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Southampton 1-4 Chelsea - Sunday 6th October, 2019

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Live on Sky Sports

Kick-off 14.00

1200px-FC_Southampton.svg.png     VS     1200px-Chelsea_FC.svg.png

Match History
Chelsea 0-0 Southampton
Southampton 0-3 Chelsea
Chelsea 2-0 Southampton (FA Cup)
Southampton 2-3 Chelsea
Chelsea 1-0 Southampton

Head to Head
Southampton - 28 wins
Draws - 29
Chelsea - 45 wins

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17 minutes ago, RandoEFC said:

Hassenhuttl looking more and more like yet another "baby Klopp" who turns out to be nothing like Klopp at all.

Gotta say Saints have looked fairly dull even if they have had a couple decent results

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Apart from the calamity for Saints goal we defended well for our standards. If we have to concede every game and play like this i will take it. However some teams won't allow us this many chances and at some point a 1-0 win will have to do and we won't be able to defend. With Rudiger back i think him and Tomori will be starters. Surprised by the good Alonso / Willian performance but all the players put a shift in. In the second we controlled and weren't very keen on adding more rather to control the game. Pulišić and Bats cameo gave us the fourth and we are just two points off second amazing. Four wins on a bounce, players getting back from injury. Our options are really good now, we were 1-3 up and we can afford to bring on Pulišić and Mateo to boost the team. Always good to have options and depth.

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I really like the look of Tomori. Solid and confident defender. Don't think Saints have much about them but this Chelsea side are slowly getting better and their next test is against a Newcastle team who have some confidence after beating United. Still think Chelsea will beat them but its not going to be easy.

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12 minutes ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

Being shit at home must be the most annoying thing... for players and fans.

Believe me it's horrendous. It's the single biggest reason in my eyes that Puel would never work and his biggest failing here (and at Southampton ironically).

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