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Adama Traore - Wolves to Man City?

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"At Barcelona, it was a bit different. There wasn’t as much focus on defending and ‘doing your job’ when you didn’t have the ball."

"If I have to go to Madrid, I will go," was the player's response, which may have got some Los Blancos fans' attention.

"There was a misunderstanding with Barcelona. My departure was not the best, but I keep that story to myself."

Barto and the rest of the crooks at Barcelona are killing the club's main philosophy slowly but surely. I don't understand how they are allowed to continue running the club like its FIFA Career mode.. the paulinho third party scheme by Barto should have been enough to get rid of those rats. Highest wage bill year after year and still no CL trophy in 5 years. 

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Wait... what's that got to do with Adama Traore?

I think Traore would be a perfect wide player in a Mourinho system tbh. Can see this happening if the Gareth Bale thing doesn't come off (and I wouldn't expect that too, since I don't think Levy would pay Bale's wages).

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7 hours ago, CaaC (John) said:


Two clubs 'lead' Liverpool in the race to sign Adama Traore - reports

Wolverhampton Wanderers winger Adama Traore has been heavily linked with clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester United Birmingham Live 1621801524_download(5).png.ff64ee4e0bce4cc5310ee8b5049d8e77.png


I feel Man City all over this transfer. Catalan and a direct replacement for Leroy Sane. He can also play at fullback and Pep loves fullbakcs.

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