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France 4-0 Iceland

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Drew 2-2 in October in a friendly, but I wouldn't take much from that other than when Mbappe doesn't start, we don't look the same team. He simply scares the shit out of the opposition, if I was to single out someone in that team as truly world class and a game changer, it's Mbappe. Pogba as the talent but drifts in and out of games depending on mood and whether he 'feels' it where he is playing. Mbappe, right wing, right mid, centreforward the boy is danger to the opposition.

I'd personally like to see things freshened up now, I'd drop Lloris and look for another option instead of Giroud, able servant as he has been. Deschamps is very picky about who he includes in the squad, Laporte doesn't get a look in because he's an introvert who keeps himself to himself but he's more worthy of a squad spot than Kurt Zouma. And Kurzawa is a liability, great going forward but I can't believe this is seriously an option.

If you want a betting tip, go for us to score 2 or more goals. I'm certain the friendly against Uruguay was the last time we failed to score more than two in a game at home.

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