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  1. RandoEFC

    Suso Returning to Liverpool?

    Sandro it is then.
  2. This was a great idea in theory, still could be, just sounds like the implementation was a bit shoddy, and it probably also goes to show that the demand for Serie A and La Liga probably isn't as high across the UK as it is within the bubble of this forum. If Eleven Sports do go down I don't think it's long before another company steps in and rights their wrongs with a genuine contender in the football broadcasting industry.
  3. RandoEFC

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    I think there have been bigger flops than Morata. I'm not watching the video, it might make me cry. He's been shite but at least he had a couple of purple patches for goalscoring. I think there's been worse but I don't care enough to argue so as you were.
  4. Gladbach 2-0 Nürnberg Hertha BSC 1-2 Augsburg Wolfsburg 1-1 Stuttgart Düsseldorf 1-3 Dortmund Schalke 1-0 Leverkusen Bayern 1-1 Leipzig Bremen 1-2 Hoffenheim Freiburg 1-0 Hannover Mainz 2-2 Frankfurt
  5. Nürnberg 1-2 Wolfsburg Hoffenheim 2-1 Gladbach Stuttgart 1-0 Hertha BSC Augsburg 1-2 Schalke Hannover 1-3 Bayern Düsseldorf 0-0 Freiburg Dortmund 3-0 Bremen Leipzig 2-0 Mainz Frankfurt 1-2 Leverkusen
  6. It's not a case of making room for Bernard, it's a case that Bernard offers more to the team than any of our other strikers currently.
  7. RandoEFC

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    At least he scored a few goals over his 18 months. Shevchenko came over for £30m (which is equivalent to £70m at least three days) and scored about 4 goals all season if I remember correctly.
  8. RandoEFC

    Suso Returning to Liverpool?

    Can we have a competition between Aspas, Suso, Riera, Deulofeu and Sandro for who was the most depressingly shite Spanish winger on Merseyside in the last decade?
  9. If he's actually available for £27m people should be getting all over that.
  10. RandoEFC

    Alvaro Morata Transfer Listed

    Biggest flop in the league? He's been shite but surely people remember that Shevchenko, Di Maria and Falcao also had spells in the Premier League coming in with a near world class reputation.
  11. Hopefully Dan has explained clearly enough but just in case, the skill to this competition is to put together the longest streak of correct winners without using any team more than once. Therefore if you start from week 3 for example, it's not a fair comparison with those who started in week 1.
  12. Do you have a link or screenshot? Sounds pretty embarrassing on their part. It's the media all over though. For years it's been fashionable to feed the public perception of Sterling being an entitled prick ever since he burst onto the scene at the age of 18 and it came out that he already had two kids by different girls. I've heard a lot of discussion over the weekend about this buying his mum a house thing. For ages I've just assumed that this was being brought up in his defence but now I find out it's actually being used as a stick to beat him with. Like, the people having a go at him over it, are they saying that if they had the money (For doing their job ffs not robbing a bank, or tax fraud, or even winning the lottery), they'd consider it entitled or a luxury to set their parents up for life? Absolutely bizarre and it's not even a minority, it's the accepted narrative!? Anyway, it doesn't surprise me that now public opinion has shifted in favour of Sterling after this weekend, it's only taken one day for the shittiest rags in the country to try and jump on a non-incident at a football match to make themselves look like the first to get on the anti-racism movement bandwagon.
  13. Definitely think Watford wanted it more than us tonight, worked harder and unlucky not to win. They are still cunts though, along with every other team that isn't Everton. The snakes thing was more funny than embarrassing for me.
  14. Better than a loss but still fuming at that performance. Panic substitutions from Marco as well. Why bother throwing Calvert-Lewin and Tosun on only to put Dominic on the wing so he can watch from a distance while we lump hopeful balls into Mina playing as another makeshift centre forward? Replace Gueye with Davies and at least keep some shape about the team. Another exhibit tonight of Coleman living on borrowed time. He offers next to nothing in attack now and although defensively he hasn't declined too much that was never his strength anyway. Shame but looks like he's going the way of Leighton Baines, just not got the legs to get forward and back enough to still carry a threat going forward. Time for Jonjoe Kenny to get a run of games for me so we can see if he's going to become a player for us. Mina and Keane gone from invincible in their previous appearances to shaky tonight, don't know why. Gomes faded second half when we needed him to take control of the game in that spell after half time where they got on top. Bernard and Walcott both looked sharp early on but no end product and eventually faded from the game. Bernard gets more time for me but Walcott is starting to worry me. Sigurdsson is quality but his lack of mobility was exposed tonight and Richarlison is a 21 year old who can't carry the weight of an attack where none of our wide players are offering anything from the start or off the bench on his shoulders. No need to kick off loads as it's the first season of a new regime but plenty of problems need solving.
  15. Cracking free kick, barely deserved because we've been fucking shite.