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Ryan Giggs - Guardian Interview

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I know it didn’t work out for United but Louis was brilliant for me because he is a teacher.

I'd imagine any manager starting out runs into issues but he had someone like Van Gaal to teach him the fundamentals so I am guessing there is something he learned to take it and apply it to another team, maybe Wales. The other thing he said that I do agree with is that not enough young managers get the chances they should really get and in the current football climate how can they when teams are looking for instant success and firing and hiring new people is the trend. No teams really have time now to get on board with a philosophy while watching their stance in the league plummet even if the long-term rewards could potentially help the club break even. I also particularly liked the Lawrie comment ‘The lower you go down, the more you coach. The higher you go up, the more you manage.’ as I think that's quite true.

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