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La Liga 2019/20 - Week 6 Fixtures - 24th-26th September 2019

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1 hour ago, Cicero said:

Messi injured again. Probably rushed into matches with little to no training. 

Suarez returned to training 2 weeks before Messi, and both were eliminated in the Semi final of the Copa. His extended holiday is costing the club imo. 

Right now the prognosis is that the “injury” isn’t an injury and it was Messi who sensed something strange and just sat on the floor. Images (video) have just been released where Messi tells the physio in tears; “I can’t break, please God don’t let me break!”.  I think they’re gonna make him miss the next game which is against Getafe and then analyse the situation.

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That header by Griezmann was class. It was needed for him as well. He isn't being used properly though.

Hopefully Messi is back fully recuperated ASAP as his influence is vital.

Class goal by Arthur of course as well, a rocket. He doesn't score many, but when he does, it is certainly never a tap in.

The lack of clean sheets is a cause for concern, it has to be said and it must frustrate Ter Stegen to be let down so much. Saying that, you couldn't do too much about the goal yesterday by Cazorla(who still has it!) and I'm more referring to over the course of the season.

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