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  1. The opening 20 minutes was the best start we've made so far. We were playing out the back more comfortable, we competed well, we stopped Liverpool in open play, we had our chances and we were a threat. The annoying thing was that we were outdone by 3 set pieces. Jairo being responsible for two. I think long term he will be more attacking CM as he had good energy going forwards but he lacks intensity and focus. I didn't agree with MOTD analysis on Milner. I thought he was lucky to stay on the pitch. Him and Henderson had a couple of cases for yellow cards as Liverpool with the tactical fouls. Unfortunately Andy Maddeley is just one of many referee's not competent enough to be a professional. Next week against Brighton is quite definitive to judge where we are at. 2-2-2 would look pretty good given out fixtures and the transition were in.
  2. Second series will suck.
  3. @LucasAs I've been saying, Bielsa is nothing more than Ian Holloway on a bucket.
  4. I have had the privilege of watching him live and he spent the game being shut out by Danny Granville.
  5. It is what it is. We've been progressive, we've had our chances, we've just lost to a better team.
  6. I know it's very early, but this new Wigan team seem to have gelled very quickly and Lee Johnson has been able to mould Sunderland in to a team he's happy with. That last spot could be a lottery given there's about ten teams who thought they had a realistic chance of automatic promotion and none of them are vying a playoff spot at present. Could be a very interesting season in League One that's proving to be more difficult to get out of than The Championship in recent seasons.
  7. Man City's average attendance didn’t drop below 26,500 between 1997-2000 when they were in the second and third tier which is extremely good. Have to feel for those fans at times like this.
  8. The last three fixtures against Liverpool have been extremely underwhelming so I'm expecting a massive improvement in that regard.
  9. Twitter's outraged again. This time over "The Plane Ride From Hell", you know, that thing that happened almost 20 years ago which got settled out of court. All of this woke and cancel culture in the Wrestling Twitter community feels so fake at times.
  10. God knows what ideas Vince Russo would have pitched to him in the alleged "golden years" of TNA.
  11. Given CM Punk hasnt wrestled since January 2014 before arriving in AEW, I don't think it's in anybody interest to throw him straight in to the main event.
  12. Huge relief. They seem to be getting along just fine.
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