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  1. The Palace Fan

    FA Cup 2018/19 Quarter-Final Draw

    Literally, Millwall would have had fights with any team... other than Brighton 😂 I'm quite happy we avoided Millwall and Brighton at this stage. I couldn't take going out to one of then when a match at Wembley is there for the winner.
  2. The Palace Fan

    FA Cup 2018/19 Quarter-Final Draw

    They literally couldn't have chosen a shitter draw for those eight teams if they tried.
  3. The Palace Fan

    Declan Rice

    You'd still choose Belarus because you're shit at football and can't be picky.
  4. The Palace Fan

    Declan Rice

    Half the young players aren't aware on their 17th birthday who they can play for. Callum O'Dowda being a case in example. He was told of his Irish ancestry after he had established himself in the Oxford home team. Ireland have really taken to him since. Declan Rice is part of a 'well known' family in the Kingston area where I grew up. His ties to Ireland are weak at best.
  5. The Palace Fan

    Crystal Palace Discussion

    What on earth must the girl sitting beside him be thinking.
  6. The Palace Fan

    Football League Predictions 2018/19

    The curse of being the only person that finds the time to do their predictions properly.
  7. The Palace Fan

    Unpopular football opinions

    He's not, but marking zonal for set pieces has failed at three clubs now and his stubborn attitude to change will be his downfall.
  8. Actually struggled with this. Guaita is brilliant, best back four outside the top six, Luka the God, POTY Andros and Wilf. They can stay. I'd go for Kante, Pogba and Griezmann. Hodgson would get the best out of Pogba.
  9. I watched quite a lot of MLS football last season and honestly the defending is worse than the majority of League Two players. The marking just isn't there. If you watch a montage of Bradley Wright-Phillips goals last season I reckon he wouldn't score about 2/3rds of them at League One level. There are clearly good indiviuals, but there's a reason why Robbie Keane loved playing over there in his later years.
  10. The Palace Fan

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    Well. There you have it. I am number one. Thank you @Storts.
  11. The one player I wanted at the start of the transfer window. Michy Batshuyai and Wilfried Zaha starting together. Building the team that Dortmund could only dream about.
  12. No. It really annoys me and it is my only criticism of CPFC2010. Under Simon Jordan's tenure we have produced Victor Moses, Nathaniel Clyne, Wilfried Zaha and Ben Watson amongst others. The only notable player that has progressed since is Aaron Wan Bissaka who only got his opportunity when we have 13 or so injuries. It's frustrating because as a fan base we really get behind people that get the club. Josh Maja for example would have been loved and cherished being a Croydon lad who went to the other end of the country to make it as a professional footballer, but Roy publicly says he's never heard of him and he ends up in France.