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Internet of Things and Botnets

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So I was going through my daily reading when I came across this.


Now, there's nothing special about what they are talking about here. In fact, its been a recurring theme for about half a year now where botnet attacks are becoming far more frequent as more manufacturers start moving their devices into the IoT space (also because people are finding a lot of this code on open forums and GIT has one of the deadliest botnet attacks with the source code free for everyone). With the way technology is moving these days and how many devices we use in our daily lives connecting to the internet how many of us actually go in and change the password that came out of the box for lets say our Smart TVs or that CCTV camera in the office? Not like it helps in some extreme cases but it is a start I suppose.

Would you like it if your expensive coffee maker suddenly started attacking the local hospital and shut down the MRI machine for a week or worse yet started a denial of service attack on all the hospitals in your locality? Just remember that its not just attacks these kinds of attacks totally brick devices and render them useless.

It's also funny to know that most manufacturers are quite aware of this and really don't think its a serious issue until of course their profits start to drop then its the hottest potato that no one wants to hold.

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