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  2. For a side with so many points we don't half lose a lot too. Is that our 4th loss at home? That was an absolutely dire display. Clueless from 1-90 and QPR did as good a job on us as they could've done. Kept it tight, picked their moments and allowed us very little - exactly what I feared they would do. Maresca looking increasingly one-dimensional.
  3. Israel to provide Ukraine with an early warning system for missiles and drones. Not quite iron dome, but I’m sure for Ukraine every little bit helps.
  4. Only been mildly following the table, but it suddenly seems wide open. Whichever of the current top 3 miss out on automatic will be unlucky. And likely have Southampton to contend with. I mainly just hope West Brom don't make it via the play offs.
  5. Yesterday
  6. When Milner left us I came to the realisation it was probably the last time a Liverpool player would ever be older than me. Now we’ve got Neil Danns’s son, Lee Clark’s son & Jason Koumas’s son playing for us. It’s made me painfully aware that I’m old as fuck.
  7. It's funny how every one of these seasons would've been a nailbiter without Max.
  8. I had a feeling Huddersfield would get something against us today. Had a week off, first home game for the new manager, full house and against us, the one game they always get up for. To be fair, we were miles off it today. I just think the last few weeks have caught up with us a little bit and it would have been nigh on impossible to keep winning games. When you have performances like today though and its just not going for you, you at least make sure you don't lose. At least we got a point and as disappointing as it felt with Leicester losing, we got a home game in the week to put it right again. Really pissed off with yet another Southampton 90+ winner though. How they nearly cocked up that Birmingham game I don't know.
  9. I can only imagine the developers had the same reaction as me when they heard Neil Danns had a son that's a professional footballer. You don't want to believe it in fear of feeling really old.
  10. Düsseldorf 2-1 Hamburg Braunschweig 2-2 Rostock Schalke 1-3 Paderborn Kiel 2-1 Karlsruhe Wehen 0-0 Hannover Magdeburg 4-2 Nürnberg St Pauli 3-1 Hertha BSC Lautern 2-2 Osnabrück Fürth 1-1 Elversberg
  11. Stuttgart 1-2 Union Bayern 3-0 Mainz Leipzig 1-1 Darmstadt Gladbach 2-1 Köln Augsburg 2-2 Heidenheim Bremen 3-2 Dortmund Bochum 2-2 Freiburg Frankfurt 1-3 Hoffenheim Leverkusen 2-1 Wolfsburg
  12. Different manager but same problems with the lack of depth in the squad hurting us. Luton, Forest and Bournemouth. Next 3 games are really big.
  13. Yes the man who has not played football for months on end will be back to full fitness straight away. But 4 in 7 is exactly the record that gets him 20 a season.
  14. If only Toney scored a couple of those 20 goals he's guaranteed to score per season.
  15. Valencia are 2-0 up against Real Madrid at home here in the 1st half. Hugo Duro scored Valencia's first goal as he headed a cross into the net. Then their Ukrainian forward Roman Yaremchuk scored Valencia's 2nd goal as he intercepted a back pass and rounded the Real Madrid keeper Andriy Lunin and slotted the ball into the net. This would be a huge win for Valencia if they can hold on to this lead against Real Madrid and win this match. It would also be a big boost for 2nd in the La Liga table Girona. Girona got back to winning ways last week as they beat Rayo Vallecano 3-0, thanks to an opening goal from their Ukrainian player Viktor Tsyhankov and 2 injury time goals by their Brazilian forward Savio. So far in today's game, Valencia are well worth their lead. Lets see if they can secure the win as we approach half-time. Valencia 2-0 Real Madrid
  16. Unlucky for Luton. Tactically on Villa, it feels like they've been stung a few times now, when they put the early effort in, get 2 or 3 up, and sort of maybe look to sit back on the lead. Try to control the game with possession. If I was setting up a side against it, especially a lower side, I'd be looking to raise the tempo when Luton did so. As a good way to try & get results. Also Morgan Rogers was a notable downgrade on J Ramsey in terms of defensive work. And became 1 of those substitutes on to be substituted off. Thankfully they did find a big finish in them. Probably will need much better over the next 4 games.
  17. They've done that a few times at home. Liverpool late equaliser, Arsenal late winner and now looking like a Villa late winner.
  18. Bollocks. All that hard work and they concede late on again.
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