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  2. An end of an era... RIP TFF and TF365 :( 

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    2. football forum


      Let's all move to this status. 

    3. football forum


      @Cicero @Beelzebub come to Discord. It's seriously good once you get used to it. I was very against it at first as a long term solution, but now I like it. We miss you guys!

    4. football forum
  3. Hi all @CaaC (John) @Bluewolf @Pyfish @Bluebird Hewitt @Viva la FCB @JoshBRFC @Foxc1 @Rucksackfranzose @Tommy @Dr. Gonzo @Mel81x @nudge @Michael @N U F C @The Liquidator @nawoo If you've not already made the transition over to Discord, please do so . The World Prediction League will be continuing over on there! I've taken a screenshot of all the predictions here just in case we lose this site before the weekend. The World Prediction League channel is here, if you do sign up on Discord - https://discord.com/channels/1080861259345444886/1080937290836217946
  4. Looks like this will be the last update on TF365, but the league WILL be continuing on Discord, so do head over there and register/sign-up - https://discord.com/channels/1080861259345444886/1080863264017219656 The latest table update is here: Well done to @Reluctant Striker for getting a big 21 points, rocketing him up to 5th place. Elsewhere @Lucas has closed the gap at the top to just one point! @The Liquidator @Lucas @N U F C @Storts @Reluctant Striker @Rajabhat Rovers @Dan @Mark Mark @CaaC (John) @6666 @Redcanuck @Rucksackfranzose @JONO @nawoo @Bluewolf - if you've not transferred over to Discord already, I hope you can/do! This prediction league and the World Prediction League will continue .
  5. Not sure if you two seen the thread at the top, moving here https://discord.gg/nvrhuBmpAT is the Discord server
  6. Appreciate it John, you can check them out on Instagram though. I don't see the point for me to join what is essentially a shoutbox when most of my football interests don't really coincide with the forums. I am mostly here because of sheep and general life talk, which I struggle to talk about on most of the discord servers I'm on Maybe at some point I'll join but for now I don't see myself posting in it much, to be honest.
  7. Happy Birthday @Carnivore Chris and @Bluebird Hewitt
  8. Happy birthday to you too!!!
  9. @Spike, @Toinho, @Devil-Dick Willie Are we going to have an Aussie invasion on the new forum or what?
  10. Get your arse over there, I miss all your holiday photos.
  11. No bother on that one, my mobile has a block caller button
  12. Happy birthday! Now get your arse to Discord.
  13. TF365. Born and dies on my birthday. That sucks. So then. Who wants to prank call or get food sent to @CaaC (John) ?
  14. Unfortunately forum hosts cost money while discord is free, and with less and less members per year, there is less people to donate in what is already a dying niche. I knew this forum would die eventually because it's happened to all the other non-support forums I've been to, I didn't think it'd be this soon though.
  15. Well, there is another forum, but I'd rather be dead than associate with those people.
  16. Plenty of learning going on there currently
  17. I didn't even know the forum was closing. Also, I need to actually learn how to use Discord as I've never used it.
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