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  2. CaaC (John)

    Space: the Final Frontier

    Aug. 9, 2019 Hubble Catches 2 Galaxies at Play The pair of strange, luminescent creatures at play in this image are actually galaxies — realms of millions upon millions of stars. This galactic duo is known as UGC 2369. The galaxies are interacting, meaning that their mutual gravitational attraction is pulling them closer and closer together and distorting their shapes in the process. A tenuous bridge of gas, dust and stars can be seen connecting the two galaxies, created when they pulled the material out into space across the diminishing divide between them. Interaction with others is a common event in the history of most galaxies. For larger galaxies like the Milky Way, the majority of these interactions involve significantly smaller so-called dwarf galaxies. But every few billion years, a more momentous event can occur. For our home galaxy, the next big event will take place in about four billion years, when it will collide with its bigger neighbour, the Andromeda galaxy. Over time, the two galaxies will likely merge into one — already nicknamed Milkomeda. Text credit: ESA (European Space Agency) Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Evans Last Updated: Aug. 13, 2019
  3. Devil-Dick Willie

    MMA & Combat Sports

    He's decent. Certainly well rounded as you said. His only outstanding feature is his ability to tank punishment. His head is made out of some kind of fucking indestructible material, can't knock the lad out. If Conor vs Diaz 2 had gone til a result it would have been Diaz picking up the W. Conor was evading and counter punching beautifully but always on the back foot, terrified of going to the ground.
  4. Hope for a permanent move, loaning him done nothing. Same player he was when he joined, it would be the best option for both parties involved.
  5. CaaC (John)

    Scottish Transfers & Rumours

    Celtic have offered 23-year-old French midfielder Olivier Ntcham to Bordeaux. (20 Minutes via Daily Record)
  6. The Artful Dodger

    Liverpool Discussion

    Teams are more dominant nowadays, as football is far more unequal. Shankly, paisley's achievements will be hard to get even close to for Klopp. Winning league champions used to regularly lose 7-8 games a year.
  7. Paris St-Germain and Monaco are considering offering France midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko, 25, a lifeline as his time at Chelsea seems over. (Daily Express)
  8. CaaC (John)

    Alexis Sánchez - Internazionale or AS Roma?

    Inter Milan want a loan deal for Manchester United's Chile forward Alexis Sanchez, 30, and are also interested in Barcelona's Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal, 32. (Gazzetta dello Sport - in Italian) The agent of Sanchez is in the UK to discuss a loan move to Inter Milan. (Sky Italy, via Sky Sports) Sanchez was at training with United on Sunday morning. (Sun) Inter Milan are trying to push through a move for Sanchez - but United would have to subsidise the player's £500,000-a-week wages. (Mirror)
  9. CaaC (John)

    Neymar - FC Barcelona or Real Madrid CF?

    Paris St-Germain asked Real Madrid for France defender Raphael Varane, 26, and Brazil forward Vinicius Junior, 19, in a swap deal for 27-year-old Brazil forward Neymar. (Telefoot - in French) Barcelona hopes to take Neymar back to the Nou Camp, but on loan with a mandatory purchase clause. (Sport - in Spanish) But PSG boss Thomas Tuchel says the Brazilian will not leave the club unless they find a replacement. (Canal+, via Goal)
  10. CaaC (John)

    Paulo Dybala - Situation at Juventus Unsustainable

    French champions Paris St-Germain have held talks with Juventus over a £73m deal for 25-year-old Argentina forward Paulo Dybala. (Mail)
  11. Today
  12. Again comes down to the rulings more than anything I think? The assistant has to make a split-second decision on how sure they are about an offside and if they think it's obvious or now. The game is so fast-paced these days, at an insane level. Essentially the reason why VAR comes in is to support the officials, not necessarily take the trust away from them. How many times do we see it on TV (from a different angle, can be good/bad though) where we say 'no way, he was onside!' or 'that's definitely offside" and we turn out to be (clearly, sometimes) wrong. Same for assistants and yes I know they're professionals and have the training etc but it still doesn't make it much easier when it comes to how quickly they have to weigh up the decision. I can see why the rule is now in - assistant's can even put the flag up but the referee doesn't have to whistle if the player is in on goal. It takes away the doubt of the goalscoring opportunity and gives the attacker the benefit of the doubt. How annoying was it when a player was through on goal, yet despite being onside the flag went up? The new rule enables that chance to be completed and checked later. My only real issue with VAR isn't anything to do with what it checks but purely the time it takes to check something. Having said that, even the timing has improved since it first came in and most decisions in PL have been relatively quick.
  13. True Blue

