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  1. Dortmund1-3 Bayern Leverkusen 2-0 Wolfsburg Frankfurt 2-1 Freiburg Bremen -0-2 Gladbach Leipzig 2-0 Hertha BSC Hoffenheim 2-0 Köln Düsseldorf 0-1 Schalke Augsburg 2-0 Paderborn Union 2-0 Mainz
  2. Eco

    TF365 Top 10...

    Hate that I missed that. I would have enjoyed reminiscing about some of my favorite cities I have visited.
  3. Yeah - no surprise there, but it's certainly hard for the teams that will get relegated.
  4. Sad time for sure. I certainly enjoyed what AVB brought to Marseille.
  5. Eco

    San Siro

    Eh, not really. It's just a building. Having been there a few times, it has quickly become more and more depressing how shit the conditions are. I've said this 100 times, but it's WAY too big, and so I only hope the new stadium is much smaller and intimate (like Juve). Yeah, most every stadium in Italy is falling apart. That's why Juve's is seen as such a marvel.
  6. Hertha BSC 1-2 Union Gladbach 3-0 Leverkusen Wolfsburg 1-2 Dortmund Freiburg 0-2 Bremen Paderborn 0-2 Hoffenheim Bayern 5-0 Frankfurt Schalke 2-2 Augsburg Mainz 1-2 Leipzig Köln 3-0 Düsseldorf
  7. Eco

    First Goal

  8. Eco

    Has TF365 Been To Every Country In The World?

    I have lived in Russia and China but these are both checked off. I have been to (that aren't the typical European countries.) Mongolia Ukraine Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan Slovakia Hungary Serbia Slovenia Croatia The Bahamas Cayman Islands Turks and Caicos DR Jamaica PR Barbados St. Lucia T&T Costa Rica
  9. Eco

    What Are You Doing While in Isolation?

    Yeah - it's been awful. Absolutely awful. I tried to go for a run and had to stop after almost dying to from an asthma attack and had to almost crawl back to my house. I'm just done with this all.
  10. Eco

    What Are You Doing While in Isolation?

    Fuck. You. I'm on the verge of blowing my brains out...because while I enjoy some isolation, my adult, female roommate is driving me towards insanity.
  11. Eco

    Member Opinions 2019

    Not sure if I ever did this, although I do think that I did at sometime or another. At least this is less cringe than user ranking players in their own popularity contest.
  12. Then I'd say they are spot on.