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Who Am I ?

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Think of a real or fictional famous character and others will guess by hints like is it a male ? is he alive ? is he of Asian origin ? etc

The one who guesses it right will do the next character

I'll start and each will give some hints in the start

Its not a real character

It doesn't has two legs

Its brown colored






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Time to bring this back!

Who Am I?

Hint to start:

- I am involved in the sporting world

You can only ask 1 question at a time.
No guesses allowed until 5 questions have been asked.



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22 minutes ago, Azeem said:

Does he manage a club in Premier league ?


21 minutes ago, Faithcore said:

The question was probably too difficult.

Is he English?


13 minutes ago, Rucksackfranzose said:

When you said sporting world did that mean football world?





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