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  1. By year... 11 - Wayne Roones vs City 12 - Papiss Cisse vs Chelsea 13 - Patjim Kasami vs Palace 14 - Wayne Rooney vs West Ham 15 - Matty Phillips vs Palace 16 - Dele Alli vs Palace, or Caroll vs Palace, or Giroud vs Palace, or Payet vs Palace. You can see a pattern developing here of us getting spanked. 17 - Emre Can vs Watford 18 - Andros Townsend vs Man City 19 - Vincent Kompany vs Leicester For me, I'd go for Wayne Rooney against Man City. First game I saw in 3D. Remember when that was meant to be the future of football? What a goal that was.
  2. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    Yeah, pretty surprised that came after his left wing performance! Hes in my 12 month minimum hold category at the minute. European football next season, more game time, growing market. Only one way hes heading.
  3. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 7-8th December, 2019

    If Craig Pawson is to referee a heated fixture, he needs strong officials to support him, not somebody who appears to have agenda due to his sheer arrogance.
  4. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 7-8th December, 2019

    Just seen this... I'm lost for words. It's literally clowns running a circus.
  5. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 7-8th December, 2019

    This happens every year we play at Watford. It amazes me that they're still allowed to get away with it when they've admitted previously to doing this. There obsession with Zaha is weird. The sooner these blokes get relegated the better it is for English football. It's only to get worse with Pearson in charge too. Absolute disgrace that Martin Atkinson was allowed to referee this game after what happened at The Emirates. He clearly has an agenda against Wilfried Zaha from the yellow card for diving that was later converted to a penalty after a VAR intervention.
  6. Unfortunately I think the trust in Marco Silva is not there. Even if a positive result tonight occurs, I reckon the fans will be ready to pounce on negativity that arises on Saturday. The owners could minimise the risk of this by making a statement on what they're seeing in training, how they believe results will follow etc. but they wont as there communication is unfortunately like 80%+ teams in the sense that it's under par.
  7. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 3-5th December, 2019

    Jesus didn't we deserve that
  8. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 3-5th December, 2019

    "Alexxa, what do we think of Anthony Taylor?".
  9. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 3-5th December, 2019

    According to PL.com you are right. What is that commentator going on about 😂Outrageous that it still stands. The officials in this country are absolutely shocking.
  10. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 3-5th December, 2019

    VAR didn't review it. He gets the ball. Hes got eyes for the ball. It's a contact sport. What's he meant to do? It's not even a tackle, it's a clearance. As incompetent as Taylor is as a human, theres no way hes not reversing that decision if hes allowed the opportunity to do so.
  11. The Palace Fan

    Other Matches - 3-5th December, 2019

    He gets the ball. No way if VAR is introduced over the pitch that stands.
  12. Ancelotti would be there best shout. Hes not going to last much longer at Napoli and hes got the credentials to shut up the toxic fan base.
  13. The Palace Fan


    Caught up on Survivor Series week. I must say, despite my initial criticisms I feel that WWE have played out this invasion angle very well. When Rhea Ripley, Keith Lee, Tomasso Ciampa, Shayna Baszler and Adam Cole move to another brand they'll be ready to feud with Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan etc straight away because of it.
  14. The Palace Fan

    The Apprentice

    About two minutes in you could tell Thomas would get fired. I thought Marianne was ok, but her business plan sounded very confusing even for the insurance industry so I'm guessing she was always on a tight rope. I was a little surprised by the criticisms towards Pamella. I hope she excels as a leader next week.