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  1. Eco

    First Goal

    For El Clasico 13th minute
  2. Eco

    2020 CONCACAF Champions League

    Less than 3 hours from Kick Off!
  3. And that's it. Napoli won't be happy, but that's not a bad result.
  4. Doesn't everyone? Forgot about him. Jesus when did Barca become so detestable?
  5. Ouch. Pique turns his ankle badly, and Barcelona may be without 2 players for the rest of the game.
  6. This reminds me why I hate Barcelona. With Vidal and Sergio, they are so unlikable.
  7. Vidal sent off for arguing. Get the fuck out of here you douche.
  8. Jesus Christ, Barcelona are fucking horrendous on their tackles today. That might be their 3rd or 4th horrendous attempt at a tackle.
  9. Eco

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Yeah, and that's where we are at in this moment.
  10. Maybe. Problem with even this thinking is that there are teams that don't take this competition serious.
  11. I know what you mean. Maybe would have been better to say 'one of' the best leagues in the world. We could argue the toughest league for ages, but 'one of' opens it up a bit more.
  12. Again, I am not debating you. But IMO, if you say that you can't judge a striker solely on the few amount of goals scored, I think you can in fact judge him if he scores a boat load. Doesn't matter if he's a poacher or not.