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Last Man Standing League - Round 3 (Serie A)

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Overdue Update - Gameweek Four

Casualties (0)


That's right, with those already sidelined and baying for blood, it's a frustrating week as all seven survivors rack up another point and stay in the game.


Survivors (7)


It's not often we get a full house in Last Man Standing, but that's what happened at the conclusion of Serie A's busy festive period. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for our survivors though, VAR and a brace from Cristiano Ronaldo seeing Juventus take a narrow 2-1 win over Sampdoria in the round's early kickoff, to the relief of @Lucas, @Storts and @...Dan. Next up was @Dr. Gonzo and Internazionale, of indifferent recent form and racial scandal. Keita Baldé secured progress for TF365's Member of the Year with the only goal of the game in their visit to Empoli. Into the early evening, and Napoli laboured to victory over Bologna, being pegged back twice before Dries Mertens bagged an 88th minute winner to catapult @Panna King and @Rucksackfranzose into the fifth gameweek, a crowded place where @Viva la FCB also squeezes through, AC Milan coming from behind to beat SPAL 2-1, Gonzalo Higuain saving the day with what may transpire to be his last winning goal for the club. Congratulations to all seven survivors, you now have 4 points in the bank with every chance of securing more. Please proceed to make your picks for Gameweek Five.


Preview - Gameweek Five

This week's fixtures begin at 2pm on Saturday 19 January (UK time) - there is time to mull it over but don't forget to get your picks in!

@Dr. Gonzo you cannot choose Sampdoria, Napoli, Cagliari or Inter again.

@Panna King you cannot choose Roma, Lazio, Sampdoria or Napoli again.

@Viva la FCB you cannot choose Sassuolo, Torino, Lazio or Milan again.

@Rucksackfranzose you cannot choose Juventus, Lazio, Sampdoria or Napoli again.

@Lucas you cannot choose Inter, Napoli, Sampdoria or Juventus again.

@Storts you cannot choose Fiorentina, Napoli, Roma or Juventus again.

@...Dan you cannot choose Sampdoria, Napoli, Torino or Juventus again.

The odds on the next set of games below - good luck folks!

Roma (1.60) vs Torino (5.50)

Udinese (2.00) vs Parma (3.80)

Inter Milan (1.45) vs Sassuolo (8.00)

Frosinone (6.00) vs Atalanta (1.53)

Fiorentina (1.90) vs Sampdoria (3.80)

Spal (2.30) vs Bologna (3.20)

Cagliari (2.00) vs Empoli (3.75)

Napoli (1.75) vs Lazio (4.75)

Genoa (3.40) vs AC Milan (2.05)

Juventus (1.11) vs Chievo (19.00)

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Results - Gameweek Five

Casualties (3)


Three contenders are knocked the fuck out this week. First, we have @Dr. Gonzo who declined to make a pick in the midst of his big trip to China, or somewhere. Also out at this stage are @Panna King and @Storts, too busy plotting the final phase of his Forum Hierarchy to ensure his progress in this edition of Last Man Standing. Both of our latter casualties have Internazionale to blame for their exit here, as visitors Sassuolo survived their trip to the San Siro and came away with a 0-0 draw. Bad luck folks, you have scored 4 points each, and have every chance of nicking a bonus point with a bit of luck. Keep an eye on your notifications for the beginning of the next round.


Survivors (4)


Cruising into the sixth gameweek, @Viva la FCB, @Rucksackfranzose, @Lucas and @...Dan sat back and enjoyed Atalanta's Sunday stroll-come-massacre of Frosinone, Duvan Zapata running riot with 4 of the visitors' 5 goals. A cracking performance from Atalanta, and a pretty decent effort from our four remaining contenders to have picked five consecutive winners, even if they all copied each other this week. That's a minimum of 5 points for each of our survivors in this round, with the opportunity to continue their run and compete for the top three positions' bonus points too. It's about to get interesting. Congratulations to all four of you, see below for details on the next gameweek.


Preview - Gameweek Six

Okay lads, it's important that you read this carefully. Now that we have less than 5 people left, you will have to pick a first goalscorer of the entire weekend to wrap this round up in the event of a tie break.

To be absolutely clear, the tie breaker only comes into effect in the event that all remaining contenders fail to pick a winner this week. If we have, for example, two survivors this week, they will not be separated by the tie breaker, the competition will extend into Gameweek Seven. If all four of you get knocked out this week, whoever successfully picked the first goalscorer of the weekend will be crowned the Last Man Standing. If none of you pick the correct first goalscorer, the win will go to anyone whose chosen scorer actually found the net. If more than one of you pick a correct scorer, it will go to whichever one scored first. Clear as mud? Great. To help you with this, the fixtures are listed in order of kick off time below.

Here's a reminder of which team's each of you has used to make it this far. By Gameweek Six, I expect we know the rules well enough, but just in case, make sure you do not pick a team you have previously used!

@Viva la FCB - you cannot pick Sassuolo, Lazio, Torino, Milan or Atalanta.

@Rucksackfranzose - you cannot pick Juventus, Lazio, Sampdoria, Napoli or Atalanta.

@Lucas - you cannot pick Inter, Napoli, Sampdoria, Juventus or Atalanta.

@...Dan - you cannot pick Sampdoria, Napoli, Torino, Juventus or Atalanta.

Below are this week's fixtures, with odds to help you out. Pick a match winner and a first goalscorer, simple!

Sassuolo (2.10) vs Cagliari (3.60)

Sampdoria (1.85) vs Udinese (4.20)

AC Milan (3.75) vs Napoli (2.00)

Chievo (4.20) vs Fiorentina (1.90)

Atalanta (2.20) vs Roma (3.20)

Bologna (1.65) vs Frosinone (5.50)

Parma (2.40) vs Spal (3.20)

Torino (3.60) vs Inter Milan (2.10)

Lazio (4.33) vs Juventus (1.83)

Empoli (2.37) vs Genoa (3.00)

Good luck!

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