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  1. Im really disappointed about this. Not because he lacks consistency, but because he outed himself previously as a homophobic when he supported Idrissa Gueye the week that Jake Daniels outed himself as a gay footballer. It's one thing when you have already signed a player in that position, but to actively spend millions on a player like this when you consider all the community work the club does, it's a real shitty move. I've always been proud of the fact that for generations Crystal Palace have regularly been giving opportunities to young black footballers and as a football club we have taken a zero stance on discrimination. We have presented ourselves with an image of representing about our community for decades and its something i have bought in to. Seeing the way we've behaved this summer, with the dodgy gambling sponsor and hiring an outed homophobe, makes me really embarrassed for thinking we were slightly different to other teams in our position who make it abundantly clear that supporters are customers that don't matter. I'm intrigued to find out what friends of mine in Proud and Palace (our LGBTQ+ group think) who were upset by Kouyate's "Real Man" bollocks think, but i wont let it influence my thought process. If this materialises that's probably me done. My values and morals I have that I portray on to my son mean more to me than wearing a set of colours out of loyalty. They don't care about us, why should we show unwavering loyalty to them.
  2. Yeah ill do it. I haven't looked at the game yet due to the lack of transfer movement.
  3. Outrageous that Leeds are getting a compensation fee for a player who was developed by Fulham before nearly getting as many loan spells as games he got for Leeds.
  4. I like the prize for the winner. However they've got a lot of players wrong. Doughty a midfielder but Ogbene a forward, Scott Twine at Hull despite him playing for Bristol City in the second half of last season, player 111 at Birmingham, Jack Clarke's a forward but Patrick Roberts a midfielder, Summerville and Gnonto are forwards but Dan James is a midfielder, Mason-Clark is a forward but Sakamoto is a midfielder, Sainz and Rowe are forwards but Fassnacht is a midfielder, and the list goes on. I'm going to stick to Gaffr and give there Super League game a try.
  5. Guessing the Saudi offer wasn't forthcoming.
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