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The TF365 team will do its best to attempt to keep all messages on this forum within a reasonable standard. All messages expressed on this website are views of the specific poster/author and TF365 will not be held responsible for the content of any message. By joining this website you agree to this fact.

The TF365 team reserves the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread, avatar or signature for any valid reason. The TF365 team also have the right to edit or ban any account for any reason deemed valid by the administrators or moderators.

Baiting and Verbal Abuse Towards Other TF365 Members

TF365 actively encourages debate and differing opinions. Baiting & verbal abuse towards forum members will not be tolerated and offending content maybe removed. If you have a complaint about another member please private message a member of the TF365 team, or use the report function within their post.


Offensive Content In Posts

Although we encourage varying opinions about the beautiful game and other topics, certain content will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Xenophobia, homophobia, racial slurs/abuse will result in an instant ban. Please use the report function or contact a member of the TF365 team if you witness this kind of behaviour.


Text Talk


Please refrain from using text talk on the site. You are not restricted to an amount of characters in your post. Should you continue to use text-talk in your posts, you will be warned and if it continues, banned.

Promotion of other sites

Members are not permitted to promote another site on TF365 without the permission of an administrator via personal message.


If a member is found to have multiple accounts, then the user runs the risk of having ALL of their accounts suspended/banned. If you wish to have your name changed, please contact an administrator who will be happy to review your request.

Enjoy the website!

The TF365 Team

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