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  1. Yeah I said in another thread I can see him being a shoe in for Arsenal this summer.
  2. Isak and Odegaard did pretty well at Sociedad together plus Juve want to sell his international team mate Kuluveski. Get them two plus somebody like Svanberg as a squad CM and be every Scandinavian chick's favourite football club.
  3. The most talented player they could realistically get to play that role.
  4. Juventus do need another striker given how injury prone and wantaway both Dybala and Morata are. I thought they'd end up with Sassuolo bloke in all honesty. Scammaca? Given the size of the fee I wonder if there's any truth in the rumour Kuluveski may be off.
  5. If we were to go down in the next two to three seasons it would be naive to assume its because we didnt keep Cahill, McCarthy and Roy Ball.
  6. You're surely not being serious? The changes in the last 12 months have been radical in almost every department.
  7. They're putting games on the 15th and 16th of February. They just haven't officially announced them yet. Manchester United are one of the teams that will be playing.
  8. I remember they went through a phase where the ex-Brentford bloke Andy Scott was there and people were praising the signings. He left just before the FA Cup final.
  9. It would be great to see Blackburn back in the Premier League. Great kits, great fans, great Gamst Pedersen. Overall a great club.
  10. From memory the approach came after they pointed to research that suggested a coaching regime would have its most successful period within the first nine months. Its not an approach I'd want my club to take but if its bought them relative success as you've pointed out let them crack on with it.
  11. I really rate him from what I've seen this season and his ceiling could be a top six club. It would take a period of adapting given Fulham play a possession based 4-2-3-1 and he naturally drifts in to the number 10 role even if he's out wide but I was impressed with how Harvey Elliot adapted his game to be a CM that drifted out right to link up Trent and Salah before his injury.
  12. Seems like the perfect Burnley player for when they lose Tarkowski.
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