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World Cup 2030 Bidding

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3 minutes ago, ScoRoss said:


Fair. Security needs to be improved on the best of days, anyway.

Have different ticket points/checks instead of all at the concourse entrance/turnstile. 

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There's no way in hell 2030 is coming to the UK after last night, Giannio Infantino was at Wembley (despite being in Brazil last night) so will be aware of the issues both in the stadium and across the country last night.


The ticketless fans barging into Wembley will be a big concern, although as many will tell you Wembley has some awful security compared to most league clubs maybe the answer is to use a league club stadium for the finals if we host the World Cup. But not using Wembley would be a bold move. I imagine the argument used by UEFA whenever the UK bids for the next few decades will be 'you were sort of main hosts in 2020' and FIFA will use the security issues, we've been set up good and proper here. Which is a same as we have some amazing infrastructure and stadiums to host a tournament.


I reckon Spain/Portugal could get 2030.



Morocco +? (Algeria/Tunisia/Egypt) - This is probably the most serious North African bid there's ever been, but question marks over lack of ready made infrastructure and travel between cities for fans/players etc remain quite clearly. FIFA may also decide that the 2022 Qatar event ticks the MENA box for the foreseeable future.


Romania/Greece/Bulgaria/Serbia - Given the ball-aching about travelling at Euro 2020, and the very real possibility of the same at the World Cup 2026 FIFA may be hesitant to go with this. The Bulgarian reputation for football hooliganism and racism issues, shared with some of Eastern European countries, for whom this would be an easy tournament to get to might be a factor against it as well. Russia 2018 may be counted as an Eastern European tournament in FIFA's books, which means some desire to go to other continents first might damage this bid.


Uruguay/Argentina/Paraguay/Chile - Memories of Brazil 2014 will likely be written across many in FIFA's mind on this ones, always makes me laugh when the Euros are criticised for disorder when the South American tournaments can lead to people dying in arguments between fans, however if they want to go back to South America this is probably a far better bid than the potential Columbia and friends one, concerns from 2014 about heat and travel may well resurface. And of course Uruguay hosted the first world cup, so their inclusion would be symbolic. 


Spain/Portugal (Iberia) - By far the best of the 4 confirmed bids in my opinion. The World Cup hasn't been to Western Europe since 2006, which given that part of the world is one of footballs most prominent seems a bit long in my opinion. Spain are capable of hosting a big tournament like this, as are Portugal - huge existing infrastructure to enable people to travel between stadiums and a large number of existing stadiums in both countries. Both nations regular hosting big domestic matches. Russia 2018 being counted as  a European tournament could harm the bid though.



Colombia / Ecuador / Peru - Unfortunately with current issues in Colombia FIFA are probably going to be reluctant to award the cup out there in case things deteriorate over the next few years. They are of course a nation that is technically still at war, although the conflict is low level, it's been going on for over a 100 years and there's a very real risk a influx of foreign fans could kick the situation off again, or some foreigners will not be keen to go to Columbia, causing revenue issues for FIFA.


South Korea +? (North Korea + China + Japan) - With out more information on exactly which countries are in this bid it's almost impossible to work out what the viability of this one is. Given the corruption scandal about Qatar, I can't imagine the new leadership at FIFA are in any great hurry to grant North Korea the 2030 World Cup, mainly due to the optics and complications for foreign fans - and let's be honest the idea of a joint Korean bid with the increased tensions in the region. South Korea/Japan might well be the best possible option for a bid, the infrastructure exists - the countries have held a world cup before and know how to do big sporting occasions. However as FIFA have already said they are interested to see if there will be a China bid for 2030 it seems that could well end up being the best option for Korea to join with, concerns over excessive travel and 'sportswashing' would surely be forefront at a China world cup, but the 2008 Olympics showed most people seem willing to ignore that all once the event starts. Depending on how frosty relations are a western boycott could be on the cards, although Russia 2018 seems to have cemented they don't really happen anymore.


