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  1. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    I think the last one is a fraud to be honest.
  2. Great - Raheem Sterling. No point being brave. Played a more central role in pre season, scoring for fun, improving every game, and about to become the poster boy for Euro 2020. His change from boy to man has been fascinating and long may it continue. Flop - Aston Villa. Just a Fulham that have signed shitter players. Surprise - Andriy Yarmolenko. Back from injury to make a impact for West Ham. If he can produce his previous form then West Ham are laughing.
  3. Yep, start bad and finish well. Only problem is that this season our final three games are Spurs, Wolves and United. So we will need to pull our finger out a little earlier than usual to stay up.
  4. Playing them next week should hopefully be a different kettle of fish to be fair. The atmosphere yesterday was phenomenal and the players were more up for it than ever before given its there first Premier League game in over 12 years. They drew to Rafa's Liverpool in the same circumstance 13 years ago. Aston Villa at home is the big one this month for us. Lose that and we could be in trouble.
  5. Theres never going to be a more difficult time to play Sheffield United so I'm not reading anything in to that performance at all.
  6. That's very harsh on Sam Allardyce. His knowledge around sports science is impeccable. Hes been ahead of the trend in regards of technological advances since 2001 too.
  7. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    I thought this, but when you think Dominic Solanke, Romelu Lukaku, Alvaro Morata etc would have been popular... maybe not
  8. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    I stepped up from £400 to £600 recently. Currently just over £100 ROI. That's not including the £50+ from the summer promotion. The Good: - Got fortunate that the PB matrix changes went my favour. Bought Saint-Maximin and Pepe two weeks before then sold just after the announcement on big profits. - Predicted the rush for IPD in GKs. The Bad: - Sat out the IPO's under the advice of gimps on Twitter. - I have a terrible knack of selling too late. Got Bruno Fernandes and Ryan Sessegnon as long term holds now. Going forwards I'm trying to only take on players under 70p. Preferably under 50p. I only have £25 per player it's better to look for players I can get 60+ shares in. Youd be proud to hear @...Dan I got Reims Predrag Rajkovic for 24p.
  9. The Palace Fan


    Perry Saturn was given that gimmick as a punishment for legitimately attacking Mike Bell during a match. The irony is that Perry Saturn went from being on superstars to appearing on Raw and Smackdowm every week because of the good reaction he got with moppy. So in a way it worked out well.
  10. I was hoping the emoji was enough to show I wasnt being serious As I previously said, the stats dont cover how often he was out of position. If we had a forward with pace he would have been in a world of trouble. Having players alert around him saved his bacon. His yellow card summed him up. If you want to progress you need better players. It was frustrating for us that Hodgson bought on Wickham as it made life very easy for him. Camarasa could have fried his brain. But if we have to pay 15m for 20 appearances maybe that was a decision out of Roy's hand. I'm quite surprised about your comments that you think it will take up to November to get up to speed. Your fixtures to begin with are lucious. Will Marco Silva even get up to November if you dont take advantage of it? Sam and Koeman wouldn't.
  11. @RandoEFC his positioning was poor at times. Hes very fortunate to be surrounded by better players. Well done on winning the transfer window again, I'm sure it will mean a lot when you finish ninth and about seven points ahead of us.
  12. The story of the game is that both of these teams are exactly the same as last season. Everton rely too heavily on Andre Gomes and they have players that are not up to the level that they require to improve. They started off well but when Andre Gomes came off we took the game to them. The new lad in midfield was not ready for the pace of the Premier League (Benteke was taking the ball off of him!!). Whilst Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Yerry Mina both showed themselves not to be at the required level throughout the game. Schneiderlin I imagine will get a bollocking for his petty yellow cards too. As for us, we were on the back foot relying heavily on the professionalism of our defence until Andre Gomes went off. After that we took the game to Everton but didnt have that final killer spark to convert a chance. Roy made his subs late, and chose to bring on Wickham instead of Camarasa which is just classic Roy of last season. Based on today's performance, both teams to have very similar seasons to the last.
  13. This is the best analogy I have seen for our transfer window.
  14. 1. Man City - Theyve strengthened which is terrifying. 2. Liverpool - I cant see them keeping up the momentum of last season. 3. Spurs - They look far better equipped than last season. 4. Arsenal - There collapse last season may have benefitted them as theyve really highlighted there weaknesses. 5. Chelsea - I expect there transfer ban to be overturned and there to be a good atmosphere for once. 6. Man United - Theres a lot "fingers crossed this works" going on to expect them to be a top four club. 7. Everton - They just win transfer windows and flatter to decieve so I wouldnt be surprised to see them lower. 8. Leicester - They're building a good squad. A shame they couldn't sign a center back which is why I dont think theyll be higher. 9. Southampton - Great pre season. Finished last season well. Going back to there old ethics. I wouldnt very surprised if they finished 7th. 10. West Ham - I can see fans turning on Pellegrini if they dont make top eight. I can see them fluctuating between 8th and 13th all season. 11. Burnley - Apparently Burnley fans are unhappy with Sean Dyche, which sounds great as I want him to take over at Palace once Roy retires. But as that's what I want it means theyll have a good season. 12. Wolves - Europa League will hurt them but I think there fans expect it. Just fingers crossed for Nuno to board recognise it. 13. Watford - Theyve added more flair and creativity without doing there usual "sign 12 players". 14. Bournemouth - I know there fans expected more but they kept key players and added to there team. Cant see them being drawn in to the relegation battle. 15. Crystal Palace - Unhappy Zaha, no Striker. Weve bulked the team up but without investment it's not looking good. 16. Brighton - Potter trying to revamp the whole playing style in a short period of time is a big ask but if they persevere it could work. 17. Norwich City - Doesnt seem like a very good transfer window but we cant forget how good they were at times last season. I cant see them staying up more than 2 seasons if they penny pinch again though 18. Sheffield United - I expect them to battle bravely but ultimately not being good enough. 19. Newcastle United - Someone has got to go down with the new clubs and this seems like it could be a McLaren scenario. 20 Aston Villa - They're just a Fulham signing more players of less quality.
  15. The Palace Fan

    Wilfried Zaha - Winger Hands In Transfer Request

    Sky reckon hes handed in a transfer request. I hope one of the ITKs shoots this down. To do this a day before the window closes really takes away the special bond he has with the fans.