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  1. Lol ow right. I was gonna make a joke that is lack of form must be concerning for city as he only scored two goals but I guess that wouldn't work now ha ha
  2. Bodo glimt are my second favourite team just because I live their name
  3. That was nice of Haaland to let someone else score
  4. Well I just googled his Norway record and he has 21 in 23 games I was gonna ask can he create chances for himself but I guess that answers the question. I suppose you ask what he does of the ball and how much he increases his chances of his team winning if he doesn't score or assist?
  5. Jack grealish was just laughing. Hes like give someone else a chance mate
  6. The funny thing is even the own goal was because of Haaland because they player had to try to clear it.
  7. I dont really understand the geography logic of a joint bid between spain Portugal and ukraine. Ukraine is on the other side of europe
  8. 3.0 and it wasn't Haaland. Must be a glitch in the matrix
  9. @Happy Blue Man city are taking the piss. I'm sure Haaland is some cyborg sent back from the future to ensure you win everything. No human scores that many goals
  10. Yeah but like I said conte isnt known for his patience. When I say huge I mean at city level. Conte isnt gong to wait for pep to leave city.
  11. I think spurs will finish second this year. But I think it will be hard for any team to catch city for a few years at least. Conte isn't generally known for his patience so I doubt he will sign a new contract unless he gets a huge transfer budget. I doubt Ancelotti will want to leave real madrid for spurs at the same time madrid sack managers frequently.
  12. The rat faced nother fucker(jacob re3ece mogg( wants to remove the green levies on steel firms. I have no doubt this would be bad for the environment. It seems like the conservatives are seeing who can fuck everything up the most
  13. I probably shouldn't laugh but I'm sure hes ok now. Also @nudge
  14. I was just thinking that is they loose on the weekend fans might say he should of been more focused on the game. But like @Rick said it was in the evening so you are probably right. I doubt it matters
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