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Grand Prix weekend format

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There's been some talk recently about introducing some new aspects to race weekends, a potential "sprint race" like they have in F2 and F3.

One suggestion that has been discussed is the potential for a qualifying race with the grid set up in reverse championship order and the finishing positions determining the starting grid for the actual Grand Prix.

The only potential change I'd make would be to get rid of the Saturday morning practice, otherwise I think the qualifying and race format is fine.

It would be interesting to see reverse championship order sprint races, but I wouldn't want them to contribute to the main championship and they'd likely see more collisions and incidents, which would risk teams being affected for the actual Grand Prix, which would suck, so overall I'm against it.

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Thankfully they scraped the reverse grid idea - at least for now as they already wanted to trial it in 3 races during the next season. Hope they bin it altogether; I absolutely hate the format.

Sometimes I wish for the old good one lap qualifying (yeah yeah I know it has a lot of flaws), where I am able to see every driver’s lap from start to finish instead of the TV cameras focusing on mostly one of the front runners. But I like the current quali format to be honest and in general I'd say there's no need to fix something that isn't broken. 

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