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  1. If you want to enhance your ability to recruit players then I recommend looking at some of tools and articles produced by FM Stag: Football Manager blog - FM Stag
  2. Real Names & Licence Fix - https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm23-real-names-license-fix.html More useful for those who manage abroad or just hate Manchester United's name on this game. Logos - FMV Logos Megapack - FM23 - Football Manager 2023 - Logos (sortitoutsi.net) There are several variations you can install from the Sortitoutsi website. Trophies - https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm23-trophies-megapack.html Logos and trophies can be transferred from FM23 to 24, 25, 26etc. I think I still use the same ones from FM17. Standard Kits - Standard Kits Megapacks - FM23 - Football Manager 2023 - Kits (sortitoutsi.net) If you prefer to have kits regenerate after a season or two check out the kit creator thread in this section. Facepack - Cut Out Player Faces Megapack - FM23 - Football Manager 2023 - Player Faces (sortitoutsi.net) I prefer to use the cut out version above but some of the other facepacks work better with certain skins.
  3. In addition here are the top ten most downloaded skins on FM Scout and Sortitoutsi for you to view to see if there's any you like: FM Zealand Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-zealand.html WTCS5 Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-wtcs-fm23-skin.html Narigon Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-narigon-fm23-skin.html Trung Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-trung-fm23-skin.html Opz Elite Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-opz-elite-fm23-skin.html Stato Skin: https://sortitoutsi.net/content/61143/fm23-beta-skin FLUT Skin: https://sortitoutsi.net/content/61229/fm-2023-flut-skin-dark-beta Material Skin: https://sortitoutsi.net/content/61284/material-skin-2023-by-budwaiser4 Priisek Skin: https://sortitoutsi.net/content/61254/priisek-retro-fm23-skin-beta-1420pm-gmt-311022 Dark Polish Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-dark-polish-fm23-skin.html Kojuro Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-kojuro-fm23-skin.html Screenshots are included within the links.
  4. I thought i'd create a thread for some of the skins available for FM23 as i've noticed an upward quality in those being created. The skin I use is the one created by Tato. It looks slick and everything is easily accessible. I've included some screenshots below to give you an idea of what it's like (spoiler - I left Crawley for Millwall). My only complaint is that I don't like having to scroll down to see my staff members on the staff page, but I only really use that page when it comes to contract renewals and hiring new staff on June 1st. The other skin I really like is the SAS23 skin. What I like about this skin is that there's so much that's easily accessible on the home page. My only complaints are that the side bar has an unnecessary scroll down menu and the squad page feels a little convoluted with the player faces (also very annoying for those that don't use a facepack). I haven't taken screenshots of the tactics pages as the creators can't really do much with that page. The big thing I look for is to see how much information I can easily access from the home page and both skins offer me this. Download link for Tato: Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0 | FM Scout Download link for SAS23: Tato23 FM23 Skin v1.0 | FM Scout
  5. I legitimately didn't know about this but it's pretty cool stuff: Download link: KitBasher - Kit Making Tool for Football Manager | FM Scout
  6. Here's a couple of tips to speed up any version of FM as people seem to have difficulty playing this on a yearly basis. I'd try the following in the below order until you're playing the game at a pace that you're happy with: Go Preferences -> Advanced -> Interface -> scroll to 'Competition Screen' -> change 'Landing Page' to 2 or 5 seconds. This way the game skips to the next day without you having to press any buttons if you haven't touched anything. I'd turn this off during the transfer window though as it can be pretty easy to miss notifications in your inbox. Go Preferences -> Advanced -> Interface -> Tick 'Use caching to decrease loading times'. This immediately speeds the game up as it saves all the graphics you use instead of loading them every time. You'll need to untick this every time you want to introduce new graphics though. Go Preferences -> Advanced -> Match -> Graphics Quality Ideal for older laptops. Trust me, when it comes to FM you're not missing out much quality graphics when it comes to the match game. Go to Detail Level and change International Competition Detail Level to minimum. Unless you enjoy watching all the international qualifiers of course. Download the Super Speeder FM Super Speed 2021 | FM Scout - I haven't tried it but apparently it speeds loading times by 500x. (Out of FM) Go Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Football Manager 2023 -> Data -> Game -> Movies -> Remove Splash_fm This removes the loading screen and speeds the game up. Maybe move the folder as opposed to delete incase something goes wrong. Make sure 'use caching to decrease loading time' is ticked in preferences There's other more obvious things you can do that i've not mentioned such as delegating more tasks to staff, only viewing key highlights, removing leagues, reducing database size etc.
