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  1. Fun year, and I certainly lucked out with my teams this year. Picked McLaren, RP, and Renault as my 3 and they did fantastic. Got Gasly for cheap early so I was kind of stuck with my drivers and I went with Max and Bottas. Good year everyone, look forward to doing this again.
  2. Predictions were shit, but have a car lineup of RP, Renault, and McLaren, so needless to say Checo, Ocon, and Stroll got me a load of points. Need a superb week to catch @Tommy, but that is unlikely.
  3. So you think a RB of Max and Checo, and AT of Tsunoda and Gasly?
  4. Who still has a seat available for Checo next year? RB and AT only?
  5. Sucks for Russell, but it's great to see Checo win tonight.
  6. Congrats to Checo, honeslty happy for him. Sounds like he's crying..
  7. What a comback from George. Merc has to give him a seat.
  8. Carlos Slim is embarressed that he didn't expect this
  9. So who had Perez, Ocon, and Stroll in their prediction league...?
  10. I feel sick for Russell. Not fair..
  11. Shit, Russell with a puncture. Damnit F1 Gods, you guys are sucking a big D here.