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  1. For some reason I thought @Batard was French
  2. Personally I think combining the two would be good. I'm not sure of south Americans would like ot though. Brian didn't seem keen. What do you think @El Profesor?
  3. Probably better. I don't like relegation play offa personally but I like the rest of it
  4. I'm gonna stop asking you when I want to know something I think
  5. I remember when I watched Halloween when I was young. My dad normally snores but that night he just breathed loudly like michael Myers. I fucking shit myself.
  6. Parking is gonna be a nightmare that day
  7. Well I don't know if there is specific data on that. Seems like an assumption to me. Lets be honest honest fat shaming isn't about health is it. Its about appearance. I know how bad smoking is gets talked about by doctors a lot. But you rarely see celebrities shamed by the media for it. But overweight people are all the time. And people don't generally say the kind of horrible things they say about overweight people about smokers
  8. So what was the reaction like when cody rhodes won the rumble? Everyone knew he was gonna win it anyway but was it a good reaction or bad one?
  9. Ow right do you remember that weird member? He was named after a drug. Cocaine or something he was called. Right weirdo.
  10. @Whiskey I didn't think you had been on here that long. Did you use to have a different name?
  11. I think I was about 21 when I signed up. I'm 37 now Not married or had kids then and not now either. Not to sure which members I liked then. I really like @Dr. Gonzo @CaaC (John) and @Tommy now. Also like @Stan @nudge and @Honey Honey Also @MUFCis funny. I lived at home when I signed up I live alone now. I don't remember which members I disliked when I first joined. I only dislike 3 members on here. Two of them dont post much. They seem obnoxious to me. 1 member posts all the time and is one of the worst members ever on this forum. He will get banned eventually for saying something bannable. Arsenal were fourth when I signed up. We are 1st now I've always lived in England
  12. I do wonder if maybe we blame the manager to quickly and dont look at other issues? I've always thought that pep wouldn't have the same success at man utd even with more money because the infrastructure isn't there??
  13. Man utd still are top I think. Man city are a well run club. Better run than man utd. But hb is trying to make out they are spending like some mid table club. They aren't. And also there wage bill is the second or third highest.
  14. Is that a reference to a member on here ?
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