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  1. I understand why Sunderland fand will be concerned about the potential style of football but at the same time they have to accept that the man has shown on multiple occasions that he understands how to get teams out of this division and there best option is to embrace it.
  2. On a side note away from VAR, from a tactical perspective that was a great watch. Manchester United to Ole's credit were set up correctly, and Klopp did well at half time to switch in the centre to allow his side to create more opportunities.
  3. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Lacazette will return to full fitness soon and the new front three will have a period of longevity to gel. Not to mention Bellerin and Tierney on the flanks could be exciting to watch when the former returns. If they cant finish top four given the issues at United, Spurs and Chelsea then the board have some serious decisions to be made. But for now, just let him grow. Creating a lack of stability will not benefit anybody, especially given the amount of new players they've been bedding in over the last 6-8 weeks.
  4. Even as a neutral Arsenal are really frustrating to watch. All that possession yet no creativity. It amazes me that despite years of underperforming in these type of matches they still underestimate these type of sides. There was no panic, they assumed the goals would eventually come, and then with about ten minutes they realised it was too late.
  5. Given the tough fixtures Leeds and Swansea have, it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility to think that QPR could be top two by the end of this evening. That's mad.
  6. The Palace Fan


    He did a good enough job at Burton to get the Birmingham job, he did a good enough job at Birmingham to get the Derby job, he did a good enough job at Derby to get the Stoke job. I see this as a good appointment for a club like Milwall who are restricted financially against the majority of the division. Hes not going to get a bigger job for some time given how it ended at Stoke and hes shown at Birmingham his he can improve a club gradually that are in a similar position to Milwall. He should be a safe pair of hands for a while.
  7. Martin Kelly was on for BBC sports personality of the year until he got dropped today. Roy needs to go.
  8. The Palace Fan

    The Circle

    I'm happy for Paddy. Never thought somebody who joined half way through would win. Fair play to somebody that is a nice bloke.
  9. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    He jumped with a lot of Championship youngsters at the start of the season. But yes, if he's in somebody's price range he's a very good acquisition. From Chelsea I got on Dujon Sterling with the 10% bonus as at 52p he seemed good value for what is essentially Reece James in the age group below.
  10. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    Yep. Got an 100% return on Dani Parejo because of all the excitement around it. Only purchased him early June. Incase anybody not on FI reads this I urge you it's never too late to jump on. £800 deposited. £1160 returned. Joined late April. I just wish I had more balls. @...Dan @Dan @Smiley Culture do you guys have any memory of what happened last year with the Christmas break? Did a lot of money get shifted to PL players? Trying to plan a strategy early incase I need to jump off and then back on Kimmich, Parejo, Oyarzabal etc.
  11. The Palace Fan

    The Apprentice

    Unless some of the girls that havent got much air time are actually useless it wouldn't surprise me if none of the boys make the final 4/5. They've all shown limitations and frailties in the first three weeks.
  12. The Palace Fan

    The Circle

    I like Georgina. Really gullible but her insults are funny. It made me laugh how Sammie convinced her to join the revolution in half a second.
  13. Right, our next run of fixtures are... Man City Arsenal Leicester City Chelsea Liverpool Win all five of them and I make us the favourites.
  14. There was no chance of them getting a prison sentence. They're not repeat offenders and there's no aggravating circumstances (ie made off from police). They probably would have got less hours community service if they weren't footballers.