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  1. Everton first. Given they'll probably win the transfer window again it could be the worst time to play them. December is going to be a massive month for us. Given how fickle modern football is it wouldn't surprise me if we get a new manager just before then for the managerial effect. Regarding Amazon, I'm not too bothered just because Amazon Prime is awesome and Sky is a massive rip off. However a PL service that works like the NFL, Disney, WWE services is the way forwards. The £10-£15 a month across the world would make them a fortune. Companies like Amazon are using football as a pawn to sucker in a generation to think Amazon us a part of every day life and that cannot be good long term for a sport.
  2. The Palace Fan


    I wasnt really looking forward to it. I think after seeing what's happened with War Raiders, EC3, Sanity etc has affected my enthusiasm towards NXT. But you're right, it delivered. I didn't expect Cole or Baszler to win but they were both surprising in a good way. All the matches hit expectations. It was a real good advertisement for a brand that needs to be good with the birth of AEW.
  3. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    I'm a bit annoyed you cant trade abroad. If somebody like De Ligt transfers whilst I'm away at the end of the month i could end up losing serious money.
  4. The Palace Fan


    Well it guarantees The Young Bucks will appear for AAA again and they'll lose to a team that will get a good reception. From a political stand point it makes sense. Im surprised they're not doing Moxley against Omega next given how well Moxley's debut has gone down. Over time I reckon he will get exposed in AEW so it may be best to milk him now whilst hes shit hot.
  5. The Palace Fan


    That was ridiculous. 53 minutes we waited for a match and it involved Shane McMahon.
  6. The Palace Fan


    I didn't mind The Young Bucks / Lucha Bros outcome to be honest. It sets up the match with Cody and Dustin for the next show nicely and I dont think Lucha Bros have signed an exclusive contract as of yet so giving them the win would have been rather risky. SCU were great though. With the talk of Gallows, Anderson, Revival and possibly even The Usos having an eye on the company when there contracts expire I was worried they may get pushed aside very quickly, but that performance shows that shouldn't happen. The tag team division is already quite bulky but they look capable of still holding their own. Cody Rhodes may not be the most technically gifted, but my word he is a great story teller. I quite like seeing a mix of styles throughout a card which is why I enjoyed him so much in Ring of Honor. I know they go on about being different but there is a time and a place to use WWEs story telling style and two thirds of the way in to the card was it. I dont think the show was as good as people are making it out to be on Twitter. Then again they could have had Kenny Omega wrestle a tree for three hours and people on Twitter would have been praising it. The production felt very similar to WWE and some of the commentary at times was actually very poor. However the majority of wrestling was good, some new characters to the mainstream market got some very good exposure (MJF, Best Friends etc) and they achieved their goal for the show. I will say that though thank god they signed a well known name in the Western Market in Jon Moxley. Before that I was feeling a little underwhelmed at the lack of surprises.
  7. The Palace Fan

    The Conundrum - Is WWE Fake?

    It's more of an entertainment show than wrestling. The stunts are impressive, I have respect for what people have to go to become successful out of it, and the scripted element of it keeps people interested. I don't watch Game of Thrones, Eastenders etc because the thought of watching a program where half the characters appear to be incestual doesn't interest me in the slightest. Watching a scripted show with a competitive nature behind it does. I dont spend my life telling others they're sad for watching those shows which is why I'm suprirsed WWE still has this taboo around it.
  8. The Palace Fan


    There was one dig at WWE but other than that it was fine. The dig itself was a bit too budget and came across as quite cringeworthy to me. The matches however were very good.
  9. The Palace Fan

    Eddie Howe's Bournemouth

    Liverpool have valued Harry Wilson at 25 mil. So I imagine Bournemouth are preparing a bid of 45 mil at the minute.
  10. The Palace Fan


    I agree with all of that to be fair. I think the Brock decision and the wildcard rule have come about because of the present raitings. However, they're suffering now because of the decision making process that's expanded for years. People aren't deciding to not watch Raw because Rollins is a bad champion, or because AJ Styles isn't interesting, or because Becky isn't doing well. Its years of part time Champions, years of people past their prime getting main event opportunities, years of glass ceilings being placed in front of popular talent. No matter how many times we are told change is coming we know they always revert back to the same bullshit. I guess though the network, sponsors, event organisers etc who pay WWE the big bucks dont see it like that. All there graphs will show that when Brock is there raitings are on the increase, as are when they bring back a fossil from the attitude era. It's this short termism approach I reckon that hinders the company in the long run. Fox for example will no doubt be delighted to have Brock Lesnar back. The only long term positive from MITB is the mental freedom they gave Ali, Andrade, Ricochet and McIntyre suggests to me that they are all rated highly. Oh, and the one thing that did annoy me at MITB. Them referring to the next Saudi show as good or bigger than Wrestle Mania. I mean what the actual fuck What a way to piss on the last 35 years. You cant claim to be leading the way in a female sports evolution with statements like that. I do hope people refuse to stream Double or Nothing and pay the PPV price for it. They've got a chance to be on ITV long term in the UK which is mad. Better exposure than WWE now have with BT Sport (arguably bigger than Sky too as Sky never really pushed it). Theres a real chance to shock the industry here. WWE may make more money with their tours of Saudi Arabia but not having a grip in the major Western countries would really irritate them.
  11. The Palace Fan


    I thought the unpredictable ending to last nights show was great but the internet seems to have had a break down
  12. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    A lot of the more vocal players on Twitter have lost it over the recent positional changes. They all say "I'm still up by a couple of hundred this weekend but ..... " and then tweet Football Index asking to be refunded for their losses this weekend
  13. The Palace Fan

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka - Palace Defender Moving?

    If I was a top six club I would take the asking price for Bissaka but not Zaha. Van Aanholt has all the attributes you want for a modern day wing back. Hes quick, good at going forward, tackling. I imagine he will settle for a backup/rotation role which will appeal to all top six clubs with good left wing backs. His big issue is consistency. He is always brilliant in the last third of the season and average for the first two. Which seems to be a trend for 5/6 years. I can see us losing one of Bissaka, Luka, Van Aanholt or Zaha this summer. If Zaha wants to go he will have to force the move as his asking price will be significantly higher than the others. I imagine of the four the one to go will be Bissaka due to Zahas asking price.
  14. The Palace Fan


    Managed to land these tickets. Cant rotate the image because Rab cant handle the quality of my phone. The show started off 10/10. Then it went to an 8/10. Then before you knew it we didn't see Bekcy, Bayley or Rusev and we were watching 205 live. They did this weird thing where Charlotte walked to the ring. Got an absolutely brilliant reception because in the UK we love her. Then the lights went black and they played some feel sorry for Becky video, and we never saw her again. Pissed me right off. How can you have such a hot commodity and not even let her say something. Confused the audience and the crowd went flat after that. Which I imagine will show on the televised show.