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LMS League 2019-20 Round 3 (Serie A)

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@Eco @Lucas @Teso dos Bichos @nudge @Storts @RandoEFC @Bluewolf @Dan @SchalkeUK @...Dan @CaaC (John) @DeadLinesman @Stick With Azeem @JOSHBRFC @Rucksackfranzose @Batard @Tommy @Michael @Stan @Mel81x @Viva la FCB @Pyfish and any others that have an interest, welcome to Round Three.

Like last year, we are off to Italy and Serie A for part three of this season's Last Man Standing League with @Eco leading by a point from @Lucas following their German duel.

Sorry for the slightly low-budget introduction post for this one but I won't have access to a laptop until Wednesday night and want to give everyone a fair chance of getting their picks in before the first game.

There are midweek fixtures in Serie A this week, we will skip these and start properly with the weekend's games to give everyone time.

Below are the Gameweek One fixtures then, choose carefully:


My pick for Gameweek One is Atalanta.

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