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  1. Barco fecked up by messing around with player's wife. He's dead to me.
  2. Eco

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Finished both of these this past weekend. Now I'm reading 3 books, spend time in the morning on the first, reading the second during lunch, and the third right before bed.
  3. Maybe, but not really. We'd much rather have Almiron than to have another year of Barco. Barco was absolutely dreadful, and with the money we spent for him, it just seems like moving him would be much better for the club going forward.
  4. Not a problem at all really. It's obvious that we will loan out Barco and thus open up the much needed DP slot.
  5. Eco

    Ashley Cole Joins Derby

    Nope, just been useless in the MLS.
  6. Eco

    Hey folks.

  7. Eco

    NFL 2018/19

    Touchdown Rams!!!!! Huge drive to end the half and cut the lead down to 3 points.
  8. Eco

    Team Support Request

    Time for the updated Atlanta United logo to replace the outdated one!
  9. Eco

    NFL 2018/19

    God i hate the Saints and hope the Rams pull it together and start beating the Saints.
  10. Eco

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Man on the High Castle. Just a few episodes in, but so far so good. Also going to re-watch Band of Brothers.
  11. Eco


    An app. Kind of like a FIFA but was Cricket.
  12. Eco

    Hi Everyone

  13. Eco


    Welcome to the forum Kyle!
  14. Eco


    I swear to god I tired this, and had no idea what was going on.
  15. Eco

    NCAA College Football 2018/19

    We certainly didn't deserve it this year. The amount of mental errors we made in the UGA game, Oklahoma game, and last night are astounding. How is it that we keep getting to the 1" line and jump offisde? Very unusual for a Saban team. Clemson are the early favorites next year. Ross, their WR from Alabama, is insane, and Lawrence is the real deal. We need to get tool and get our asses handed to us for 12 months so that we can play them again in the Natty. Roll Tide.