Saudi Arabia - I mean if FIFA want to basically confirm they're corrupt to a world that everybody all know's it in, this might be top of the list. Qatar in 2022 and similar issues around holding a tournament in this part of the world probably make this a non-starter, and sports washing comes to the forefront again. 


Cameroon / Egypt - There may be some desire for FIFA to go back to Africa but so far this bid seems to have pretty much nothing going for it. Egypt had to step in and take over from Cameroon at the 2019 Cup of Nations, so you're probably looking at a sole bid from Egypt now, and that keeps issues about heat at the forefront of the discussion, it would be a quick return to the middle east after Qatar as well which probably wouldn't go with a European contingent waiting for 24 years for a tournament in Western Europe. 

England / Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland + Ireland - This is probably the most realistic bid to come out of the United Kingdom in a generation but it clearly has issue. The hosting of the finals in Wembley at the recent Euros hasn't been the smoothest in history, but it's also not been the worse in history either. People getting into a major tournament final with no tickets is not the sort of security breach you want to have in front a FIFA president who's partially there to assess what the stadium and country is like with one of eye on the 2030 bid. Infrastructure wise the UK is pretty solid, we've got a huge number of stadiums that meet FIFA requirements within a short distance of each other, similarly a bit of hooliganism will be inevitable at a tournament hosted in the UK these days, it's the level that FIFA would be concerned about - will it become the story of the tournament beyond the football in a similar vein to Euro 2016? I'd really love to see a World Cup held in the UK in my lifetime, but I'm not sure the 2030 bid is necessarily better than the Spanish bid, that said the UK government seem bloody keen on it for the first time in a long time so maybe more effort will be put in but it doesn't detract from the clear issues on display around London in particular hosting a tournament.  Edit: Plus, 50 arrests and 19 police injured ain't going to look to good on the application is it!!


It seems like if a single bid comes from Europe and China don't bid, it's nailed on - it shows FIFA have changed and aren't just listening to the money, so hopefully UEFA can smash the heads of European nations together, but I can't see the UK or Greece backing down in Spain's favour here.




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If China are willing to bid for it they will get it. Every league, team and representative in football seems to be obsessed with tapping in to their fan base. 

Providing they don't, I don't think our chances are as dead as they're exaggerated to be in the immediate aftermath of those scenes. Cerefin mentioned he wants all European World Cup and will no doubt back the Spain/Portugal bid (albeit I think they're better off adding Morocco). The hooliganism stick they'll beat us with will be just as big as the stick we beat back with Spain's serious issues over tackling racism. Plus we have Ireland who are loved across the world.

Hopefully the talks about 'what went wrong' at Wembley will be constructive as opposed to political point scoring we see 90% of the time and we can ensure nothing like that ever happens again.

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The UK is probably overdue the hosting of a tournament but we did just get the showpiece latter stages of Euro 2020 and England and Scotland at least had home advantage for a lot of their games.

China is incredibly unappealing just because of their government and human rights issues that are well-documented. Any country that hosts it in the actual summer would be a step up from Qatar though. Having it in England would be brilliant, but the fact that it's 2030 makes me sad that I'll be 37 by then.

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Algeria, Egypt are HUGE countries, too much travel but I like the idea of a pan-Arab world cup in countries that do have a footballing history. 

Portugal, Morocco are nice but they don't seem able to cope with it infrastructure wise. 

South America shouldn't host it as El Professor is vocal about it. A white elephant 

Host it in Spain or England.

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It would only be 40 years since they hosted a World Cup, so Spain and England / UK bid would easily trump them. Not to mention that the other countries could easily host it tomorrow. Italy would need a lot of new builds / renovations. 

Would be far better concentrating on hosting the Euros and would have much less competition.

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Spain have announced what stadiums they would be using for their bid. Gran Canaria seems a strange choice, would have thought Mallorca would have had a better chance for using one of the islands. And the use of La Cartuja in Seville instead of the other two superior stadiums in the city.

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