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  1. He will always be a club legend for what he's done on the pitch in the last ten years. I'm still not fussed if he goes. The board have shown with their transfer targets this summer that they can invest the money wisely.
  2. James McCarthy has to be the best three million we have ever spent.
  3. West Brom have capitulated just before half time.
  4. I'm not fussed either way if the wages are reasonable. I havent been impressed with his actions towards us and Neil Warnock in the past but at the end of the day football is a business and if we can find a common ground that benefits both parties then so be it.
  5. The Palace Fan

    Alexander Sorloth - RB Leipzig

    It sounds like we've agreed on a 50/50 split with Trabzonspor and an announcement of him signing with Leipzig is imminent.
  6. The Palace Fan

    saying G'day

    Welcome! Opinions on Nathan Jones?
  7. Wilfried Zaha mark two in the making here. Really hope for his sake that Villa go down.
  8. The Palace Fan

    GAFFR Championship Fantasy League

    Had a touch with Estupian not playing as Matty Pearson came in for nine points
  9. The Palace Fan

    Alexander Sorloth - RB Leipzig

    This has got incredibly complex. My understanding in simplistic terms is as follows... Dougie Freedman unearthed possible gem in January 2018. He started off well. Roy for whatever reason alienated him to the point where he looked out of place against Grimsby Town a year later. We loaned him out to Trabzonspor on a two year loan where Trabzonspor have an option to buy. At the time we were quite frankly glad to see the back of him. In Turkey he has looked a class above everybody else to the point where he has been loosly linked to every other club in Europe. Crystal Palace realised they had a player on their hands and tried to get him to come back during Covid. Sorloth flat out refuses to work with Roy Hodgson again and stayed in Turkey to finish the season. RB Leipzig have come forward with genuine interest Naagelsman sees him as a genuine replacement for Timo Werner but if they don't sign him now they will look elsewhere. Crystal Palace have tried to negotiate a recall with Trabzonspor who have said no as they'll look to activate his transfer clause next summer when their finances improve. This has infuriated Sorloth who has decided not to return to Turkey after international duty. Its now emerged that Trabzonspor only have a buy clause of around 6m IF Sorloth plays 50% of games in his second season. Meaning they don't actually have a leg to stand on. Crystal Palace are trying to negotiate a fee with Trabzonspor for the loan to be terminated so Sorloth can join Leipzig for around 20m. We tried to push 26m but Leipzig threatened to walk. This suggests to me the transfer is pretty much agreed between the two clubs. Then another spanner in the works is that Tottenham are now interested in signing him this summer too as a backup for Harry Kane. Trabzonspor need to be very careful as they could end up with a player refusing to play and no money. It is without a doubt the most complex and bizarre transfer ordeal I can remember us having in our history. I can see this playing out as Leipzig set a formal deadline and Trabzonspor and Palace thrash out a deal for the loan to be terminated. I hope Leipzig lose their patience soon so we will have time to use the funds to accumulate more signings. Its bonkers to think that Sorloth funds could potentially go a long way to funding the signing of a player as technically good as Benrahma but that's a possibility at the minute.
  10. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    And unsurprisingly a lot of people panicked and Harry Kane went last night for £3.30. Surely as a company with a billion pound cap in two years ambition they foresaw something like this happen? We have seen on multiple occasions in the last year how people on the platform react to fear and scare mongering. I havent logged on for over a week now and don't intend too for the rest of the month due to the lack of stability. I have no doubt it will bounce back but the enjoyment factor is getting sucked out the product for me. You make all your money on the back of announcements as opposed to football knowledge which is a real problem. Im getting bored of seeing "There will never be a better time to invest" tweets every month because of how the company has influenced the market. People are going to log on today and realise they would have been better off signing up today as opposed to any time in 2020 as all the prices have pretty much been reset. It cannot be a good look or inspire confidence long term.
  11. Cant help but feel this makes the big reveal even more likely...
  12. The Palace Fan

    Troy Deeney

    Well football punditry has definitely improved in recent years.
  13. The Palace Fan

    Wigan Athletic Go Into Administration

    I do really worry for them long term. Not only have they lost the core in Dunkley, Morsy and Kipre for rather measly prices but the likes of Jacobs haven't had their contracts renewed. Not to mention the next wave of talent have been snapped up elsewhere. Evans and Garner must have looked round the dressing room at the start of the month and wondered how they'll get a squad together.
  14. The Palace Fan

    FC Brentfjord - Road to Relegation

    Any worry of a near miss hangover for Thomas Frank after yesterday, Danny?