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Ferran Torres - Man City Sign Valencia Winger

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42 minutes ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

I read this too quick and thought it said "Fernando Torres" and thought "err... isn't he retired?" xD

If you could have Torres replace anyone in your front 3 now, who would it be?

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1 minute ago, The Palace Fan said:

At that price it seems to be an absolute steal.

It is.

He'll probably have a quiet first season while he gets used to being in and out of the squad. Then second season he'll probably be much better. Much like Mahrez. 

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12 minutes ago, Carnivore Chris said:

Release clauses.

Most players in Spain aren't "sold" but have their release clause bought out and the club has no say.


Are you sure it was release clause? Because that would mean the fee was really 54 million with half going to tax.

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