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Bundesliga Teams in European Competitions

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As the last German side to be eliminated our problem was totally rank bad management.  A very poor show in Holland resulted in young Kehrer being correctly left out and the  more experienced Riether being included.  The problem down the right side was solved and  it was a good decision.  But a similar awful performance by Bentaleb was left to continue and he was terrible again.  Even so the defence stepped up and got it back to 2-2 with a good chance to go through - so what does the prat do?  Takes off Riether and two goals came =- where? = down the right side again where we were totally vulnerable from the best Ajax attacker.  Great game from the youngsters and a final game from Kolasinac who proved that Arsenal have the right idea and will bid high - possibly for Goretzka as well - maybe even Meyer.  Then we can sack the coach and let another nobody take over and start again!  Watch this space for another 'rebuilding' season with  no European football and a fight against relegation unless somebody with proven ability at Management can be persuaded to take over.  I know the regulars will be thinking -'he's at it again' but the results seem to justify my annual sadness and despair.  Hopefully I might live long enough to see a little success in the future.

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16 hours ago, The Käiser said:

All teams are out at the quarterfinal stage.  

Thought German talent was on the rise or is it due to club management that this year was bad?

There are also no team left from the countries of England, Portugal, or France.

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4 minutes ago, The Käiser said:

How many German nationals are still playing in European competitions?  I know of Kroos and Khedira but any others?  A poor number

Westermann and Younes with Ajax.

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