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  2. The Artful Dodger

    Away goals rule

    Home advantage is a real thing, decisions tend to go your way more and the atmosphere can work in your favour. I think the away goal rule is there to stop teams just coming and Mourinhoing it out of the park, then relying on their own home advantage (where the opposition could well do similarly) to see it through. Without the away goal rule you have a real chance of negative tactics resulting in borefests across the board. Don't get me wrong, negative tactics are a valid and often unfairly derided thing, but I think this adds some incentive to attack which is needed.
  3. Saturday 20th April, 2019 Bournemouth 3-0 Fulham Huddersfield 1-4 Watford Man City 5-1 Tottenham, 12.30 Newcastle 2-1 Southampton 17.30 West Ham 1-1 Leicester Wolves 2-2 Brighton Sunday 21st April, 2019 Arsenal 3-0 Crystal Palace, 16.00 Cardiff 1-4 Liverpool, 16.00 Everton 3-2 Man Utd, 13.30 Monday 22nd April, 2019 Chelsea 3-0 Burnley, 20.00 Tuesday 23rd April, 2019 Tottenham 1-0 Brighton 19.45 Watford 2-0 Southampton, 19.45 Wednesday 24th April, 2019 Man Utd 2-2 Man City, 20.00 Wolves 1-1 Arsenal, 19.45

    Away goals rule

    But a goal should count as a goal. Llorente's goal last night basically counted as 1.5 goals and not a goal. Even straight to penalties would be better.
  5. 6666

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Interesting that people that make jokes about people dying are bent out of shape about jokes being made about a building...
  6. Saturday 20th April, 2019 Bournemouth 3 Fulham 0 Huddersfield 1 Watford 3 Man City 2 Tottenham 0 Newcastle 2 Southampton 0 West Ham 1 Leicester 1 Wolves 1 Brighton 1 Sunday 21st April, 2019 Arsenal 3 Crystal Palace 0 Cardiff 0 Liverpool 3 Everton 1 Man Utd 2 Monday 22nd April, 2019 Chelsea 3 Burnley 0 Tuesday 23rd April, 2019 Tottenham 3 Brighton 0 Watford 2 Southampton 1 Wednesday 24th April, 2019 Man Utd 2 Man City 2 Wolves 1 Arsenal 2
  7. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Perhaps it's looking like the tide is turning that way anyway but Giroud should be starting the majority of games until the end of the season. Higuaín hasn't done enough in the chances he's been given so far and also looks a bit of the pace physically and with his match sharpness.
  8. Bluewolf

    The jeopardy of landing on Mars

    Ha ha ha.. I have run out of positive reps for the day...
  9. Eco

    Quote Box

    If it becomes a pain, you can always just the html tags. [quote.] Type The Words Here [/quote.] Just take out the periods '.'
  10. Eco

    Quote Box

  11. Eco

    Quote Box

    Looks good to me mate.
  12. CaaC - John

    Quote Box

    For some reason, my quote box is not working properly, I will cut and paste an article or photo in the frame of the quote box but when I post a huge gap will appear at the top and the article right at the bottom, I don't know if anyone else is having this problem? I will try a quote in here and see if it works... Edit Seems to be working ok now but will have to try a longer quote whenever and see if it has corrected itself.
  13. Spurs and United have difficult games. Need to win this.
  14. MUFC

    2021 Regulations

    Factory spec gearbox? I like this. Oh Nudge.
  15. MUFC

    The Holiday Thread

    Oh Dubai.
  16. Heavy rotation, run them ragged! Ederson Danilo - Otamendi - Stones - Zinchenko De Bruyne - Fernandinho - Silva Mahrez - Jesus - Sane BENCH:- Muric, Walker, Laporte, Delph, Bernardo, Sterling, Aguero
  17. Yes, you're definitely favourites either way but just don't think you winning the match would have been any better for Liverpool, slightly worse IMO.
  18. How can it not be Sterling?? ..what a season he has had and can still win a domestic quad (on less the last few weeks turns to shit ) ..Pep has improved him so much
  19. I remember as a kid watching the 2 Stans - Matthews and Mortensen on TV at Wembley but sadly never got see to either of them in the flesh - similarly sad having heard the radio commentaries of Man U before Munich and never got to see those (including young Duncan) who were lost to us at that time. I have been lucky as prices were nevr at the level they are these days and in the RAF in the 50s and 60s we got to travel with fans of other clubs to see their games and the Internationals with a lot of those mentioned above - I never got over watching Cruyff when we would travel from the Ruhr in the 70s for a day out in Amsterdam - he was a true magician with the ball - just like Stanley Matthews and having spent time in Drongen I was able to watch a young Kevin do the same - even at 8 or 9 and once refusing to let go of the goalpost to make his point - and now still enjoy scenes like his passing last night in the CL. To the younger ones on here - please try and keep those pictures of today's great players in your mind - the young kids love to hear them and they search google and Wiki to fill in your gaps. Sometimes they can then understand why us wrinklies often sit with a smile on our faces and get what we are remembering.
  20. nudge

    The jeopardy of landing on Mars

    Could they do such a summer camp for over 30s as well?...
  21. But Spurs lost another important player last night, they cant bring 8 fresh players into the team like we can and they will be travelling half of tomorrow too ..no excuse for us not to hammer them, if we don't win in them condition's then we don't deserve the title tbh, they got one more days rest for a 12.30 kick off on the Saturday
  22. ...Dan

    Black Mirror

    No White Bear? That's number 1 for me.
  23. Bayern 2-0 Bremen Leverkusen 2-1 Nürnberg Augsburg 1-0 Stuttgart Mainz 1-2 Düsseldorf Gladbach 2-2 Leipzig Schalke 1-2 Hoffenheim Freiburg 1-2 Dortmund Hertha BSC 1-0 Hannover Wolfsburg 2-2 Frankfurt
  24. Bayern 2-2 Bremen Leverkusen 3-1 Nürnberg Augsburg 1-1 Stuttgart Mainz 1-2 Düsseldorf Gladbach 1-3 Leipzig Schalke 0-2 Hoffenheim Freiburg 1 - 4 Dortmund Hertha BSC 2-0 Hannover Wolfsburg 1-2 Frankfurt
  25. I'm not really buying Sterling as the clear stand out player at man City this season. Aguero and Bernardo have both been awesome also.
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