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Ollie Watkins - Sheffield United

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I don’t think we’ll let him go before the Summer and if he carries on scoring as he is then they’ll need a bid of at least £20m and looking at the current financial climate in England...we sold Hogan for near £15m, after that we sold Maupay for £20m, can definitely see prices rising to £25m+ now as you never charge what a club wants to pay and clubs know the minimum marker for a 25+ goal striker in the Champ is £20m now.

Watkins has not long signed a new contract, we just need him to keep scoring as he’s got history for inconsistencies and if he does keep the goals coming he’ll either take us up or earn us a record transfer fee.

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It's funny because we're actually overloaded with strikers, the partnerships just aren't quite clicking atm and it remains to be seen if one of them starts to get a tally going. 

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