestic loans.

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I think if the clubs have to adjust for more domestic loans that will be a good thing in the long run for the country FA's and the improvement of sport in the country as well. I think the number is just right and I still feel the agent percentage should be less than 10% because now the agents will just inflate the prices even higher to improve their cut and clubs will be in the same position they have always been in.

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