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  1. Kick off tomorrow... @Bluewolf @...Dan @Lucas
  2. Watch us win this then lose at home to Burnley.
  3. Massive for Tottenham. Massive for this current Ajax crop too obviously but not exactly on the same level as they've won the European Cup 4 times.
  4. Saturday 20th April, 2019 Bournemouth 2-1 Fulham Huddersfield 0-1 Watford Man City 3-1 Tottenham, 12.30 Newcastle 1-1 Southampton 17.30 West Ham 1-2 Leicester Wolves 2-1 Brighton Sunday 21st April, 2019 Arsenal 3-0 Crystal Palace, 16.00 Cardiff 0-2 Liverpool, 16.00 Everton 1-1 Man Utd, 13.30 Monday 22nd April, 2019 Chelsea 2-0 Burnley, 20.00 Tuesday 23rd April, 2019 Tottenham 3-0 Brighton 19.45 Watford 2-0 Southampton, 19.45 Wednesday 24th April, 2019 Man Utd 0-2 Man City, 20.00 Wolves 1-0 Arsenal, 19.45
  5. RandoEFC


  6. The better team won. Nice to see a team actually having a go in the Champions League rather than engaging in an attritional chess match where the mildly better team eventually wins (see tonight's other tie). Hope they go all the way but one of the half decent teams will deny them.
  7. RandoEFC

    Round 04: Azerbaijan

    @nudge started it and I don't actually mind. Both are legitimate spellings, but tyres is the accepted spelling in our English so tires just looks wrong even if it's technically okay.
  8. RandoEFC

    Round 04: Azerbaijan

    People using tires instead of tyres is getting me tryggered.
  9. RandoEFC

    Sergio Aguero

    For me you're talking Shearer, Henry, Rooney for arguably being better than Aguero. I also agree that had he only done 4-5 years in the Premier League then we'd probably see it in a different light, and if Suarez had never left Liverpool he'd be firmly in the same conversation. Kane will also come into it when he reaches the latter part of his career.
  10. RandoEFC

    Formula One - General Chat

    Dramatic street races in affluent countries (bonus points for night races) > traditional races on purpose built race tracks.
  11. Entirely believable for me. I think people are forgetting how much of an ignorant and uneducated society we live in. How many people have the attention span to listen anymore if someone starts telling you about Hitler and showing you black and white videos of his rallies? The people who can string sentences together on here might but others might not. If you showed kids those videos these days with a popup link in the corner where they can go and buy the "Hitler dab" as a celebration on FIFA then they might grow up having actually heard of it.
  12. RandoEFC

    Formula One - General Chat

    They've often had a European Grand Prix to milk peak interest in F1 from a country, often that has a successful driver at the time. Most notably in Germany during Schumacher's peak years then in Valencia during Alonso's peak years. All about cash. Having a second one in China seems mad though.