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  2. all kick-offs 19.45 (BST) unless stated Tuesday 26th October, 2021 Spezia vs Genoa, 17.30 Venezia vs Salernitana, 17.30 AC Milan vs Torino Wednesday 27th October, 2021 Juventus vs Sassuolo, 17.30 Sampdoria vs Atalanta, 17.30 Udinese vs Verona, 17.30 Cagliari vs AS Roma Empoli vs Inter Milan Lazio vs Fiorentina Thursday 28th October, 2021 Napoli vs Bologna
  3. all kick-offs 19.45 (BST) Tuesday 26th October, 2021 Arsenal vs Leeds (live on Sky) Chelsea vs Southampton QPR vs Sunderland Wednesday 27th October, 2021 Burnley vs Tottenham Leicester vs Brighton Preston vs Liverpool (live on Sky) Stoke vs Brentford West Ham vs Man City
  4. Cicero

    The Next Bond?

    Idris Elba would be a great option.
  5. Chris Wilder would be an appointment in the right direction if he's interested. He seems like the best character to get a tune out of the old guard and the players they've added in the last 12 or so months.
  6. I think the sign on fee and wages paid to Ronaldo was probably the money they should have used for a DM
  7. Absolutely. Neville embarrassed himself because he knows it's awful and he wants to shoot them with both barrels the way he did whenever they had an embarrassment under Van Gaal and Mourinho. But he can't because of this friendship with Solskjaer and his desire to protect him above anything else. What happened to nobody being bigger than the club? Neville is actively encouraging the club he supposedly supports to act against its own interest based entirely on the interests of one person. If I didn't know my football history and turned on the TV knowing nothing about the game, I'd assume that Carragher and Souness were ex United players and supporters, not Neville. Defoe largely stayed out of it as the studio neutral but when he did speak, he was far more insightful and coherent than Neville. Neville, who was win-at-all-costs as a player, is now an embarrassing shrill who believes this fictional United "way" of doing things is a way of life. Ferguson was unique. Utterly unique, he will never be repeated. United could try and find their own Klopp or Guardiola but they completely fail time and time again, aided by Neville and these imaginary "values" they attribute to United. I won't forget that time that Neville inferred that anyone who didn't rate Lingaard to remain at United wasn't a "true United fan". My dad has supported Manchester United for sixty plus years, through relegation, through awful times, he was a season ticket holder until he was wedded to working weekends, travelling from Essex to Manchester not just for weekend league games but for European games on a seven hour round trip, sometimes getting home at four in the morning, supporting teams Neville played in and when Neville turned around and implied he wasn't a "true" fan because he didn't think Lingaard was good enough for the first 11, I was pretty damn angry and I don't even support United. He talks about "values"? Please. He just wants to defend his mate at all costs. Souness and Carragher laughed simply because his efforts at dancing around the actual problem were pathetic.
  8. Saturday 30th October, 2021 Fulham 1-1 West Brom, 12.30 Atalanta 2-1 Lazio, 14.00 Metz 0-1 St Etienne, 14.00 Porto 4-0 Boavista, 17.00 Valencia 1-3 Villarreal, 17.30 Sunday 31st October, 2021 FC Dallas 1-1 Austin FC, 01.00 Sparta Rotterdam 1-2 Feyenoord, 11.15 Man City Women 2-2 Chelsea Women, 13.45 Gremio 1-1 Palmeiras, 19.00 Real Sociedad 1-1 Athletic Bilbao, 20.00
  9. Van De Beek too. We were in for him and then United came in so he chose to go there. Fair enough, his decision. But they didn't actually need him at all. He's like a kid playing football manager. "I'll buy all these attackers, so many I don't know what to do with them...oops Mrs Miggins, my defence fell over".
  10. Arteta because Arteta is about where he should be in his first ever management job. Solskjaer has been a manager for ten years and his lack of tactical awareness, game management and big game set up is an utter embarrassment. A boy trying to do a man's job.
  11. Today
  12. I eat plant food for days of the week. I eat meat on Wednesday to break the week up and Sunday as a treat. One thing is for sure, when I eat meat on Wednesday, I crave it more the following day and have to fight it.
  13. Well upon watching the match back we really should have been out of sight. There are two things of real concern now we need to address: - I've lost count of the amount of goals we've conceaded from the second phase of set plays. - We have only scored one goal in the first half of football matches all season. The big talking point after the game was the referee performance of Darren England. He was pretty poor as he allowed Newcastle to time waste from about the tenth minute but he did get the key decision right with the penalty. Had it not been for this murky discretion nonsense they've introduced it wouldn't even be a talking point. That said Graemme Jones was talking out his arse when he said they'd deserve a point. I've never seen a team put eight men behind the ball against Crystal Palace. They scored a fantastic goal that wasn't really a chance. We will lose to Man City next week so the long unbeaten run will be portrayed afterwards as a long winless run. The football we are playing is fantastic to watch but we need to find ways to win football matches.
  14. Am glad Souness and Carragher laid into Neville yesterday. The fucker has become a national joke with the defending of his friend. He's defending him like his life depends on it. It just wasn't Ole but his shitty coaching staff they questioned. They stated that Ole has got one of the biggest jobs in the world on the back of managing Cardiff and Molde. So why hasn't he good a really good set of coaching staff? He has people like McKenna and Carrick who are still learning. His response was that Mike Phelan worked with Fergie for years, the same bollocks coming out of his mouth. They even questioned the Ronaldo signing. Was he what we needed? They questioned his inability to press and his general work rate. Neville just wouldn't have it.
  15. A somewhat longer review now that I have slept on it. The visuals are absolutely incredible. So beautiful, so epic. The worldbuilding is amazing, especially the level of detail which is mind blowing. The casting is perfect, the characters are well developed and interesting. I wasn't sure about Chalamet playing Paul, but he nailed the role. No emo teen vibes, either. The storytelling is quality. I particularly liked the pace of it - somewhat slow, but not too drawn out and not boring at all; it kept me glued to the screen throughout the movie. The musical score is eery and very fitting. The ending might seem a bit abrupt, but as it says at the start, this is Dune: Part1, and it covers about half of the original book. The only negative about that is having to wait for years for Part 2 now, but other than that, I'd say that Villeneuve nailed it and managed to adapt the source material really well, engaging both readers and non-readers alike. Highly recommended.
  16. Danny

