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Any bilingual German-English football fans out there?

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Hi - I am an English translator translating a German book showing kids how to do various tricks to become better players (with step-by-step illustrations. The tricks are called things like "Rückwärts-Finte", "Sohle eindrehen" and "Verzögerungsdribbling" and I am trying to come up with a snappy title in English for each trick. I'd like to check what football fans would call them in English. Could be fun! I have full descriptions in German and English (my translation) to help come up with good titles in English. Many of them probably already have a recognised name in English. 

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I can imagine what the kids at Bergefeld would have used those three for - the first to describe Schalke moves when young Draxler was on the field  the third would be simply timewasting at the end of the game and as for the middle one - anything to do with running your studs down the calf muscle of your  favourite opponent - even perhaps scraping as opposed to running.  Best of luck with the project, but in recent years very little has been added to the German terms - the internet has almost wiped out eck-ball and even this afternoon the commentator at Leipzig used 'corner' more than once!

Agree with Tommy's comment - last time we were together he almost refused to let me use German -his English is 'echt'

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Thanks Tommy and SchalkeUK. This is the list. Any suggestions for any or all of these would be a big help. I can also provide descriptions of each of these in German (or my English translation) if you want.

Page 7 - Rückwärts-Finte = Reverse body feint? (a kind of fake back pass and move)


Page 11 - Sohle eindrehen = Is this a rabona? (a kind of fake shot followed by a turn)


Page 15 – Verzögerungsdribbling – Delayed dribble? (a sort of stop-and-sprint move)


(Page 18 - die deutsche A-Nationalmannschaft – is the best way to say this “the Germany first team” ?)


Page 19 – Hinterrücks = Rabona pass? (and kind of behind-your-back pass)


Page 21 – Sohlentrick = Could you call this a “trap”?


Page 25 - Kopfball-Heber = Lobbed/lob header? (a defender chip header)


Page 27 - Verdrehter Kick = Deflected cross?


Page 29 - Spitze, Hacke, Tor = Back heel shot?


Page 31 - Ausfallschritt = Lunge? (a lunging body feint)


Page 37 - Antippen und Mitführen = Tip-on and follow?


Page 39 – Bananen-Drall = Banana swerve? (a kind of reverse bridge?)


Page 45 - Stolpernder Hacken = Is this a reverse nutmeg?


Page 47 - Kopf über = The (Neymar) rainbow flick? My son says it’s specifically the way Neymar does it...


Page 49 - Weiter, weiter, weiter = Dummy turn (a kind of sideways knock-on?)


Page 55 - Kleiner Hüpfer = Flea hop? (I made this up but it sounds quite good to me...)


Page 57 - Haken schlagen = zigzag / dodge turn / twist and cut?


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Ok, time to get serious. Erm, to be fair I have never heard some of those German terms before, like "Sohle eindrehen", "Verdrehter Kick" or "Stolpernder Hacken" (wtf?), so it's difficult to find an English word for those. 


Sohlentrick is more like a "sole trick/flick", no? Ausfallschritt is more of a sidestep. 

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