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Var only in var thread rule??

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I do this as well so not gonna pretend I don't.

Var is the brexit of football. Just a personal suggestion that perhaps the forum could have a strict policy that var discussions are only for the var thread. A number of threads have been hijacked by var discussions. Obviously when people see a comment made they are going to reply to it if they disagree which can result in threads being highjacked. Sometimes the decision are a big part of a game and so it will get discussed in the game thread but perhaps the forum could have a rule that discussion is only to be about that game and not about var as whole to stop threads getting highjacked.

Just something I thought I would suggest.


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Difficult to police as VAR is going to be a discussion point in a lot of games because it's so instrumental these days and the polarisation of it all. 

General VAR stuff maybe but I personally won't be splitting posts in to a different thread when VAR is discussed in a match thread when it has or had such an influence. 

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VAR is always going to be discussed in match threads but I agree that if we are going to be debating whether VAR is ready to be used in matches or not it should be in a separate thread of it's own.

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