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3 hours ago, Shinji Doherty said:

Alright folks, ich bin Shinji.  Irish fella (from Derry in the north), Manchester United and Derry City fan, long time forum user (mainly F365), new to this place, will give it a shot and see if it's any craic.  So, yeah, hello.

Hoo roo fella!

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10 hours ago, Toinho said:


Is Shinji your real name? 

I'm going to say yes to that.  :ph34r:

10 hours ago, Viva la FCB said:

Hello Shinji and welcome!

As the resident expert on all things Japan here curious about the name if your Irish?

Fionn, Padraig, Oisin, Cillian and Donacha were all taken by my elder brothers, so I got Shinji.  There was actually a Japanese woman sharing a post-natal room with my mum when I was born, my mum got talking to her and I got the name.  Funny, the Japanese lady's son had red hair.

5 hours ago, Berserker said:

Welcome pal, if that's you on your avatar you look like a fucking yakuza, take that as a compliment. :P

:ay:Thank you good sir.

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