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  1. Bruce > Rafa. I love that him and Roy are making a mockery of Xg.
  2. Amazed they're written him off so early in to his time there.
  3. Bloke would slide tackle a missile.
  4. Erling Haaland gives me Brock Lesnar vibes.
  5. I never once thought we would get thrashed today. The only time I thought we would have been beaten was when the second goal went in. It's been a pretty surreal season. Gary Cahill has been the signing of the summer as far as I'm concerned. His impact on a free has quite frankly been phenomneal. Its even more impressive when you think nobody expected it. Oh and Roy performing a tactical masterclass over Pep again....
  6. The Palace Fan


    Marty Scurll staying with ROH on WWE wages as the head booker His popularity could go a long way to restoring their popularity.
  7. The Palace Fan


    Tessa Blanchard.
  8. The Palace Fan

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    I dont think him and Neil Harris get along.
  9. The Palace Fan


    Impact went ahead and put the title on Tessa. How very TNA of them.
  10. The Palace Fan

    Football Manager 2020

    Did a season with AFC Wimbledon: - Aimed to avoid relegation. - Felt like a bad season but had two purple patches which led to a 10th placed finish. Three points off the playoffs. - Created a good relationship with Brentford which has led me to cherry picking their better B side players. - Sold our academy gem Paul Kalambyi to Sheffield United, which has financed the move to the new ground. A big overhaul is needed in the summer as I want players that can play a high pressing game. Its going to be a lot of loans as we cant afford too many agent fees.
  11. The Palace Fan


    I thought everybody knew she was an arse? Either way, that tweet was terrible timing given she must have known she would get heat for it.
  12. I apologise wholeheartedly to anybody whose had to watch us this season.
  13. Ah, the guy who has said on more than one occasion hes very happy not to have joined us. Brilliant. I dont begrudge one minute for choosing Everton given there ambitions, but there was no need to make those comments multiple times. Just based on those grounds I'd rather have given a Karlan Grant or a Lyle Taylor an opportunity. They cant be any worse than our strikers. Given our strikers returns in recent seasons, if he can score half a dozen he would be worshipped as a God.
  14. The Palace Fan


    I hope there's some truth to the NJPW American company if they're not going to collaborate with ROH or AEW long term. Always enjoyed Osprey, Sabre, GOD etc in ROH and if we can see them with appearances from the likes of Tanahashi and Okada then happy days. You didn't miss anything from what I remember. I enjoyed the Jericho/Jungle Boy show as they put talent over and there was a lot of decent matches, but the majority of the internet absolutely slated it. There was a sketch where somebody noticed blatant fake punches that was blown all out of proportions. ---- On a side I called BT Sports to see what they could do with my package. As a loyal customer of 6+ years they sorted me BT Sports, multi room, BT app and Entertainment HD whilst reducing my monthly payments. Probably the best customer service I've ever had. AEW really need to sort out this deal with ITV they have. It could have been absolutely massive for them, but showing it on a Friday evening must cost them so much viewers. By that time everyone has just streamed it. Despite my initial scepticism BT Sports are absolutely owning it with there WWE coverage.
  15. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    People have been pumping James Justin @Dan on Twitter Dan. I cannot believe how some people have become so influential on Twitter in a growing market. Youd have to be pretty unlucky to buy somebody who doesn't go up at some point in 12 months.