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Emiliano Sala - Cardiff Face Transfer Ban

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10 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

I think that in a legal battle, they’ll look at the intent of all parties: both clubs and the players, and while Cardiff’s initial contract may have been impermissible under league rules they’ll look at whether there was intent to have him sign a contract that wasn’t breaking league rules - there’s probably emails with the league or the player out there. So I think ultimately they’ll find Cardiff will have to pay.

I think this is just being done to kick the can down the road and buy Cardiff some time and maybe change how many installments they’ll have to pay Nantes.

It’s not the best PR move though

I agree it's buying time, particularly given it's well in the balance whether they'll play Premier League football next year or not.

I do think they should pay though as hard as it is.

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3 hours ago, Cannabis said:

Hope Cardiff go down now, sorry @Bluebird Hewitt. Proper shithouse this and just makes all the grieving seem like it was for show, happy to have a minutes applause but won't pay for him? Have a day off. Disgusting.

Sadly think there's a degree of truth in this. You can't go paying all those tributes and making a big fuss of the whole thing then refuse to take responsibility once it comes to paying. Really poor.

EDIT: Didn't occur that I have a Nantes badge in my signature xD clocked it as soon as I wrote this. Nothing to do with this of course.

Edited by Dan
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The selling club is really taking the fee for allowing the player sign terms, it's not their job to get the player to the new club.

Seems absurd from Cardiff. Ultimately, if they hadn't made the offer then Sala would still be at Nantes, so it makes absolutely zero sense that Nantes are the ones meant to lose out here. 

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To be fair to Cardiff, they're hardly the first entity to go from grieving a situation like this straight into minimising the financial hit they're taking as a company. I wouldn't expect them to just shrug and say alright have your £20m if they have any leg to stand on or any potential to get out of some of that payment. Doing so would not bring the bloke back to life.

That said, you've got to try and handle it better than this if you've got a public image to look after.

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Emiliano Sala: Cardiff City seek talks with Nantes over the transfer fee dispute

Cardiff City are seeking direct talks with Nantes in an effort to solve the dispute over the £15m transfer fee for striker Emiliano Sala, who died in a plane crash in January.

World football's governing body Fifa have granted the clubs until 15 April to settle the row.

Cardiff refused to make the first scheduled payment for the Argentine.

Fifa had originally ordered evidence to be submitted by Wednesday to adjudicate in the dispute.

Cardiff say Nantes have yet to respond to their request, sent last week, to meet over the issue.

A club statement said: "Cardiff City has requested and been granted an extension to the deadline to respond to Fifa on this matter.

"Cardiff City recently wrote to FC Nantes proposing a meeting to discuss issues surrounding the Emiliano Sala tragedy and planned transfer, in line with Fifa's request for our two clubs to come to a resolution directly.

"To date, Cardiff City has not received a response from FC Nantes."

The Bluebirds have contended the agreement struck with Nantes to buy Sala was not legally binding.

They say conditions, which they claim were insisted on by the French club for completion of the deal, were not fulfilled.

Nantes have insisted they completed all the necessary paperwork and had been fully compliant with Fifa's rules.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino has said he hoped the two clubs would be able to reach an agreement between themselves.

Now Cardiff have revealed they have moved to offer discussions to Nantes.

Sala, 28, was announced as Cardiff's record signing on 19 January.

He died in a plane crash late on 21 January near Guernsey, when he was a passenger on a flight from Nantes to the Welsh capital.

The aircraft was piloted by David Ibbotson, who is still missing. BBC Wales understands Ibbotson was not qualified to fly at night.

He is thought to have been colour blind and his licence restricted him to flying only in daytime hours.




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Emiliano Sala: Manslaughter arrest over footballer's death


A man has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter in relation to the death of Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala who died in a plane crash.

The striker, who had signed with Cardiff City, was killed in the crash along with pilot David Ibbotson.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said a 64-year-old man from North Yorkshire had been arrested and released while investigations continue.

The force added the families of the two men who died had been informed.

