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Justin Trudeau - Blackface Scandal

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Maybe. Because his same supporters are the type of people that would (over)react most strongly to this type of thing.

I personally can't stand the way we dig up stuff from peoples past lives before they entered politics and use it to cut them down. There's enough instability in politics as it is without prosecuting them for anything they ever did that was offensive.

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6 minutes ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

I dont even understand why people do this but its weird how many times hes done it apparently

Tbh Ive never done it but Id have loved to have gone as Mr T to a few parties, not because I have a burning desire to be black, more I wanted to get pissed and do I pity the fool l impressions.

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13 hours ago, Inverted said:

One time is an unfortunate aberration.

But if you literally can't remember how many times you've done blackface, it maybe hints at something a little more disturbing.

Maybe he only owned one costume, and had a whole bunch of the black face makeup?

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I just read an interesting artical concerning Mr Trudeau's goverment. Apparently they are doing an absolutely terrific job concerning the enviroment and at the same time paying Canadians to do nothing while they preserve Canada's beauty. Not bad.

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I don't really like him and I hate political families but I'd rather have Trudeau than Scott Morrison or that goblin that runs the Canadian conservatives. He is a bit of a Barbie doll and a clown but really he is the best of the worst. You can't win them all but at least Trudeau has his heart in the right place.

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