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Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Armenia - Saturday 23rd March, 2019

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2jfxbf9.jpg vs 20t45er.png

Played at stadium Grbavica (Sarajevo)


Perhaps one of the best games in the qualifiers while Bosnia usually gets ignored by racist Admins and Mods from TF. 

Seriously we need to win our two opening games at home against Armenia and Greece.


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2 hours ago, Azeem said:

@True Blue I know Bosnia is very divided on lines of race and religion but does that effects the national team ? like France where its a big job for the manager to gel players from different backgrounds 

Well since barely any of them are from the domestic leagues the team is also pretty mixed. Perhaps only a few players from a while back were promoting hate and nationalism, but they were removed. In France they all regard themselves French, in Bosnian national team some regard themselves as Serbs or Croats even tough they are born in Bosnia just because they are Orthodox or Christian which is hilarious.


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