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  1. Okay, they could have told him to lift and coast instead for a few laps. The idea of them actually being below the required fuel load seems bizarre.
  2. If they're out of fuel that's a huge fuck up from Aston Martin because there was enough time in that race where Vettel could have turned the fuel mix down and not lost any time behind Ocon. This just doesn't happen so I'm inclined to believe that there was in fact enough fuel in the car. I don't know what will happen or whether there's any precedent but I imagine the team have at least some grounds to appeal the penalty.
  3. Vettel disqualified. Hamilton up to P2 and Sainz P3. Williams get 7th and 8th and Ricciardo ends up with a point. Double whammy for Aston Martin as it also boosts both Alpha Tauri cars along with Alonso giving Alpine 37 points in total. The three teams were neck and neck going into the race.
  4. Can I just ask how Raikkonen only got a 10 second penalty for an unsafe release that literally took another driver out of the race, and Bottas only gets a 5 place grid penalty for taking two cars out of the race and heavily damaging another? But nah apparently the stewards are now more interested post race in pulling up Vettel and other drivers for wearing the wrong t-shirt during the Hungarian national anthem in support of LGBT+ rights, and then Ocon has to go and see them for leaving his car at the end of the pitlane. Bore the fuck off.
  5. It's not letting me post the second half of it and I don't know why. No naughty words in there and I can't even screenshot the rest of the post because I have a new phone and I'm too lazy to look up how.
  6. Remember when Hungary was viewed as one of the worst races? Can't remember the last bad Hungarian Grand Prix. That one really took the piss. Brilliant. The Alonso Hamilton battle was one of the highlights of the last few years. People bum overtaking but there's a real art to great defensive driving that I actually think is more impressive than getting an overtake done. We've lost a lot of those battles due to DRS making overtaking easy on most tracks and midfield teams becoming overly conservative and flat-out letting faster cars past them without a fight to maximise their own race. Today we saw the perfect cocktail of DRS actually working as it should, allowing the car behind to keep up but still having to work to get the overtake done, Hamilton on one of his trademark hard charges and Alonso, who is the best current driver by far at putting his car in all the right places while skirting the line between what's allowed and what isn't. I'll maintain that Hamilton and Mercedes are lucky to be leading both championships. Hamilton drove brilliantly today as he has all season, and as Max has as well. They're both going to get the maximum out of the car on basically every lap and the difference is going to be on who makes more mistakes. You'd think given their relative experience that it would be Max but it really hasn't. Some people have been trying to establish a narrative following the Silverstone incident that Max should have been more careful but all sane analysis that I've seen has pretty much agreed that, at worse, it was a 50/50 incident where Max and Red Bull ultimately took all of the damage in terms of championship points. Outside of that incident, Lewis made major mistakes in Imola and Baku as I described earlier. Nobody can really point to a big mistake by Verstappen.
  7. I just made a massive long post which it isn't letting me submit so f.
  8. Why are you bringing Max into it? Completely undermines your point.
  9. So annoyed. Had Ocon, Vettel, Sainz in the predictions .
  10. Alonso winning the race for Alpine with this defence.
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