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Carlos Quieroz to Colombia

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After the Asian Cup he is set to take the Colombia job.

Colombians don't seem to happy with this as they aren't very familiar with him other than his Iran side being "defensive" but I think they'll be surprised. Quieroz is really good and I think he can improve the Colombian team who have been trash since 2015. The talent is there to make it work.

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On ‎13‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 12:12, RandoEFC said:

Hard to do much else than be defensive if you're Iran and its the World Cup, which is what I assume the Colombians would be basing their opinions on.

It's also the biggest criticism Iran fans have, especially my uncle. He doesn't mind defensive football in the World Cup, especially in the group Iran ended up in this past World Cup, that's pragmatism. He doesn't like how Quieroz is also defensive against Asian opposition, where he thinks they can afford to play a bit more positive against players that aren't as good as the ones they'll generally be facing in the World Cup.

He's sent some texts bitching about their latest game, and I actually got to watch it - so I was talking about the match with him. Personally, I don't know how realistic that viewpoint is about Iran vs. other Asian sides - I know Iran is one of the better Asian sides, but I don't know how good they all really are.

I think Quieroz is just a pragmatist first and foremost. Once the first half ended 0-0 and was a pretty scrappy contest, he shut up shop because he only needed a point to top his group. Not the most entertaining thing in the world, but it got the job done. Against the less good sides in the tournament, he let the reigns off his side and they produced better football and better results.

I suspect with Colombia, he'll be similar. Against Argentina/Brazil/maybe Uruguay he'll probably be set up for pure defensive football and really well organised set pieces (and he'll have Mina so he'll love that). Against less quality sides, he'll probably be set up to be as positive as he'll feel comfortable letting them play.

Although I can't remember well, but wasn't his time with Portugal just them set up very defensive? But I guess expectation with Portugal is much higher than it is with Iran or Colombia - I think he's quite good at building a national team up into something more competitive.

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