    MMA & Combat Sports

    I dislike Diaz, his record tells a different story of him being a superb fighter. Saying this i think he really is a good well rounded mma fighter, but hardly title material. Sad DC lost even tough i like Stipe too, missed the fight but it seemed it was closer than it looked.
  14. True Blue

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Started "The Last Kingdom" got into 3-4 episodes not bad. Has the Vikings vibe
  15. Good opening 25-30 minutes in which we could have scored more, then a slow and controlled end to the half. In the second disaster strikes, we conceded and could have easily lost the game. Basically it was United's second half all over again we were hit on the counter at least 5-6 times from which we could easily have conceded. Lot of positives seen but also a lot of negatives during the game. The 4231 leaves us super open, think either Lampard should tighten things at the back or play 433 like against Liverpool which is more stable. Heavy legs in the second and our subs were terrible in particular Willian who's cameo was embarrassing. Stole a living playing for us, his occasional good game and an odd free kick couldn't have gave him so much time in this club. He basically opened a few good counters for Leicester, with Mateo and Tammy doing little to nothing. One thing is that i think Lampard made a mistake, he played the same team that played 120+ minutes in midweek. He should have heavily rotated for this game, the players looked tired in the second and out of pace. Norwich next away we have a 6-7 day rest and hopefully we manage to play a good 90 minutes like against Liverpool. From the players i'd point Kepa, Mount, Pedro and Kante as the good performers even Christensen was decent. Zouma again super shaky, makes a good challenge then becomes a donkey in the next. Azpilicueta was very poor i tried to defend him but he is exposed at rb now, similar to Ivanović before he left the club. I think he can still be very effective as a center back if cover is needed. People talking about James replacing him is fine young blood needed for that position but he never played a single game in the Premiership he will need time to adapt.
  16. Dr. Gonzo

    Alexis Sánchez - Internazionale or AS Roma?

    This lad is an absolute disgrace. £560k a week for fuck all. An absolute insult to every professional player that actually has to earn their wage, as well as to anyone with an actual job
  17. I think what happened with City has more to do with a stupid rule than VAR. My biggest issue with VAR is how they keep the flag down even if someone is obviously well offside. It’s unnecessary as fuck.
  18. Eco

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Well - that's it. Atlanta United wins 2-0, and takes first place after the week, this just a few months after we were in last place. De Boer's system has started to work like a charm and winning this game, on the road in Portland, is massive. Well done United!
  19. Eco

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    Josef! 2-0 Atlanta and Josef scores again, to make it 11 straight games.
  20. Eco

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    1-0 at HT for Atlanta. 2 breakaways at the end, and neither resulted in a goal. Should be up by 2-3 goals, however we are only up by the 1.
  21. Eco

    2019 MLS Match Chat

    LGP scores and Atlanta are up 1-0!!!!
  22. Eco

    Women's Football

    Champions! Lyon beats North Carolina 1-0 to win their first ICC. Not a pretty game, but wins against Atletico Madrid and NC aren't too shabby.
  23. Eco

    Women's Football

    Need to get Ada out of there after that tackle. No need to risk her health on a semi meaningless match.
  24. Eco

    Women's Football

    Alex Greenwood has NOT looked good in this tournament. Can't seem to link up with anyone and has being a massive liability.
  25. Eco

    Dutch Football

    That goal today by Utrecht by Agass is one fucking hell of a run and finish. Too bad they couldn't hold on against Feyenoord.
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