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Serie A 2019/20 - 4^ Giornata [20/09 - 22/09]

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Friday 20th September, 2019
Cagliari vs Genoa

Saturday 21st September, 2019
Udinese vs Brescia, 14.00
Juventus vs Hellas Verona, 17.00
AC Milan vs Inter Milan, 19.45

Sunday 22nd September, 2019
Sassuolo vs SPAL, 11.30
Bologna vs Roma
Lecce vs Napoli
Sampdoria vs Torino
Atalanta vs Fiorentina, 17.00
Lazio vs Parma, 19.45

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Just now, Eco said:

Anybody watching this Udinese game? Them and Brescia keep having golden opportunities to score, but neither of them can do it. Haha - it's rather pitiful honestly. 

HAHA - and just like that, Brescia score to go up 1-0. xD

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1 hour ago, Eco said:

CR makes it 2-1 against Verona.


1 hour ago, Eco said:

Juventus win 2-1. Juve just don't look as dominant yet against these weaker teams...Chievo had numerous chances to tie it up. 

Saw Verona went 1 up as well. Shame they couldn't hold out.

Glad for Ramsey to get off the mark though. Still can't believe Arsenal let him go.

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What kind of defending was that from AC?!

Free-kick near corner flag. One Inter player runs towards the edge of the box. Not one Milan player fancies picking him up. Ball is passed to him. He shoots, deflected and goes in. 

1-0 to Inter!

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