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Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea - Saturday 19th January, 2019

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Kick-off 17.30

Live on BT Sport

580b57fcd9996e24bc43c4df.png     VS     1200px-Chelsea_FC.svg.png

Head to Head
Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal
Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea (Friendly)
Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea (EFL Cup)
Chelsea 0-0 Arsenal (EFL Cup)
Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea

Recent Form
Arsenal - LWWLD
Chelsea - WLWDL

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False 9 works better against opposition that will most likely not sit back, which is the route we are going to take. Want Odoi to start but Willian waved his magic wand last week and has earned him more starting time. 








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9 minutes ago, Stan said:

anything to impress the boss and get a start eh :ph34r:

Typical Willian to only show up Jan-Feb. I remember when he did well against Barca and everyone called us crazy for slating him. 

Another note, in the 5 years he's been here, he's done fuck all against Arsenal. 

Odoi had played 60 minutes against Arsenal in preseason, and skinned Bellerin alive. 

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Strong start from Arsenal. Causing Chelsea to be a bit reckless and clumsy with the ball.

Aubameyang should be scoring from the cross that Lacazette provided.

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That is fantastic from Lacazette. 

Brilliant touch, takes it past the defender and scores from an acute angle. Lovely goal.

Fully deserved for Arsenal, as well.

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I quite like Sarri and there's obviously some merit in what he's trying to achieve at Chelsea but regardless of tactics, system, philosophy, whatever, I don't see how it's viable to start games with a midfield three of players who simply don't score goals. Alonso is the most offensive player outside of Chelsea's front three, which has an element of rag-tag about it itself between Willian's inconsistency, Pedro's advancing years and Hazard's unfamiliar role. The team is unbalanced and frankly, broken to the point that they'd even be better with Morata or Giroud in the side. I know Morata misses an absurd number of chances but at least when he plays, Chelsea create those chances? It doesn't have to be him but surely just getting a striker up front would help the rest of the team.

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A new manager replacing a predecessor who had been a dead man walking for months and knew his number was up, brought in to make significant long term changes to the club, primarily to the style of play, appeared to make a great start but now suffering a prolonged and increasingly worrying dip in form.

Supposed to be rich but keeping things low key in the transfer market, summer signings who initially looked great but now look shit, no recognised striker besides last year's January signing who did well for a bit but now just doesn't fit, so instead they're forced to play their best attacking asset up front instead of his natural left sided position, and it just doesn't really work.

Ponderous on the ball, look like they're not really up for it and painfully suffering from a lack of a focal point up top, nothing on the bench worth calling on and a general lack of depth which really shouldn't be the case.

Down to the blue shirts and even the fluorescent green goalkeeper kit, Chelsea are literally us with better players. The resemblance is uncanny.

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