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  1. Before the game the idea of a pitch invasion really rubbed me up the wrong way but the manner of that victory, I think I'll let it go. We simply had to do it like that didn't we. When we got the first goal back though I was convinced we'd do it. This season remains an absolute disgrace but time to enjoy the relief.
  2. Fucking hell. I simultaneously adore and loathe this football club with every fibre of my being.
  3. I think this is a typo but sometimes it's hard to be sure around here . Fucking hell. We can cry-arse about that decision and I absolutely support that but we've been absolutely horrendous here and comprehensively outplayed. Both goals an absolute calamity defensively. And I have no idea what Lampard was thinking picking a two man midfield of Gomes and Doucoure for a fixture of this magnitude. Gomes has been an Everton player for three or four seasons and I don't know what it looks like to see him win a tackle. Be it in the Championship or the Premier League, I can't wait to see this horrible, dysfunctional squad ripped apart and rebuilt. Where can I get a Brentford shirt for Sunday?
  4. Win tonight, or hope the team that we racially abused on Sunday will do us a favour and beat Leeds a week later.
  5. Just seen a different tweet about the completely redesigned Aston. Interesting. Mclaren are also said to have brought an upgrade worth as much as 0.5 seconds. Practice and qualifying could be interesting.
  6. Juri Vips is driving the Red Bull in FP1 (young driver practice session is now compulsory twice per season) instead of Perez. Nick De Vries is also doing FP1 in Albon's Williams. Robert Kubica is doing FP1 in Guanyu Zhou's car as well. I'd posit that this isn't a part of the compulsory young driver tests.
  7. Keane back and Godfrey potentially in the squad as well. Hopefully means we won't see a central defensive pairing involving Coleman at any point tonight. Van de Beek may also feature. Remember him?
  8. Tyler is washed. He has been for about a decade. Should have retired on Aguerooooooo.
  9. Not read everyone else's posts on that but seen the video on social media and that simply has to be a prison sentence of some description. The bloke has sprinted tens of metres to assault someone totally unprovoked. Disgraceful behaviour.
  10. All the best for this to @Rab tonight. Even if it isn't the Champions League, it's important to see the big teams from leagues that have been left behind by the big money leagues (Scotland, Portugal, Turkey, the list goes on). It's good to see the non-elite teams from the big teams like Frankfurt and West Ham involved up there as well. The worst Europa League seasons are when you get one of the big boys who messed up their Champions League group get to the Final against another reasonably big team, or a pair of teams from the same country. This one is a really good Final to be honest.
  11. Lol. Need to get your ultras to get the fireworks out if there's any left after the antics of the blue half of Merseyside the last couple of weeks.
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