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  2. The head wobble was so accurate
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  4. Lalas in tears. A team full of kids that are both very young, inexperienced and essentially are D squad, beat a VERY strong Mexico team. Sounds silly, but this is one of the greatest upsets in American soccer history. Congrats Berhalter and this team.
  5. IT"S OVER! USA wins 1-0 over Mexico in the Gold Cup Final with our C squad. Absolutely love it. The Atlanta boys played great with Miles Robinson and Bello, and Robinson of course getting the only goal in the match. Let's go 'Merica. Come and see @DeadLinesman, You know what's happening right now...
  6. Nope - no VAR for it. And let's go. 1-0 USA with just minutes left.
  7. Oh damn, he may have been offside. Certainly this will get reviewed, but what a header that was.
  9. What the hell..How does that NOT go in. USA with a corner and it's still 0-0.
  10. 0-0 60 minutes in. Each team has missed some complete sitters.
  11. Reports have been going on about a potential deal for Bremen's Friedl to Augsburg. Would certainly be a welcomed addition with all the rumors and injuries in our backline. @nudge
  12. Coventry vs Nottingham Forest. Lets find something else to do on Sunday.
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  14. Yeah, especially not if the Grealish deal goes through. I think we have him one more year and he’s going to be pissed off but he will crack on
  15. I really don't think we are going to go much over 100million with Haaland being available at the end of the season for 68million, you might just keep him
  16. I did say that could be the case.. that Buendia & Bailey are replacing him? Perhaps you focused too much on the alternate El Ghazi replacement possibility? The fact it's gone public Villa are giving him the choice does suggest to me that he may have already been persuaded. I won't be at all surprised if he's at City in the next few days. And, yes, they will have change to replace Barkley too. Who they decided against permanently signing, for whatever reason. Either way Villa's owners are attempting to get the club back to Top 5. They have a specified 5 year plan to get to Champions League. I've heard or seen nothing to suggest that isn't still the intent. Or that they specifically can now only spend Grealish money. In their 3rd Premier League summer transfer window. I do sense that could bother some.. above & below Villa.
  17. Trying to get excited about this. Surely it would be nice to win it, but it would be embarrassing if THIS US team on the tournament considering the team is such a weak team compared to what we can usually put out. I'll predict Mexico to win 2-0.
  18. But surely this HAS to be better than Frank and Heinze....right?
  19. IMO Welterweight and Middleweight are excellent also.
  20. Man, I love Mick's race engineer. "You did a lot with that car today".
  21. I really would be annoyed if Maitland-Niles left on a permanent deal. Can definitely see someone taking advantage of Arteta not being a big fan of his though. Same with Reiss Nelson.
  22. Okay, they could have told him to lift and coast instead for a few laps. The idea of them actually being below the required fuel load seems bizarre.
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