  7. Tables updated. As a Crystal Palace fan this makes poor reading. I imagine Everton, Bournemouth and Forest's defensive stats to get worse given their upcoming fixtures. Chelsea will be expecting an upturn given their upcoming games.
  8. Tables updated in preparation for round two of the football season. Some things to consider: - Kepa will be popular for those that don't want to pay 5.3m for Pope. - Unless he gets injured Trippier is likely to remain popular throughout the whole season. - TAA is still outperforming Robertson. - Southampton's full backs look enticing given their fixtures. - Salah is still a goal threat and Liverpool's best attacking option for their nice fixtures. - Mitrovic may remain in most teams even when Fulham's fixtures turn.
  9. Fixture Ticker updated. It's a very wide graph to compensate for the DGW announcements and few fixtures afterwards. Despite a poor start to the season for their standards, Liverpool players should be very popular on wildcards due to the quality of their fixtures. Whilst the Chelsea fixture will be difficult, you could probably hold Liverpool assets without having to worry about them until the Newcastle fixture in GW24. Newcastle United players will remain popular as they have a good run of fixtures up until GW24 providing you can navigate through the Arsenal away fixture in GW19. Chelsea also have a good start to the new campaign now thanks to the announcement of a DGW in 19 (I forgot to amend the Fulham fixture to green). You could probably hold a Chelsea player and not worry about them until GW21. A big question that most will ponder on for Wildcard will be how many Man City players to pick. They have two DGW's in four GW's which sounds great, but they're playing Manchester United, Tottenham (twice) and Arsenal. They also have Chelsea immediately before these fixtures. When you chuck in Pep Routlette it could become a real headache to find a player whose going to play the fixtures you want them too (other than Haaland of course). A good team to consider that will enable you to free up funds for more expensive players are Southampton. Nathan Jones has been gifted a good opportunity to get points on the board as they have a rather nice fixture ticker up until GW24. Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham and Man United players may be good short-term options as long as you have a plan to remove those players as their fixtures turn pretty nasty pretty quickly. Whilst Spurs fixtures don't turn 'nasty', there fixtures also get more difficult after a good short-term start. Brighton players may be worth a 'gamble' due to their indifferent fixture run and should be considered if you can rotate there players. Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brentford, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham Forest, West Ham and Wolves players will be immediate avoids in the short term due to the initial difficulty of their fixtures. However (Bournemouth, Forest and Wolves aside) these teams fixtures do improve around the time that the teams in the above paragraph fixtures get more difficult. So they should be considered in planning. West Ham and Everton fixtures flip immediately after the first GW for example. It will be a difficult decision for most when it comes to Arsenal players. They've exceeded expectations, they have a DGW, but there fixtures leading in to a DGW with Manchester City are not easy. West Ham, Brighton, Newcastle, Man United and Spurs are all fixtures where they could drop points.
  10. Yeah when he joined Palace I wasnt thrilled as we already had four competent central defenders and we need to strengthen in several other areas. To say he ended up exceeding expectations was an understatement.
  11. I heard Wayne Hennessey fucked up. After having to endure him for a number of years I can honestly say it's an absolute disgrace that he's even allowed to call himself a professional footballer. He's been absolutely hopeless since his injury at Wolves in 2012. It baffles that me he's been able to keep his tag as a professional for another ten years. It's amazing and quite frankly indictment to how embarrassing Wales are that he's even remotely close to getting in to there national squad, let alone starting in a major tournament. It also speaks volumes about the recruitment at top level clubs that's he's been given so many opportunities to continually call himself a professional goalkeeper. Even if we dropped two divisons I genuinely don't think I'll experience another player as hopeless as he was in my lifetime.
  12. https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm-speeder.html This may help @Dan
  13. Another two years of him ruining FPL for everybody.
  14. I can't believe Fifa have lied to me my whole life about football being a powerful tool for good by promoting good values across the world.
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