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Roberto Firmino - Liverpool > Barca

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Mbappe, neymar and kane are a class above the guy who did absolutely nothing against the kings of Europe, when the pressure was on him to lead the team... luckily TAA took the spotlight that year and very few fail to hold firmino accountable for his lack of effort and cajones against a real challenge, not the declining spurs. 

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I think Bayern have made a good offer here but I also think they are after the wrong player. When Firmino first came to Liverpool everyone was up in arms about how much the price-tag on his head was and what he really offered to the club. Fast forward to the present and hes essential to the way our entire front-line operates. I can't see him leaving the club anytime soon and I doubt he's even interested in this even though he has played in the Bundesliga before. 

Also, aren't Bayern in the market for Kai? He's essentially going to do the same thing as Bobby so this makes no sense to me.

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Love how Bayern think he'll just leave the World and European Club champions purely because of their name. Few clubs have that power nowadays, I'd say Madrid and Barcelona are the only two that can draw a player away through the power of being cultural institutions. I can see Sane going to Bayern, but not Firmino. 

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28 minutes ago, Rucksackfranzose said:

They can afford Coutinho, they just think he's not good enough.

He’s not tbh. He’s a good player but we fleeced Barca.

It’d have to be some free to take Firmino off us. Our whole attack is really built around him, rather than Salah or Mane. And I imagine Klopp’s past would give him great pleasure in being able to tell Bayern to fuck off.

I’d absolutely hate it if he left us. He’s a brilliant player and probably my favourite player in the squad currently.

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