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Bundesliga 2019/20 [10. Spieltag ] 1-3 November, 2019

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Friday, November 1, 2019
Hoffenheim vs Paderborn

Saturday, November 2, 2019
Borussia Dortmund vs Wolfsburg
RB Leipzig vs Mainz 05
Bayer Leverkusen vs Borussia Mönchengladbach
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern München
Werder Bremen vs Freiburg
Union Berlin vs Hertha Berlin

Sunday, November 3, 2019
Fortuna Düsseldorf vs Köln
Augsburg vs Schalke 04


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This is how I see today's games in Bundesliga, 02.11.2019. 

Bayer L vs Borussia M

Havertz is back in the roster and it should be a big boost when Monchengladbach is arriving. A tone of missing for visitors but hehe... Gladbach is always with at least 5 players in the hospital for the last 5 years. 
This game will be all about running no matter of hectic schedule and games on every 3 days. The goals should come but I feel a good moment for Bayer to win the second game in a row at home. 
You already know that BMG has the syndrome of away games... for many years. 

Dortmund vs Wolfsburg

Meine Dortmund will win this game simply because it's a good moment to build on form and Wolfsburg is going down step by step. 
It's not the easiest game ever of course but is a perfect chance for Dortmund to win 3 pts and keep the form growing. 

Eintracht F vs Bayern M

Oh, this is going to be either a big loss for Bayern or a big win, can't decide but will be an interesting game for sure.
Eintracht believes in the home field factor and Bayern is shaky at back, and this should be an open scoring game.
Kovac can risk against his ex-team as he won 5-1 at Allianz Arena, 0-3 and 0-5 here, those are the last three games in total.
Even if the value could seem on under (Under 2,5 is 3.50) I suggest avoiding it as someone who expects at least 3 goals -
More precisely 2-1 or 1-2 as two results. 

RBL vs Mainz

Nothing but a home win with a couple of goals on both sides. Yes, Mainz can score even two but I still see 3 at least from hosts after pumping the confidence with 1-6 on the road win over Wolfsburg.

Werder vs Freiburg 

Bremen and Freiburg in an open game since hosts will go for three points following 4 consecutive draws. The opponent is in a good phase, Freiburg is nice, with 3 wins in 4 away games. 
No confidence problems to attack today, and Werder ALWAYS accepts attacking games  - it's in their DNA. 

This should be my choice to watch today in Bundesliga, together with Dortmund - Wolfsburg game. 

The last one is a battle for Berlin, from 0-0 to all other results, even 4-4 would not surprise me, an emotional game in fact, and a must-see thriller :)

Greetings mates

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Good start and an early goal for us but then it all went downhill. Lucky that Freiburg's first goal was disallowed; weird decision in my opinion but then I thought the free kick leading to that goal shouldn't have been given either so fair enough. A silly blunder by Pavlenka afterwards allowed Petersen to equalise and we haven't found our way back into the game since then. Can definitely see more goals in the second half.

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12 minutes ago, DeadLinesman said:

I saw the last 5 minutes, plus added time. Never a pen!

Yeah looked weird but from the replays it seems Boyata  just came in contact with Gentner's leg well after the latter took his shot (which went wide). No penalty for me as well.

Still happy for Union. Also Gickiewicz putting Union's masked hools in their place and sending them back to the stands is class xD 


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5 hours ago, nudge said:

Union - Hertha match had to be interrupted due to smoke from Hertha fans throwing flares all over the place. 




And what's even better about this... 


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6 minutes ago, Stan said:

And what's even better about this... 


Would have been cool if they hadn't thrown the flares around in the stands and onto the pitch. Two people injured; luckily nothing serious.

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Was able to watch the replay of the Union match. 

Never a pen, but Union did play better leading up to the call, and what an amazing showing from the fans of Union. 

That atmosphere was probably unreal when that goal went when. 

I'm so happy for Union today. 

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