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  2. Dan

    Football Index

  3. That's largely due to timezone and weather differences, the people running the Premier League are no different to the people running La Liga.
  4. They might do but I think Barca will score more
  5. I've always agreed with that. Biting people is wrong but trying to break someone's leg is worse. For me Roy Keane was one of the biggest ever cunts in football. He's a shit human being in general. I've read his auto biography. Not only did he try to end that man city players career. He complained about playing in charity matches, its not about you its for charity. He made out that when he went to Celtic he was poor because he wasn't on as much money as at utd. Also he says he doesn't like doing punditry but does it all the time. It gets glossed over because of what he achieved but he really is a cunt.
  6. Cicero

    Chelsea Discussion

    That is 100% down to not having a director of football. No vision or identity.
  7. Dan

    The Butterfly Effect

    I spent a bit of time unemployed when I was younger, not something I'm really proud of but I was signing on for a while. I was doing this work experience at the JobCentre as a part of their requirements for me to get money and it was utter shit. I ended up fucking off home because I just spent the day sitting there doing quite literally nothing. When I fucked off home, I applied for a couple of jobs. I got one of them and I'm still there. Imagine if I'd had something to do at work experience?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Tommy

    Formula One - General Chat

    Now that Charles made it to Ferrari, let's never forget his mentor, and the one who'd probably have that seat right now.
  10. You forgot to factor in the pressure of outer space which is about 10^-12 Torr"
  11. You are a worthy football pundit and have my respect. Danny is a peasant who wanted a 3-3 extravaganza. Of course Bayern were cagey and disruptive, and they'll be happy to take that result back to the Allianz, but you guys would obviously prefer a scoreless draw to a score draw
  12. Stan

    The Butterfly Effect

    Or an L.
  13. Toinho

    The Butterfly Effect

    He never goes a day without the D.
  14. carefreeluke

    What are you listening to?

  15. carefreeluke

    Chelsea Discussion

    Another random point. We have a few players that play regularly for us that dwell too long on the ball. Hazard is a culprit but you can perhaps excuse him for it as he's our biggest threat. On the other hand, there's a few that play regularly that don't move or use the ball intelligently enough. Willian for example will slow the tempo down by stopping the ball and waiting for the defender to commit. You watch City use the ball and the difference in intelligence in this area is miles ahead. City treat the ball like a hockey puck, we move it like we're in a warm down exercise or something like that. Pep for one wouldn't stand for it, 1-3 touches then move and all the players are committed and know how and when to move the ball. This comes down to the manager but also the quality of players. I saw this on Twitter earlier: Us not being able to create is nothing new really. Give it to Hazard and hope for the best has been our plan for a while now.
  16. I read something that made a lot of sense to me today regarding Barcelona: Luis Suárez is in a fight against his body and he´s losing it. It´s strange because Barcelona leads La Liga and is in a comfortable position to advance in the Champions League but something feels off. Seems like every game ter Stegen is avoiding bad results for them. At some point, the bubble could pop, like it did last year against Roma.
  17. That's what I said. Great minds think a like. And so do we
  18. Yeah but they are ahead of you. I guess it goes. Liverpool> spurs>Dortmund>Dusseldorf>Dortmund>Liverpool
  19. Riquelme was slow as fuck and didn't put in a defensive shift, but I don't know that he had no work ethic... he was constantly trying to get involved in the attacking side of things and get on the ball. Perhaps if Bayern had someone like that linking the midfield and attack today, things might have gone a bit different for them. Liverpool > Spurs > Dusseldorf > Dortmund > Dusseldorf > Liverpool Simple
  20. Players that deliberately go into challenges looking to injure other players are worse imo. Biting people is weird, but it's not quite the same as trying to derail another professional's career for an indeterminate amount of time.
  21. Well as someone who has followed him and seen him be absolutely class for Colombia, I can guarantee he is a top player. However, you are right that he has attitude and work ethic problems, but with the latter sometimes it depends on style. Riquelme didn't have work ethic and he was also a top player. I'm still awaiting his return but he doesn't help himself. As for the second sentence, I'm sure Bayern fans can answer that better than I can. However I am certain that he is a good player.
  22. It's bound to happen if you're career is really built on one good world cup showing and 13 goals in his second season at Real Madrid (https://www.whoscored.com/Players/71182/History/James-Rodríguez) isn't going to do a lot to convince people he's not as class as he looked in 2014. There might still be a good player somewhere inside him (like after Mutu went to Fiorentina and all of a sudden was a good player again), but I think he's demonstrated a questionable work ethic and attitude. Nothing he showed today demonstrated he's fit to play for either Bayern Munich or Real Madrid - anonymous. Although there's also the possibility that... he just had a poor match. Happens to everyone lol.
  23. Yeah but spurs beat Dortmund 3.0 and Liverpool beat spurs and are ahead of them. So it goes Liverpool > spurs> Dortmund> Dusseldorf> Liverpool
  24. Think the wheels have come off if you can't beat an average team like Munich at home
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