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  1. RandoEFC

    Everton Discussion

    Sounds like they're just thrashing out final details on Gomes. 120k per week reported which is hefty but a transfer fee of £26m which the club are looking to bring down if they can is a bargain. Conflicting reports over Neres. A lot of paper talk but Alan Myers tweeting that he hasn't heard anything. All gone quiet on Sosa.
  2. Surely everyone's just going to stream it anyway.
  3. Ready for this to backfire spectacularly but I'm pretty pleased with our fixtures. A lot of winnable fixtures at the start and at the end. The biggest concern is having to play Liverpool, Chelsea, United and Arsenal in a row right before the Christmas period which could seriously fuck us around. Also got Arsenal, United, Chelsea, Liverpool in a row again in Feb/Mar.
  4. RandoEFC


  5. RandoEFC


    Yes Muzz
  6. My main issue with it was us being home on the opening day . Then I realised about the TV thing.
  7. RandoEFC

    Round 07: Canada

    Ricciardo defending was fine, but it's also true that it was worse than what Vettel did.
  8. RandoEFC

    2019/2020 Kits

    I like the new Cambridge kit myself. Dont know how it made the cut alongside Porto, Atleti and Bayern though .
  9. They won't allow that anymore. Sky have too much of a huge erection for showing split screen football and fans on the blower following scores from the other ground so they won't allow two big guns to play each other on the last day in case it turns out to be a title decider. If anyone can be arsed, go and look up the last season where two of Arsenal, United, City, Liverpool and Chelsea played each other on the last day. The probability of them all avoiding each other on the same weekend if it's done completely at random is 52% so really if it actually is random you should be seeing a clash between two of these sides on the last day about half of the time.
  10. RandoEFC

    Weirdest Person to Post on This Site

    Swifty is definitely the weirdest. Halewood, HK, 20Legend were all just very angry human beings. They were odd but it sort of made sense. Swifty just didn't make sense at all.
  11. RandoEFC

    Black Mirror

    Striking Vipers I enjoyed, got me thinking a lot about the psychology of sex and attraction on some different levels. The taxi one I found really gripping as a flat out hour of television but it wasn't really much of a Black Mirror episode so I see why people didn't like it. The Ashley O one was mildly funny in parts but overall just a bit silly. Wouldn't call it bad but it didn't really land. Overall definitely below average as far as Black Mirror goes but still enjoyed the three episodes.
  12. RandoEFC

    13 Reasons Why

    I will watch it, I was pleasantly surprised by season 2 but I don't think they'll be able to pull it off again. My prediction is that after Season 3 you'll have an internet full of people screaming that they should have let it be at Season 1 or 2.
  13. RandoEFC

    If you had the chance to

    There are quite a few actually. @Dr. Gonzo @Dan @Harvsky @Cannabis @Toinho @The Rebel CRS @nudge @Tommy @JOSHBRFC@Cicero @The Artful Dodger @LFCMike @Inverted and @LFCMadLad for a vast variety of reasons spring to mind.
  14. Perfect move for him really. Too good for a Championship loan but lacking the physicality and guile needed for a lower Premier League loan. This surely means we'll be signing a right back.