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Teams you would like to see be competitive again

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1 minute ago, Stick With Azeem said:


I can't remember them ever being competitive in my lifetime. The only game that stands out, for obvious reasons, is the 1996 Euros game against England. 

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United sigh, :x   and Nottingham Forrest, I loved the Clough era and hoped it would never end but once the partnership of Clogh and Peter Taylor ended then Forrest took the slow ride to the Championship and have never been the same since and you can also think of the Leeds era with Don Revie, Bremner, Norman ' Bite Your Legs' Hunter etc.  

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20 minutes ago, Stick With Azeem said:

Benfica and Ajax, Man Utd

Scotland, Netherlands, Romania 

I'd say making the CL Finals is being Competitive. 

List of Teams
Leeds United
AC Milan
Nottingham Forest
Alemmia Aachen
Rot-Weiss Essen

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Sheffield Wednesday 

xD On a serious note, AC Milan for sure.. however, the entire club just seems a mess from ownership downwards. Even if they were back in the big time, their stadium isn't fit for purpose in modern football, so either way; the Milan we once knew is gone or on the way out.

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I'd like to see Eastern European sides be genuinely competitive. It's a shame given the history what cannon fodder most of them are now. I don't really have that same desire to see fallen giants of England get good again - how is that going to help my own team?

I just wish football wasn't so fundamentally structured in such a way that a team like say Red Star Belgrade or Ferencvaros have literally no chance of becoming good again.

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10 minutes ago, Smiley Culture said:

Don’t really care but it would be nice to see City, Bayern, Juventus and PSG go shit for a decade, just to give others a chance. 

Football almost works in cycles. For ages in Europe it was Barcelona and Real dominating. That seems to be waning away now and the chance is there for someone to gain dominance.

Back in the 90s in the Premier League it was Man Utd and Arsenal with dominance and everyone wanted them to be shit - at the same time, when you're at school and you didn't support those clubs, you'd get looked down on and pretty much laughed out. It's probably part of the reason that so many are taking joy in seeing Man Utd's demise right now, no matter how big they are as a club. Almost like payback as in to say 'now you know how we felt all those years ago when you took the piss!'.

In German and Italian league, Bayern & Juve's dominance reigns high, so I agree there it'd be great to see someone different get a chance. Teams get close then seem to just fall at the end of the season and run out of steam.

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