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Stadio Della Roma

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It seems like finally the Stadio Della Roma is all set to go ahead, even if the plans for the surrounding 'complex' have been reduced. After the great success of the Juventus Stadium, I can't wait to see another large Italian club build it's own 'English' style stadium. The plans for a single tier Curva Sud look particularly great and should help them create a far better home advantage over the often hollow atmosphere of the Stadio Olympico.

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Lucky bastards. I've been wanting this for Inter for years. Maybe the new ownership group will understand the need for this and move forward with a wonderful, updated, 50k-60k seat stadium.

Congrats Roma, I'm officially jealous.

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If the first pictures on this thread are to go by then Roma have done another thing very well if it results like this. That is the stand behind the goals which has the centre stadium ring missing and is just dedicated to providing a feeling of terraced viewing. Considering the fact that stadiums tradiitionally have the more vocal elements of their support in these sectors, that will give those fans a feeling of importance and ownership so to speak. 

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It's just nice to see another Italian club trying to improve their stadium. Too many multi-use stadiums in Serie A doesn't help the atmosphere at a match, just imagine if the likes of Napoli had a 'British style' stadium and had their fans right on top of the pitch!


The picture above shows the new 'Curva Sud', which is separate from the rest of the stadium. Compare that with the current stadium and you can see how the atmosphere generated could be phenomenally improved. 


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those pictures there with the separated Curva Sud look like it'll seriously improve the atmosphere compared to the Olimpico. The fact there's no track around the pitch will also help massively. Looks superb. 

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