Mr Sala, 28, had been travelling from Nantes to Cardiff on 21 January when the plane he was in lost contact with air traffic control north of Guernsey.

His body was recovered in February but Mr Ibbotson's has never been found.

Mr Sala's body was brought to Portland and Dorset Police has been carrying out inquiries on behalf of the coroner.

Det Insp Simon Huxter, of the force's Major Crime Investigation Team, said: "As part of this investigation we have to consider whether there is any evidence of any suspected criminality and as a result of our inquiries we have today, Wednesday 19 June 2019, arrested a 64-year-old man from the North Yorkshire area on suspicion of manslaughter by an unlawful act.

"He is assisting with our inquiries and has been released from custody under investigation."

Det Insp Huxter urged people not to speculate about the identity of the man as it could hinder the investigation.


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Cardiff face a ban if they don't pay for Sala's transfer. 



Cardiff City face a three-window transfer ban if they fail to pay Nantes the first instalment of the £15m fee for striker Emiliano Sala.

Sala, 28, died in a plane crash in January while travelling from France to join his new club.

Fifa has released the full reasons for its September ruling ordering Cardiff to pay the first 6m euros (£5.3m).

Cardiff will lodge an appeal against the decision in the next two weeks to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The Championship club have argued they were not liable for any of the fee because the Argentine was not officially their player when he died.

The world governing body's players' status committee (PSC) ruled Cardiff must pay the sum "corresponding to the first instalment due" in the transfer agreement and rejected the Welsh club's arguments on a variety of grounds.

The PSC report reveals Cardiff had sought to delay Fifa's judgement until possible civil and criminal proceedings, as well as an Air Accident Investigation Bureau investigation had been concluded.

They also argued Nantes would be "liable" for damages to them over the fatal flight, which was booked by Willie McKay and his son Mark, who was employed by the French club, to find a buyer for the player.

McKay has denied any involvement in the selection of the plane or pilot, Dave Ibbotson, whose body was never recovered.

The committee report says: "The members of the Bureau decided not to take into account any arguments brought forward by Cardiff in front of Fifa in relation to the circumstances surrounding the tragic passing of the player."

The PSC dismissed Cardiff's claim that Sala's employment with Nantes had not been terminated.

And they also rejected Cardiff's contention the transfer was not fully completed, saying the Football Association of Wales had undertaken "all the necessary requirements" less than two hours before Sala's flight left Nantes.

The report said: "The player's transfer from Nantes to Cardiff has to be considered as validly concluded between the parties, hence the player was a player of Cardiff."

The PSC makes it clear this judgement relates only to the initial payment of the transfer fee and not to further instalments, which are due in January 2020 and January 2021.

Cardiff were allowed 45 days from the moment Nantes provided them with bank details to pay the French club an initial £5.3m, plus interest accrued since January.

The report also said: "The Bureau finds it regrettable that the dispute could not be settled amicably."

Cardiff have refused to comment on exact details of the PSC findings, but have reiterated their intention to challenge the decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

BBC Wales Sport has learned the appeal has to be lodged in the next two weeks.

The plane carrying Sala and pilot Ibbotson, 59, crashed in the English Channel on 21 January, two days after the player's transfer was announced.

Sala was exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide prior to the crash, a report later revealed.



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On 23/01/2019 at 14:25, Devil-Dick Willie said:

Shocking new footage has come to light



  Hide contents

Image result for dunkirk plane crash gif



On 23/01/2019 at 15:12, Spike said:

On rare form tonight. 

Yet you're still the prick that lectured me the other day in the matchday thread xD


On 23/01/2019 at 16:47, Tommy said:

Ooooof, can't believe I voted for you as funniest member :/

I came back to this just now and I laughed so hard that I was in physical pain. I know it was hugely inappropriate just after a tragedy but that's what makes it funny to me I guess. breaking the tension. 

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11 minutes ago, Devil-Dick Willie said:



I came back to this just now and I laughed so hard that I was in physical pain. I know it was hugely inappropriate just after a tragedy but that's what makes it funny to me I guess. breaking the tension. 

How do you even remember this happening?

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