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  1. Eco

    NHL Season 2019/20

  2. My team is also sorted, has been since I got @Tommy's favorite in a Mr. Timo Horn.
  3. Eco

    World's Most Difficult Sport to Play

    You can't be more wrong. I bet their are much more opportunities to play football than any other sport in the world. Granted, their are more people who want to be professional footballs, but in England alone, you have 69 professional clubs in England, and even below that you have more that make enough of a wage to live.
  4. Same, I was high score yet every prediction I made was wrong.
  5. Much better race than last weeks. Happy for Max, and glad Kyvat got himself a point.
  6. Eco

    First Goal

    8 42
  7. So the tires this week have a shorter life and thus forcing 2 pit stops?
  8. Not really. Juventus were by far the most talented team, but became unwatchable with Sarri, had a terrible run of form and got knocked out of the Champions League by Lyon. They have taken several steps back this year under Sarri.
  9. Eco

    NHL Season 2019/20

    Hawks win and advance!
  10. Eco

    NHL Season 2019/20

    Hawks currently tied 2-2 in the 2nd period...