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  1. Did you listen to the Under the Cosh podcast? Once Carver, Stone, Woodman etc all found out they were getting full pay offs they couldn't wait for the season to end. Woodman's wife cried when Ashley wanted to keep him on.
  2. Surprised Everton fans don't like him. To an outsider the way he's forced himself in to Ancelotti's plans has been admirable.
  3. The Palace Fan


    Think the best they can hope for is Kurt Angle. Albeit he is already in the Hall of Fame. The names outside the Hall of Fame (other than Punk and Lesnar who I cannot see joining right now) are all a bit meh.
  4. Improvement season on season too. Pep could never.
  5. I've removed my post after reading that. That's really shit.
  6. The Palace Fan


    Seeing Cody has baited up that irritating clout chaser has made my morning.
  7. The Palace Fan

    The Royal Family

    Can't find a thread on all that's going on at the minute with Meghan Markle and The Royal Family. Unsurprisingly I take a very simple view to the whole thing. Are the criticisms Meghan and Harry have towards the media in the UK fair? Definitely, yes. Are the criticisms Meghan and Harry have towards The Royal Family fair? More than likely, yes. Are the criticisms The Royal Family have towards Meghan Markle fair? More than likely, yes. I don't see anybody coming out of this looking good. The sooner everybody realises this the better. Meghan's comments open up more criticisms of her character, the Royal Family's responses fall far below the standard they regard themselves in and the media keep digging himself a hole with every article written about Meghan. As somebody whose been in a similar position to Meghan and Harry in regards to miscarriages I am worried about her vulnerabilitys being exploited at the minute. She got pregnant very quickly again after that horrible order and all the attention she's recieved (and inviting on herself at present) makes me believe she hasn't had an opportunity to greive.
  8. The Palace Fan


    NXT is moving to Tuesday's. Hopefully this leads to a change in philosophy. You can't seemingly have a show that puts a ceiling on others and grow a third brand at the same time.
  9. The Palace Fan


    I wouldn't say he carried Raw. That said, I wish they gave him the title in 2018 for a short run though as a reward for his heel work. I've never looked at him the same way since that god awful stuff with Shane McMahon. Really halted him.
  10. I love podcasts, but I think the thing I love most about podcasts is that anybody worth their salt in the industry has one and I no longer have to listen to drivel from people like Jim White, Adrian Durham and Alan Brazil who frequently come across as idiots.
  11. The Palace Fan

    Paul Cook Confirmed as New Ipswich Manager

    I think it's a very good appointment. He comes across as passionate, enthusiastic and intelligent. They seem to have a lot of players at Ipswich that can improve so it will be interesting to see where they will be in a couple of years time.
  12. The Palace Fan

    Football Manager 2021 - Discussion Thread

    Of course they wait until 13:15 on deadline day to derail my season the vultures.
  13. The Palace Fan

    Football Manager 2021 - Discussion Thread

    What a find he turned out to be. £450 from a University to £50,000,000 Arsenal star in eight years.