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  1. Another brilliant race. Just absolutely fantastic from both drivers. It's a huge win for Red Bull as well when Mercedes looked to be edging ahead on car pace and this is one of their top stomping grounds. Next two tracks traditionally favour Red Bull but as we've seen this weekend, past form isn't necessarily going to be emulated this time around. Things looking nicer for Max now than they have been since before Silverstone.
  2. They did the halfway house thing again. Gave up several extra seconds to Max while only getting an advantage of 3 laps on tyre life. They should have just come in the following lap and tried to stay within two seconds. @MUFC
  3. Bizarre interview. He's obviously usually very eloquent but today he just kept saying he liked the team and the manager more in the last couple of years and didn't address what he's just seen. Obviously he didn't want to bash his mate but if United served that up under Moyes, Van Gaal or Mourinho it would have been both barrels and everyone watching knows it, because we've seen it on other occasions and that today was an all new low.
  4. There's a case that they could keep him for the nasty run of fixtures while they line up a replacement then give them a more comfortable run of games to get them started.
  5. As if Solskjaer still gets applauded off the pitch after that. It's all well and good staying to the bitter end to support the team but as long as Woodward and the owners get a relatively easy ride from the fanbase, nothing is going to change. There should be absolute riots inside and outside that stadium after that against your biggest rivals. Fair play to the fans who jacked it in at half time. Like I said, if you want more effort from the hierarchy to actually make a winning side again instead of selling shirts and getting retweets from transfer reveal graphics you need to put images around the world that hurt their precious brand and there's no better opportunity than today to do it.
  6. Looks like it could be a bad injury for Keita as well.
  7. Pogba about to get sent off. I thought what I witnessed at Goodison Park yesterday would be a contender for meltdown of the season or even decade. It's not even going to be the meltdown of the weekend.
  8. Any United fans still in that stadium need to give their heads a wobble now. You want to stand up to the Glazers and Woodward, let the video cameras show an empty Old Trafford to the world. Hit them where it hurts or spend another 20 years waving around your green and yellow scarves while they make billions of your club's badge.
  9. No, need United to get back to 2-4 or something so that they can delude themselves that there's life left in Solskjaer's tenure for a bit longer. Him getting sacked would be the worst possible thing for Arsenal and the rest of the league.
  10. United losing all discipline now. Half time arriving just in time but could be a red or two in this second half. The fact that so many people including respected media figures thought signing Varane, Sancho and Ronaldo would turn Man Utd into genuine title contenders just goes to show how mainstream the view that FIFA and Twitter marketing campaigns having anything to do with real football has become. I'll fully accept that I partially fell for it too so yeah, hindsight is 50/50 but. 0-4 lol.
  11. The replay of that third goal sums up these two teams. When Salah hit that shot there were four Liverpool players and four Man Utd players around the edge of the box. The first four players to react were all Liverpool players. Not even one of United's players fully on the ball ready to react. This could get ugly and I'm worried that Solskjaer won't be able to front out a 5-6 goal home defeat, which is what we're looking at here, against their greatest enemy.
  12. Admittedly I missed the first half but they were absolutely terrible from what I saw in the second.
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