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Sebastian Vettel

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What a man, what a person. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing him evolve over the years. Serial winners are always disliked and i used to strongly dislike him. I've been on the opposite side seeing others then dislike Lewis. I loved their bromance and relationship development over the years.

Loved his retirement video. It's what matters in life, so full respect to him. I've actually felt i can relate to the messages he's given throughout the years in the sense of making mistakes and then learning, evolving and becoming a better person and turning negatives into positives.

He's an all time great and i hope we see him around the sport in some way shape or form for years to come.


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I thought I'd write a big post about him after his last race, but I thought it would seem silly. But Sebastian was the first driver I really followed from the beginning to the end. I remember watching a DTM presentation here in Düsseldorf, and there was an F3 car displayed with "S. Vettel written on it". I had no idea who he was at the time, but he was actually there, but unfortunately I didn't run into him. I took a picture of it too, but that harddrive broke down, unfortunately. I remember seeing him making his debut in for BMW when Robert Kubica was injured, and he looked very promosing. And then that first win in the Toro Rosso in Monza in 2008. Unbelievable. I was amazed. 

I remember seeing him win his first title in 2010, and I actually had tears in my eyes when he crossed the finish line, because it was so nice to see a German F1 Champion again. I have to admit though, that there were times were I was indifferent towards him, when he started dominating with the Red Bull, I guess because that made the sport boring, and then there was the Multi 21 incident etc. But I really warmed up to him again when he joined Ferrari, and wanted to step into Michael Schumacher's footsteps. His crash in Hockenheim in 2018 where he was comfortably leading and then lost it in the rain was one of the most heartbreaking F1 moments for me. It really pains me that he never managed to fullfill his dream of becoming a Champion with Ferrari. 

But seeing him grow as a person, changing his views and values, which many people see as hypocracy, but I can relate to it. I've not been the same as I was 5-10 years ago, and it would be a shame if I was. Also him taking Mick under his wings, trying to be to Mick was Michael was to him. 

And I have never ever seen a driver receiving a farewell quite like Seb before. That speaks volumes about who he is as a person. 

So yea, there is that post after all. I regret nothing. Also, I actually did see him live at the Race of Champions here in Düsseldorf and at the Nürburging in 2013. 

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Aston Martin published a 24 minute documentary about his last weekend In F1. 

I'm just watching it now.


Edit: Okay, finished it. It was nice, but nothing extraordinary. 

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