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Sky Embarrass BT On Final Day of Season

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Bold bit is the best, as if Sky were planning it all along xD 


Sky Sports' dominance of the Premier League fixture picks means rival BT Sport will have no live game in the final fortnight of the season.

BT Sport run out of matches after Swansea v Everton on May 6, despite their package of 42 matches giving them enough for one every weekend of the season.

Sky have the PL finale to themselves because the complicated procedure of picking TV games forces BT to have a number of double-headers, leaving them empty-handed at the business end.

Sky's long experience of selecting games makes them experts at eliminating the competition, allowing them to broadcast another nine live matches after BT's last game, plus their choice on the closing Sunday, May 21.

A BT Sport spokeswoman said: 'We've been very happy with our choice of matches and we still have a lot of football including the FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League finals.'

To add to BT Sport's problems, they will have to pay extra to their top pundit Paul Scholes for any work he does until the end of the season after using up his contracted number of appearances.



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9 minutes ago, Cannabis said:

Sky can laugh all they want but other than MNF they're painfully poor. If BT could improve on their shocking commentating line-up then they would be the perfect broadcaster as far as I'm concerned.

Whoever Garry Birtles commentates for that's the one you should blacklist on your TV.


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Despite the pain in the arse of needing to subscribe to both of them I'm glad someone is at least trying to compete with Sky.

This clearly shows they've still got teething issues in comparison to Sky, who are understandably much more wily. But more than scheduling I think BT's main area of potential improvement is in the pundits. Lineker's a decent host but I'd love if they'd break the usual mould and have some coherent, reasonable football journalists on as pundits rather than morons who happened to be decent players in their day.

They have Hönigstein occasionally but that's it.

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I do find it hard to accept any TV station crowing about their coverage when they overpaid for the Football Contract by at least 1 Billion Pounds.

Maybe there football coverage is so poor because of the huge over payment, caused by BT putting imaginary pressure on Sky for the main Sunday football contract.

I read further up in this thread that some do not bother with the build up and after match diagnostic Sky offer.

Well I can go one further as I watch the games without commentary too. Years ago, when Sky first came on the scene with their first set top boxes, you was able to click a button and lose the commentary, but you would still hear the crowd atmosphere. Obviously that was lost when they worked out we couldnt hear their constant plugging of whatever else they were covering in the future during the game.

I am not a huge fan of BT coverage either. They too have fallen into the trap of former top professionals should automatically become top pundits. Anyone who has taken 5 mins (Only takes that long) to listen to Rio or SteveG waffle on about nothings of importance or repeating something we have all heard a million times before, can tell you they are not worthy.

In my opinion the best guys to listen too were the special guests Sky would sometimes have on Champions League nights. They would normally be ex players who had not played in this country.  Lothar Matthäus was a perfect example of an top ex player without any link to a English team who spoke without the Gary Neville bias, something Neville stresses he does not have, about the English teams in Europe.


Lastly, I am old school, the domestic season used to end with the FA Cup final... Who is covering that?




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Most things will have already been decided by then to be honest. Maybe the last Champions' League spot and the final team to be relegated will still be a question but BT while not showing the games will still obviously do live coverage with BT Sport Score and just talk about what's going on in all the games and won't really lose out on much. They'll also have the final stages of the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A on those weekends to give people a choice of live football. Then they'll have the cup finals of those leagues and the FA Cup along with the 2 European cup finals.

In terms of who wins with the end of season football coverage, I don't think Sky Sports are close to be honest.

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Surely BT will have "the last laugh" with the Champions League final?

But the thought of broadcasters one upping each other is really against what football is about, but what is has become. I'd quite happily never watch another game live on tele again if it meant fans were prioritised both home and away.

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