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  1. Need the Pepe-Materazzi tie settled before we can move on folks.
  2. And people think Aguero is slowing down! Still under appreciated for me. I think when he's gone and you look back at his career people will realise he has to be up there with any other Premier League player for absolute class in his position. Bournemouth seem to be absolutely fucked. Seems the way the wind is blowing, not many people left who would miss them. I've been in that boat for a few seasons, mainly because of their ground being such a bogey one for us. City, really poor from them to lose 2 points in that manner. Brighton are real dark horses to be sucked into that relegation battle in my opinion.
  3. It'll be fine when we have video replays. Honestly people say we have some of the best officiating in the world which is absolutely terrifying if true.
  4. Most predictable 1-1 of the season. West Ham couldn't afford to lose that at home and we've gone there without Sigurdsson and Richarlison on top of our other midfield issues. Only saw the last ten minutes. Glad Gordon got 45 minutes, looked alright from what I saw.
  5. RandoEFC

    Off Topic

    I don't particularly want to turn 27 next week.
  6. Surely Pogba should be the new captain?
  7. RandoEFC

    2020 Vision

    Getting a proper girlfriend would be nice I suppose .
  8. RandoEFC

    Your Dream Job

    Already doing it.
  9. RandoEFC


    Wasn't expecting news like that, seems surprising as it was pretty successful? A shame .
  10. Fully expecting a draw here. I'd be surprised to see us go there and win as long as West Ham are still in their second honeymoon period. We're not exactly firing on all cylinders. I also expect us to be resilient and organised enough not to lose. A win would be great but a draw allows to maintain the momentum of recent results as we face three more winnable fixtures in the coming weeks.
  11. RandoEFC

    Isco - Premier League Bound?

    Barkley off to West Ham on loan after Chelsea realise he's bang average and go after actual footballers instead just like literally every Everton fan predicted when he left. Love a bit of karma .
  12. Any goalscorer from La Liga. If everyone's picks lose, it goes to a tie break where the person who chose a goalscorer is the winner. If more than one player chooses a correct scorer it is determined by who scored first (by minute of the game, not by which point of the weekend).
  13. Haven't seen anything from Foden to suggest he'll spend his career at a club of Man City's stature to be honest.