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  1. I actually haven't got around to watching it, which is unbelievable to be fair, but I've only heard good things. I really need to get round to it!
  2. Both them and Fulham coming straight back up I can't be arsed with. Utter boredom. The only thing I hope comes out of it is that Scott Parker could probably make a decent fist of management.
  3. Chelsea about to be six points behind the real mighty blues already .
  4. Agreed, people make jokes about Penaltypool when they get that one against Leeds and everyone laughed at Man Utd last weekend when Palace got that penalty but all I could see was penalties like that getting given all season and undermining decent games. Just wait until the title race or the top 4 race or the relegation scrap heats up and teams start getting smash and grab wins because of penalties like that one given today. At least on the other one slightly earlier which Richarlison was appealing for the VAR showed some common sense and didn't give it.
  5. Scruffy win. Not a great performance but the upside is that under Koeman, Martinez, Silva we never hold on there.
  6. And that one gets given. What's the difference? If the rule is that the arm/hand is in an unnatural position, then that isn't a penalty either, and nor was the Lindelof one last week or the Leeds one at Anfield on the first day. 1-2 anyway. And now the commentators are saying that it will be reviewed because Richarlison stopped in his run-up. Another stupid rule. Apparently that was technically okay. Having rules on legal run-ups for penalties though .
  7. If the Liverpool penalty against Leeds and the Palace one against Man Utd were handballs then so was that. Of course, anyone who cares about the integrity of the game shouldn't want any of the three to be awarded but if we're going to be consistent...
  8. Free header there, not good enough. What was Richarlison doing marking Michael Keane? Oh well, we knew this would be tricky.
  9. We've been a bit sloppy apart from the goal. We'll need 3 more goals to mitigate against the possibility of any Pickford interventions.
  10. No, he handled the ball in the last minute, referee didn't see it, the ball was cleared and the referee blew for full time. Then VAR reviewed the incident and said it was handball and the referee "rescinded" the full time whistle, awarded the penalty, and Man Utd scored it.
  11. I think the main controversy is whether or not you can blow the full time whistle and then change your mind. Justice was done if it was a definite penalty. But there's enough mad rules in football like you can't appeal a second yellow card that resulted in a red that it feels like blowing the final whistle might override VAR but clearly not.
  12. Could go either way. Big test for us.
  13. Need to make a new "well that didn't age well" thread out of the last 10ish posts.