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  1. Exactly, I dont know why they keep trying to rush some "plan" through. Nobody can say whether it will be 4 months or 10 months before it's safe to get going again so take it as it comes like everyone else. The rush to get it done though is all about £$€¥₩.
  2. RandoEFC


    That performance from Tessa Thompson .
  3. A clinically insane and irresponsible idea.
  4. RandoEFC

    Emoji Charades

    See no evil, hear no evil but someone else can go.
  5. RandoEFC

    Emoji Charades

    Go for it.
  6. RandoEFC


    I've watched the first episode. It mainly made me realise how little of Season 2 I can remember compared to Season 1.
  7. RandoEFC

    Emoji Charades

    Footballer: 🦁🤙🧺
  8. RandoEFC

    Emoji Charades

    Puss in Boots
  9. RandoEFC


    Season 3 is up.
  10. RandoEFC

    Messiah (Netflix Series)

    Not going to lose sleep over it to be honest. I found it a bit underwhelming after the hype.
  11. RandoEFC

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    First paragraph, spot on. Second paragraph, the greater threat has always been hospital capacity getting overwhelmed. While most under 70s are not likely to die, many of them need hospital care to get through it. I don't know what the actual numbers are but if 10% of people that get it need hospital, that's probably 9% who recover and 1% who go down even with intensive care, but if too many people go in at once, many of those 9% won't get a bed and will actually die. Feel free to correct my numbers science people, just throwing rough estimates to be able to make the point.
  12. RandoEFC

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    See my post above. Germany are doing loads more testing. They're getting a lot of positive results from people with mild symptoms whereas we only test people with more severe symptoms. Therefore more official cases for Germany but not more deaths.
  13. RandoEFC

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Germany are testing a lot more than other nations. I think I read they've recorded a lot more cases as they're testing more people with mild symptoms. In the UK for example, people are only getting tested when they need further treatment, so the deaths:cases ratio is worse than Germany. That said I think they are doing a better job of containing it as well as that.
  14. RandoEFC

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I'm not here to get into a slagging match or score points against Tories. This is obviously an unprecedented time and there's no playbook on what governments should do. All I'm saying is it's not exactly reassuring when the prime minister and health secretary advising us on how not to spread coronavirus have both caught it themselves, and that their several missteps and lack of preparation when we saw what was coming in China, Italy, France and Spain gave us plenty of time to prepare yet we've made all the same mistakes as each of those countries despite the warnings from those getting those experiences in those countries first hand being readily available. I'm really not trying to stick the boot in, at least not more than is due. I'll readily acknowledge that it could have easily been caused by an irresponsible or asymptomatic journalist or staff member at number 10 that neither of them could do anything about. I have to say on the SAGE thing though, whether it was those scientists or our own government, they were idiots and they were called reckless by experts in pretty much every other country and by the WHO. They are culpable for the herd immunity theory which was debunked weeks earlier by China and Italy and barely held up to basic scrutiny for 48 hours before they back tracked on it. This isn't about that though really. All I'm saying is that our government are playing catch up because they didn't understand what they were up against for too long when they should have. This may or may not be a consequence of that but it isn't reassuring.
  15. RandoEFC

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Hmm I don't know. Like people have mentioned, shaking peoples hands at one of the hospitals where there were known coronavirus patients isn't exactly good leadership and if our government had taken the time to take this seriously at an earlier stage I think the prime minister would have known better than to do that and essentially brag about it afterwards. I also dont really know why parliament has stayed open as long as it has even if they were practicing social distancing at PMQs this week. I think the governance has been better since they really began to understand what they were up against but it took them too long to do that. They've known about the outbreak since January yet they were too busy debating whether or not to make Big Ben bong on January 31st when they could have been preparing us for this. Instead we got to early March and our government was talking about herd immunity as a viable strategy to the bemusement of the rest of the developed world. It's not exactly reassuring in any way when the two people most responsible for fighting this thing in the UK have caught it themselves but to me it isn't surprising because our government seem to have misunderstood and underestimated this virus at every turn so far and are now only just looking as if there's some sort of plan to get a handle on it.