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  1. Ha thanks but I'm not back, was just told about this and wanted to help out Coma. So, with Augsburg, the IBAN is an international bank number. For Augsburg, they provided me with their account numbers, and I was able to just set up a wire transfer directly into their accoutn with my Mitiglied # .
  2. Greetings, sir. I have stepped away from the forum while dealing with family things. What do you want to know good sir. the IBAN is a odd process, but I can hopefully answer any questions you may have.
  3. Eco


    I also miss the Nordiques, even though they were Quebec Rival. I'd say no to another Toronto team. The one they have sucks, they don't need another shit team in the city. I wouldn't mind a team in Hamilton or London, but certainly another Canadian team is needed. I agree. Don't doing anything is a weak man's move, and he was full of shit and a prick for nothing doing more after the meeting. Just another reason to hate the Jets.
  4. Eco


    This shocks me...really does. Wasn't it him and Coach Q who came out weeks ago and state that they knew nothing about this? If so, he should be banned from the NHL.
  5. Eco


    I agree it's odd how hard they are trying to NOT move them, but with the success of Vegas and Kraken in terms of attendance and excitement, I wonder if this might slowly change his mind that they need to move the organization to a city that actually likes hockey.
  6. Eco


    Yeah - but I just remember it so when talking about the city, it just pops into my head they were once the PHX Yotes.
  7. Eco


    Also, shockingly Habs beat the Sharks last night in San Jose...for the first time since 97 I believe. That is shocking..
  8. Eco


    Oh, and Quenneville has resigned amid the Blackhawks abuse case. Probably the end of his storied career.
  9. Eco


    They are technically in Glendale, no? They used to be called Phoenix Coyotes so I stick with that.
  10. Eco


    @Spike and @Viva la FCB Off topic from the Blackhawks woes, but how much longer do you think the NHL will stick with the Coyotes experiment. Seems like a project that won't be successful long term and I wonder just how much longer Betman is going to work his ass off on keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix.
  11. @nudge and @Coma - let it be known my original post said nothing about relegation or promotion. Just Bremen's upcoming match against the hottest team in the league, which could mean an ugly scoreline this weekend... I assumed that was obvious from my second part where I mention that knowing this league, Bremen could just as likely destroy St. pauli.
  12. But never did I mean this match's impact on the season, just on this particular day where they are up against the hottest team in the league while they on struggling as of late.
  13. St. Pauli are flying and Bremen are sinking. They could have some serious trouble with the other Hamburg team.
  14. I legit laughed out loud at this. The idea of this Augsburg in the CL...my god that puts me in stitches.
  15. Eco


    I love Toews, I do, but if you take away 2018/19, then he averages roughly 55-60pts a year. Not bad, but certainly not elite. He brings a lot more than points, and I understand that, but his point total just hasn't been up to the amount of cap hit that he takes up. I said I like Debrincat and Kubalik a lot, both are good players. Ha, I don't know what I was thinking about with Strome, so just ignore that all together, although I'm vaguely sure I was thinking of Bobby Ryan for some unknown reason. Seth Jones isn't based on this year, but his last fewColumbus years, where he was okay. Not great, certainly not bad, but not the Seth Jones we saw in those Nashville and early Columbus days. Hopefully it's a system issues and he gets his form back, as I really like the guy. I understand what you are saying about MAF, but I think feel like he's underrated. He has been pushed out of his job despite being an elite goalie for a long time. Just seems like no matter how good he is, people continue to focus on the negative aspects of his game, always has boggled my mind about that. As for the last paragraph of players, maybe so, but I think some of them haven't played enough to really understand their impact. Maybe I was harsh in my assessment in having a really poor roster, but it's not great or even playoff level, unless we see some players have some exceptional years.
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