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  2. Fucking hell, just because he didn't reach his potential doesn't mean Neymar is shit. Christ almighty you'd think footballers were only GOATs or shite on here.
  3. The word virus comes to mind.... Good luck to anyone signing the attention seeking idiot.
  4. Linked with Chelsea: https://www.espn.com/soccer/soccer-transfers/story/4692841/chelsea-on-neymar-alert-as-psg-look-to-axe-222m-brazil-star Apparently PSG would be covering a large portion of his wages as well. Think it's a bit of a risk though, if it's true, because @Devilis spot on about his injury record. He's barely played in the league for the last few years with PSG... and if he leaves he won't be in the same situation where he's at a club that races away with the league while he's out injured.
  5. Would be great if we could actually get some of these players over the line at some point... So far it's all talk and no action...
  6. Alright, everyone. I was quite intrigued to try out Kickbase as an alternative to Comunio, so I created the TF365 league for that purpose - would be cool if at least some of you joined for a test season to see if we're missing out or not... https://www.kickbase.com/ Unfortunately, the game is only available as a mobile app, so you'd have to download it. League name: TF365 General rules: Starting budget of 200m credits Points given based on 60 different stats, provided by OPTA Sports Transfer system similar like in Comunio, but the computer is more active (offers incoming on hourly basis instead of daily) Similar to Comunio, negative budget at the start of the first match of the matchday means no points will be earned, and having an empty spot in the starting XI will result in -100 points Looks very intuitive. Anyone's willing to give it a try? @Michael this should be even more your cup of tea @Tommy @Stan @Viva la FCB @londonerlilie @Rucksackfranzose @Coma @Faithcore @Rick anyone else I forgot to tag...
  7. Today
  8. If that's the case, he's living in fantasy land with his mate Pogba. What has he done to even come close to justifying that sort of wage request?
  9. If this doesn’t get sorted this Summer then Everton are up for relegation again imo
  10. He will get plenty of playing time. But either way not our problem. We need to be ambitious. This is that. Well done Spurs
  11. Would be a good player for any team outside the big 6. He needs to be more realistic with his wage demands though. Unless he's hoping Newcastle come in for him.
  12. It concerns me because he might do a Bergwijn, decide to leave if he's not getting enough playing time.
  13. I don't know why this isn't bigger news. It's insane.
  14. Takeover complete, and the club is out of administration. Now just the small job of almost completely rebuilding the club.
  15. Why does that concern you? City do it, Liverpool do it. Chelsea do it. It’s what you need to do if you want to actually compete for and win stuff. I’m delighted we are finally looking to build a squad that can compete
  16. What are Amazon actually doing pissing around with Arsenal and Man City?
  17. Game 1: 56th min Game 2 25th min, please
  18. Hands tied behind their back. Player wants to leave and he's on a year left. Suggestions he wants to move back to London.
  19. Dr. Gonzo

    Metal and Rock

    The new Municipal Waste album, Electric Brain, out today... I really like it. But I really like the band - they've put out a number of really quality albums... and they're also one of the best bands I've seen live. If you like thrash metal - I think it's worth listening to. Here's a single
  20. Richarlison was one of the few players Everton fans could count on to do something in matches for them that was positive. He's a good player and he's got a win-at-all costs mentality, which makes him an absolute twat to play against, but he's got the mentality to fight for his club. And he's performed pretty regularly for Brazil too. It's a big loss for Everton, but it's a huge signing for Spurs I think. He's a player that can come in for your two best players... and he can also play alongside them. So now you've got 4 very good players to compete for spots in that front 3 you have - I think that can only be a good thing for you. I don't really think you have anything to worry about. Terry Sheringham's thinking about things I think with a bit too much of an old school mentality - especially with this condensed season for the World Cup after an already pretty rigorous season with its own weird scheduling issues - you need depth to really contend. Now you've got exceptional attacking depth. Also it's all well and good having him remince about how Spurs did things in the old days that he maybe considers the golden years. But how many trophies did Spurs win then? I'm pretty sure the only thing he won at Spurs was player of the year - it seems a bit weird to tell someone like Conte, someone who's figured out how to win leagues many times, that he's doing it wrong and he should look to a period of time where Spurs won nothing.
  21. He's an absolute cunt, but if anyone doesn't think he's a good player they're idiots. Wilshire was saying he doesn't think he'd get into the current Arsenal side... he's ahead of some of those players already for Brazil though. He'll be a good signing for Spurs. He'll also make them a much cuntier side - which according to Mourinho they need.
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