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  1. War games. I pretty sure the match came from wcw. Two wrestlers start. One team has an advantage as they have another wrestler come in before the other team so it's 2 on 1 then 3 on 2 etc. In aew you cant pin an apponent until all ten wrestlers are in. I'm assuming it's the same in wwe . Aew call it blood and guts as they can't call it war games as wwe owns the name. They are generally pretty violent matches in aew. Worth a look if you like that kind of thing.
  2. M3gan 8/10 I love horror and I really like A.I films so I was always likely to give it a good score.I watched the unseen version. I would recommend it as it does make her seem more scarier than the theatrical version
  3. No offence mate I actually like you. You are pretty funny and I agree with a lot of political opinions. I also respect your knowledge of wrestling. But I really can't bothered. Your such a negative and pessimistic person. You also seem extremely opinionated. Not just on this thread but others as well. I'm only really using this thread for enjoyment I'm not gonna get into any kind of conversation I don't enjoy.
  4. Is the draw seeded? If it is I can understand you saying that I suppose. We all have feelings we are going to win sometimes. I was sure we would beat man city in the semi final of the fa Cup a few years ago and we did
  5. Fair enough. Aew has its problems. The wrestling is decent though. I like wrestling with an edge. I've started watching wwe casually. But there doesn’t seem to be that edge to it. It be great to be able to take the best parts from both and put them together but unfortunately can't be done.
  6. @The Palace Fan then stop watching it. Also like other members in this thread your confusing your own opinion with objective facts. Gull gear was well received and just because you didn't like it doesn't mean it was bad. I'd like to see swerve as the next champion. But he has to be really built up more than anyone. Why? Because he's black. It's horrible but its the truth. If swerve was white he may well be champion by now. Unfortunately racism is very real. It shouldn't be true but it is. Swerve needs more build up. And John moxley, Jay White, Bryan danielson are in it. Beating a couple of them is pretty good build up
  7. @The Palace Fan I don't know why you watch aew all you do is moan about it
  8. Mate it does not make any logical sense they've not even done the draw. That's all I'm gonna say
  9. Can someone explain to me why the conservatives would call an earlier election when they will almost certainly loose? @Honey Honey you are normally good at this stuff
  10. Thats still not logical mate. The draw hasn't even been made. I don't know anymore who would say they are confident of getting out of a group when they are doing so badly when the draw hadn't even been made. Like I said I respect your football knowledge but that's such a strange comment to make
  11. @The Palace Fan I think swerve has put himself in title contention. It may be a couple more months but he definitely has. That match was more long term planning. I personally think Christian Cage is absolutely killing it at the moment. This is the best version of him I've seen. A lot of people are saying they think he should be the next champion. Apparently Vince never liked the way he looked which didn't help him in wwe
  12. OK but you are bottom of the world cup qualifiers aren't you? I'm sorry mate that doesn't make any logical sense
  13. I don't know how you san say you expect Peru to get out the group when they haven't done the draw. I respect your football knowledge but I don't see how you can make that statement
  14. Couldn't be bothered to start a new thread. @Bluebird Hewitt probably about as good a draw as you could of got, apart from maybe having Iceland in the group. Two home games if you beat Finland. I think Wales are just favourites to qualify. Although Poland are only just behind
  15. Gunnersaurus

    Off Topic

    I've deleted it now mate. But should be there your end. I think I just said fair play for predicting Argentina to win the world cup and asked how you were.
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