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Ravel Morrison Joins Ostersunds FK

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Is he trying to break the record for amount of clubs played for?

I know Trevor Benjamin had something stupid like 25 clubs played at xD.

I give it 6 months before he moves on again.

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Interesting article by The Athletic that highlights a lot of issues that are/can be impacted by mental health issues that are rarely touched upon. A court case when he was at United showing that United didn’t want him taking his ADHD medicine because he would fail a drugs test, a fear of being poisoned by foreign food which helped cause a bad diet, an inability to say no to people which has got him into troubling situations.

A lot of talk about how he’s never had the mentality for football but what the article highlights more is maybe football isn’t as accommodating as it should be for people with mental health issues. In life in general you see a lot of undiagnosed/misunderstood working class kids who aren’t given the benefit of the doubt end up in prison and in a cycle of crime. Obviously Morrison hasn’t gone down that route but clearly there are obstacles in football that aren’t necessarily meant for people with certain mental health issues to get by.

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