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  2. Bruno Fernandes has been crowned man of the match following his double against Uruguay. His first goal looked like it may have skimmed Cristiano Ronaldo's hair but replays were unclear and it was eventually credited to the Manchester United midfielder. There were no such doubts about his second goal as he perfectly placed his penalty into the back of the net. https://shrinke.me/portamaz https://shrinke.me/portamaz
  3. @Toinho and @Bluewolf - I completely forgot your matches were today and I'm only just compiling the results. Please choose between Netherlands and Ecuador before kick off. If not, I'll keep you at Netherlands (Bluewolf) and Ecuador (Toinho) I'm writing the results post for everyone else now.
  4. I like the US national team and before their social media account decided to make this match political and villainise the Iranian team, I wouldn't have minded either team going through but I'm rooting for the Iranians now after the failed PR stunt from the USMNT social media account.
  5. thank you. was nearly stuck with netherlands vs qatar
  6. Tuesday 29th November, 2022 Group A Ecuador 2-2 Senegal, 15.00 Netherlands 4-0 Qatar, 15.00 Group B Iran 1-1 USA, 19.00 Wales 1-2 England, 19.00 Wednesday 30th November, 2022 Group C Poland 1-1 Argentina, 19.00 Saudi Arabia 3-2 Mexico, 19.00 Group D Australia 1-1 Denmark, 15.00 Tunisia 0-2 France, 15.00 Thursday 1st December, 2022 Group E Costa Rica 1-4 Germany, 19.00 Japan 0-2 Spain, 19.00 Group F Canada 1-3 Morocco, 15.00 Croatia 2-0 Belgium, 15.00 Friday 2nd December, 2022 Group G Cameroon 1-3 Brazil, 19.00 Serbia 1-1 Switzerland, 19.00 Group H Ghana 2-1 Uruguay, 15.00 South Korea 1-3 Portugal, 15.00
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  8. After seeing the manager and team post match interviews it did feel like the message was not to lose rather than to win
  9. @DeadLinesman @Michael @Devil @Reluctant Striker @Pyfish @OrangeKhrush @Beelzebub @Tommy Reminder
  10. Kick-off 15.00 (GMT) VS Venue - Al Thumama Stadium, Doha - Morocco just have to match Belgium's result to qualify
  11. Kick-off 15.00 (GMT) VS Venue - Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan - Croatia can qualify with a draw, but will secure 1st place if they match Morocco's result - Belgium have to win, or draw and hope Morocco lose by more than 3 goals
  12. Kick-off 19.00 (GMT) VS Venue - Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor - Costa Rica have to win, or draw and hope Japan lose - Germany have to win, and do so by 2+ goals if Spain/Japan draw, or by several more if Japan beat Spain
  13. Kick-off 19.00 (GMT) VS Venue - Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan - Spain can qualify with a draw, if Germany beat Costa Rica, or a loss if Costa Rica/Germany draw, or Germany don't beat Costa Rica by more than 7 goals - Japan just need to draw if Germany don't beat Costa Rica by more than 1 goal, or if Germany/Costa Rica draw, but they must avoid defeat
  14. We reset at the knockout stage right, so everyone can join in again...?
  15. A proper colourful update above! Again, apologies for the slack standards compared to the usual write-ups. Like I said, work is mental and I'm also enjoying a new relationship so neither of those are particularly conducive to the one-day midweek turnaround required to run this for a World Cup! Thanks for taking part to those that have been eliminated. I think the new rule has forced a lot of people into taking early risks! And good luck to the final four.
  16. Equador 2.1 Senegal Qatar 0.4 Netherlands England 2.0 Wales USA 1.2 Iran Mexico 2.1 Saudi Arabia Argentina 2.0 Poland Denmark 2.1 Australia France's 2.0 Tunisia Coata rica 0.5 Germany Spain 3.0 Japan Morocco 4.0 Canada Croatia 2.0 Belgium Brazil 3.0 Cameroon Serbia 1.2 Switzerland Guana 2.2 Uruguay Portugal's 2.0 south Korea
  17. Just over 5 hours to go. Most likely going to be the final reminder: @Lucas @6666 @LFCMike @Batard @Gunnersaurus
  18. I imagine the following will be on TV: Oxford vs Arsenal Chesterfield vs West Brom Man City vs Chelsea Liverpool vs Wolves Man Utd vs Everton But the following should be on TV: Oxford vs Arsenal Chesterfield vs West Brom Sheff Weds vs Newcastle Dag & Red/Gillingham vs Leicester Boreham Wood vs Accrington Stanley
  19. That is the most efficient streaker I've ever seen. Ukraine message on the front, Iranian Women on the back, Rainbow flag in hand AND an Africa Tattoo on his calf.
  20. Yes, I think Henderson can just hurry everything along, which could help Bellingham. And maybe work against Wales apparent weakness. Swapping out Rice & Mount would certainly get my vote. I'm sure Kane is carrying something, or had 1 of those injuries where he'll never really be quite the same. Any pace he ever had has long gone. But maybe needs a goal more than a rest. It may not be far off what Southgate goes with.
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