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  1. RandoEFC

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Scottish Tories tabling a no confidence in Sturgeon motion.
  2. Have they factored in injuries that have actually helped teams? Like how Delph has been injured for us for 500 days it's actually been a huge bonus so they should knock 500 points off our score. So when you think about it Thiago being injured all of those days for Liverpool should actually count as minus injury points and probably moves them down to about 6th place.
  3. Simply incredible. I'm just staring at this comment and trying to find words but they just don't exist.
  4. Well I do hate Liverpool and also I think that Tammy Abraham would be a cracking fit at Leicester to be fair.
  5. What's this? Assume Liverpool play about 50 games a season. You would need to have 20-21 players injured for EVERY GAME to achieve this number of games missed. I know you mean days not games but if you're trying to prove someone else is being misleading you should try to get your own numbers spot on .
  6. That would explain why there has been more injuries all round this season and might go some way to explain why there has been increased analysis into the numbers, but we all know the reason it's headline news. What I'm about to say is by no means aimed at ALL Liverpool fans or ALL Leicester fans or anything like that but surely at some point when you're arguing over which metric of injury measurement is the most or least misleading in a desperate attempt to convince everyone who'll listen that your team is the unluckiest team in the league in order to achieve god knows what, you must take a look at yourself and think "why the fuck am I spending all this time arguing about something so ridiculous?" I mean I'm a fucking massive maths nerd (see my differential tracker thread) and even I'm looking at the people who have been arsed to put these utterly pointless statistics together and I'm thinking "oh, please". Nobody in their right mind denies the horrific extent to which Liverpool have been hammered by injuries, and in the same key areas of the pitch too, but if you're going to spend so much time harping on about it and using stats that have never been deemed worth calculating in any other season to "prove" how unlucky your team have been the second anyone deigns to point out that someone else has had it pretty bad as well, then you should expect to have people taking the piss out of you.
  7. We don't have this conversation in any other season. I wonder, why oh why could it be that this year is different?
  8. Our chance of sneaking that 4th place is minuscule but it is at least in our hands due to the game in hand. Got to keep that possibility alive as long as possible. Can't afford any slip up here!
  9. Rubbish game. Had second half equaliser written all over it so relieved to come out with 3 points. Without a win here, the derby win was basically irrelevant, so this is an important result.
  10. So what's that Liverpool have had this season: most centre back pairings in the world, most games missed in total by injured players, most touches per times fouled for Mo Salah, most made up irrelevant statistics that nobody's ever heard of until they became a good excuse to distract from huge losses in form of several key players who haven't been injured this season, did I miss any? *This is mostly a wind up by the way, just in case it upsets anyone.*
  11. Decent half, nothing more. Would have liked to see us kill them in the first 30 while they were still struggling to get a real foothold.
  12. RandoEFC

    UK Politics & Brexit Discussion

    Isn't Tony Abbott the one who was hired by the UK government to advise on trade or something? There was a bit of a kerfuffle because of his chauvinistic comments in the past? This lot just fronted it out though and the media just forgot about it after a day or two.
  13. Don't know what to expect. We've clammed up in a lot of those home games that we've gone into as favourites and then ended up losing. You'd hope that the win at Anfield would help this group of players believe that they can shake off the sort of baggage that leads to us having mental blocks in certain circumstances but the home form this season has been down to more than that. Apart from the first few games of the season, we just haven't really played in a way that lets us impose ourselves on games where we should. Sigurdsson, Gomes, Davies, Iwobi have all had pretty good seasons for the most part but they're also the sort of players, along with James Rodriguez, who aren't going to give the other team hell when we're out of possession. Hopefully Allan returns tonight and makes a positive difference to the midfield in that regard. Hopefully we line up like this: Pickford Holgate Keane Godfrey Digne Allan Davies Doucoure James Calvert-Lewin Richarlison