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Tue 7th March - Napoli (2) 1-3 (6) Real Madrid

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2 minutes ago, Machado said:

I think it's Madrid who are going to need a solid defensive performance xD 

Real will just swing in cross after cross after cross. It's obvious that is all they practice during training considering the enormous lack of fluidity and balance in their overall play. 

Only game plan, swing it in and hope it lands on either Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale, Benzema, or Varane. 

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Real are conceding like crazy at the moment. Took a couple of late goals last week to rescue a draw at home against Las Palmas

Can't remember they last conceded 3 at home as well but regardless it shows how weak they are defensively. When you have Marcelo and Carvajal bombing up providing width to get a million crosses in it'll always leave gaps at the back. 

Still think they'll come away with a win here though. At worst a score draw.

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  • The title was changed to Tue 7th March - Napoli (2) 1-3 (6) Real Madrid
22 minutes ago, Cicero said:

He's a game winner but by no means is he a solid defender.

Agree. Pepe when he decides to play football and not WWE is the better defender. 


Two set piece goals, one rebound goal. To be honest the score line doesn't reflect the game, we were dominated for the most part of the match and it is worrying, this is our best eleven and we can't control and create anything. We will absolutely get annihilated if we play like this against Barca or Bayern.

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Had uni work to do but watched because I seriously felt Real could struggle. Napoli were totally dominant and looked superb but wasted a couple of openings and at just 1-0 I had an uneasy feeling.

Then Ramos scored the first header and you could tell it was going to be one of those Real performances. 

Glad I tuned out and got some work done rather than watching the last two goals. 

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