    The Next Bond?

    Was talking about it after watching the film last night, I also had a look at a previous post of mine on here saying Tom Hardy would be a good casting decision....definitely don’t agree with that now. I think Idris Elba is the best option for the next Bond, hands down. Alongside that I would probably say Jamie Dornan could also be a good Bond. I’ve seen shouts for Henry Cavill and Henry Goulding but I think they’re a bit too clean cut, land too much on the side of the English gentleman and don’t really seem to have that rough underbelly that you want to see in Bond nowadays. Cillian Murphy would be a good shout and someone who I think is quite left field for the role but a very prominent actor is Christian Bale. I feel like Bale would either just immediately not look to be suited for the role or would completely make it his own, no inbetween.
  17. Thought it was a good film, feel like if you really love James Bond films then you’ll probably love this. Was overall a really good film and a great way to end Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond.
  18. United board to decide Ole's fate in the next couple of hours.
  19. Big win for Lichtenberg over Berlin Altglienicke 3-0 this weekend. BAK 07 remain top of the table even though their match with HSC II was postponed. PL. TEAM SP. DIFF. PKT. 1 Berliner AK 14 14 34 2 BFC Dynamo 15 21 33 3 Lok Leipzig 14 25 30 4 Jena 14 18 30 5 VSG Altglienicke 15 14 29 6 Babelsberg 15 8 27 7 Luckenwalde 15 14 26 8 Chemnitz 15 6 23 9 Cottbus 13 21 22 10 Chemie Leipzig 15 1 22 11 TeBe Berlin 13 -6 17 12 Halberstadt 14 -7 16 13 Lichtenberg 47 14 -6 14 14 Tasmania (N) 14 -20 14 15 Hertha II 14 -9 13 16 Union Fürstenwalde 15 -17 12 17 Meuselwitz 15 -15 10 18 Auerbach 14 -24 10 19 Optik Rathenow 15 -14 9 20 Eilenburg (N) 15 -24 8 There were some comments about Berlin clubs not being allowed to play in their home stadiums. Anyone know what this is about?
  20. Darmstadt 3-1 Nürnberg Heidenheim 0-3 Schalke Bremen 1-3 St Pauli Hannover 4-0 Aue Dresden 2-3 Sandhausen Hamburg 3-0 Kiel Karlsruhe 1-2 Paderborn Rostock 2-2 Düsseldorf Ingolstadt 1-2 Regensburg
  21. In the first video towards the end, why do they burst out laughing when Neville says that 'no goals needs to be a mentality and culture within the club'? Don't get what was so funny about it?
  22. Saturday 30th October 2021 Leicester 2-1 Arsenal, 12.30 Burnley 3-2 Brentford Liverpool 4-1 Brighton Man City 3-0 Crystal Palace Newcastle 1-3 Chelsea Watford 2-0 Southampton Tottenham 2-2 Man Utd, 17.30 Sunday 31st October 2021 Norwich 1-3 Leeds, 14.00 Aston Villa 1-3 West Ham, 16.30 Monday 1st November 2021 Wolves 2-0 Everton, 20.00
  23. Is that @Khan of TF365 going back to Fulham? Need to stick with Chelsea for a bit to head to the top. Hoping for a Preussen Munster win also...
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