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  1. Eco

    F1 Feeder Series

    Fuck. @nudge and I were just talking about him and Zhou making the move to F1... I have followed F1 religiously this year and I cant grasp this. I saw the wreck earlier which at an American football match, heard the news later and all I can say is that I feel lost. I mean....fuck...I'm lost.. tears, anger, depression....its all there. RIP hubert... damn I was so excited to see you your F1 future. I just cant make sense of this.
  2. what. the. fuck. Another banner from the Metz, can't read it, but the field is being cleared.
  3. And it's in the back of the net. Di Maria scores from the spot to make it 1-0 PSG.
  4. PSG get a penalty. What a stupid fucking challenge that was from Metz. 100% unnecessary.
  5. Eco

    Laptops & Notebooks

    Check out the XPS if you like Dell...they are the best laptops that run windows in the world (IMO).
  6. Anybody have any idea of what the hell he was talking about? Also, the reactions from the crowd, especially Ronaldo, was fucking brilliant.
  7. Eco

    Laptops & Notebooks

    I work for Dell, and they are nice computers, however they are a bit overkill for personal use. I use the XPS 13, for my home and it's mint.
  8. Eco

    F1 Silly Season 2020

    No shocker there. Good driver, nice guy, and has money behind him.
  9. Eco

    F1 Silly Season 2020

    TBF, picking Grosjean over Hulk would still be considered 'silly seasson' material.
  10. Eco

    Round 13 - Belgium

    Renault's are looking pretty good, although who really knows how well the teams are 'trying'. Weather in SPA looks blissfull.
  11. I'll be sure to save this gem.
  12. Friday, August 30 Metz vs PSG Saturday August 31 Olympique Lyon vs Bordeaux Angers vs Dijon Toulouse vs Aminens Nantes vs Montpellier Nimes vs Brest Sunday, September 1 Reims vs Lille Rennes vs Nice Strasbourg vs Monaco Olympique Marsielle vs Saint-Etienne
  13. Yeah - I think both certainly have a chance, with St. Etienne having a slightly easier group.