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  1. The Palace Fan

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    We've allegedly offered Danny Loader a contract. Palace fans are going mad about his potential, i can guarantee those raving about him only know him from FM.
  2. I'm surprised Leicester didnt ask for the game to be played at Selhurst Park given our home form.
  3. Clearly the title is only on loan to Liverpool.
  4. Leicester on the beach already. Never fear. Im sure Roy will play 3 DMs against you on Saturday.
  5. Give Steve Bruce an 8 year contract.
  6. Bournemouth are down. Thank God.
  7. The Palace Fan

    Wigan Athletic Go Into Administration

    Theres also the ongoing issues around whether Derby County, Sheffield Wednesday or Birmingham City will be getting point deductions. Id be hesitant to inflict such a punishment during a global crisis.
  8. The Palace Fan


    I thought about it but hes had several long periods of leave even during the peak of his career thats hindered him. He doesnt need to do backflips to be one of the greatest story tellers WWE have had for a very long time. Blasphemy.
  9. People put too much of an emphasis on playing a certain way. People go on about the nice football that Norwich play but we have still scored more goals than them. Neil Warnock will help them cut the cloth and offer stability whilst progressing the young players at the same time. It's a shrewd move. Everybody wanted Woodgate to do well but he was just out of his depth.
  10. @Dan - I think we could be in trouble as early as next season. To get to where we are we have relied on the likes of McArthur, McCarthy, Cahill etc to play to their full capacity. Theres no guarantee they can do that next season. Our saving grace is that there will be another 11 shit teams in this divison. - Ideally Wilfried would have gone last summer, but we couldnt let him and AWB go in the same window. Selling AWB made more sense. I think the summers before he was too influential to the way we played. It is frustrating being linked to Traore, ASM, Sarr and seeing them tear it up elsewhere. I imagine a similar situation happening with Chouiar. - Luka has had better seasons than this one. The standard bearer has been Gary Cahill. Somebody i didnt want us to sign - It looks like we havent done any forward planning since the FA Cup final really. That was four seasons ago now. It sounds like we set out to do that in January but none of the moves materialised. We have signed Nathan Ferguson which is a major step in the right direction and it could be our right back position set for about ten years. Im actually quite positive about how we approach the next transfer window as our penny pinching for the last three years has put us in a good financial position to take advantage of what could be some very big cut prices.
  11. Id argue we are not good to watch away either. Yesterday summed up every reason why Roy Hodgson has a ceiling and at 9th we have hit it. We played with three defensive midfielders against a Burnley side, who usually have less off the ball than ourselves, and were missing several key players. We had the opportunity to make five substitues against a team that cannot realistically make more than one, but we chose to make two. He STILL doesnt pick Max Meyer or Jairo Riedewald in a game where we should have more of the ball. He doesnt encourage us to attack until its far too late. Its no secret we need a massive overhaul very soon. My worry going forwards is that the objectives of Parish, Freedman et al. clash with the preferences of Roy Hodgson. Today we find out if we can have a Cat A academy, yet after the Liverpool thrashing we have a Manager who suggests an academy player should feel honoured to play eight minutes. What young player in their right mind will want to play for us? Theres no path way to the first team at all. AWB only got a chance because we had 10+ injuries. When you think he now plays for Manchester United that id absolutely mad. His refusal to play players signed by Dougie Freedman have been on going for two years. Yes, Roy is a safe pair of hands, but theres going to be a point where its not best for the future of the club. When that time comes, Steve Parish is going to have to make a difficult decision. Id argue it could have come this summer if we didnt have such a crap January transfer window.
  12. The Palace Fan


    Hogan? No chance. BLM would take it down. I respect Cena's dedication but he hasnt influenced the business like others have.
  13. The Palace Fan


    Undertaker and HBK are definites. The other two are up for debate. HHH, Flair, Austin, Rock and Kane all deserve to be in contention. Randy Orton when he retires will be up there. Excellent consistency over 16+ years and a phenomenal story teller.