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  1. Lalas in tears. A team full of kids that are both very young, inexperienced and essentially are D squad, beat a VERY strong Mexico team. Sounds silly, but this is one of the greatest upsets in American soccer history. Congrats Berhalter and this team.
  2. IT"S OVER! USA wins 1-0 over Mexico in the Gold Cup Final with our C squad. Absolutely love it. The Atlanta boys played great with Miles Robinson and Bello, and Robinson of course getting the only goal in the match. Let's go 'Merica. Come and see @DeadLinesman, You know what's happening right now...
  3. Nope - no VAR for it. And let's go. 1-0 USA with just minutes left.
  4. Oh damn, he may have been offside. Certainly this will get reviewed, but what a header that was.
  6. What the hell..How does that NOT go in. USA with a corner and it's still 0-0.
  7. 0-0 60 minutes in. Each team has missed some complete sitters.
  8. Reports have been going on about a potential deal for Bremen's Friedl to Augsburg. Would certainly be a welcomed addition with all the rumors and injuries in our backline. @nudge
  9. Trying to get excited about this. Surely it would be nice to win it, but it would be embarrassing if THIS US team on the tournament considering the team is such a weak team compared to what we can usually put out. I'll predict Mexico to win 2-0.
  10. But surely this HAS to be better than Frank and Heinze....right?
  11. Friday, August 8 Bremer SV vs Bayern Munich Dynamo Dresden vs Paderborn 1860 Munich vs Darmstadt Saturday, August 9 Weiche Flensburg vs Holstein Kiel Lokomotive Leipzig vs Bayer Leverkusen Sandhausen vs RB Leipzig Bayreuth vs Arminia Bielfeld Greifswalder FC vs Augsburg Osnaburck vs Werder Bremen Eintracht Norderstedt vs Hannover Wuppertaler SV vs Bochum BFC Dynamo vs Stuttgart Ulm vs Nurmberg Babelsberg vs Greuther Furth Magdeburg vs St. Pauli Wehen Wiesbaden vs Borussia Dortmund Sunday, August 10 Meppen vs Hertha Berlin Elversberg vs Mainz Carl Zeiss Jena vs Koln Villingen vs Schalke Waldhof Manneheim vs Eintracht Frankfurt Rot-Weiss Koblenz vs Jahn Regensburg Turkgucu Munchen vs Union Berlin VfL Oldenburg vs Furtuna Dusseldorf Preussen Munster vs Wolfsburg Eintracht Braunschweig vs HSV Wurzburger Kickers vs Freiburg Hansa Rostock vs Heidenheim Monday, August 11 Ingolstadt vs Erzgebirge Aue Viktoria Koln vs Hoffenheim Sporfreunde Lotte vs Karlsruhe Kaiserslautern vs Borussia Monchengladbach
  12. No - Ocon did an extra victory lap which will be result in some rule be broken and thus vaulting Hamilton to P1.
  13. Video cameras, having it under lock and key that only an official can open...
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