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  1. The Palace Fan

    The Non-League Thread

    Any suggestions?
  2. The Palace Fan

    The Non-League Thread

    Regarding the National League, I cant imagine anybody other than Stevenage would complain if they were replaced by Barrow. Stevenage are toast this season whilst Barrow have (albeit not very large) breathing space at the top. The other promotion space would be more difficult as everybody from Torquay to above would have a claim to say they had a slight chance of making the playoffs. That's fourteen teams. There is however 18 points that separate them so the likes of Harrogate should rightly have more chance of occupying the final place than the likes of Bromley. I'd consider two knockout tournaments. The first being from the teams ranked 8th to 15th that would look like this. G1: 8th vs 15th G2: 9th vs 14th G3: 10th vs 13th G4: 11th vs 12th 'Qualifier A' - G1 winner vs G4 winner 'Qualifier B' - G2 winner vs G3 winner Once that's completed youd then have.. 2nd vs Qualifier B winner 3rd vs Qualifier A winner 4th vs 7th 5th vs 6th Then from those fixtures you would have your four playoff teams.
  3. The Palace Fan


    https://411mania.com/wrestling/braun-strowman-rants-evil-uno-comments/ Cornette's response was: "Fuck you, you big fat fuck" 😂
  4. The Palace Fan

    Messiah (Netflix Series)

    To be honest I thought it ran out of steam by the end.
  5. The Palace Fan


    Roman Reigns has pulled out of Wrestle Mania. Perfect chance to let Braun win the title in an empty stadium. Everyone wants to shit on him at the minute for his bizarre comment about indy wrestlers. Roman might actually get cheered when he beats him for the title.
  6. The Palace Fan

    Football Manager 2020

    😂😂 It gives them something to talk about on the next Netflix series!
  7. The Palace Fan

    Football Index

    The market seems to be recovering now. Got on Aouchihe, Stengs, Boadu, Gravenberch and Hwang Hee-Chan under the notion they'll all be around 2.50 by the end of the summer.
  8. The Palace Fan

    Football Manager 2020

    Was ploughing through the summer of 2021 on my Crystal Palace save. A Chinese club offered eight million for Vicente Guaita. I never knew how much I loved him until I had to sell to him. In the same window where Wilf, Benteke and Sakho all moved on. Fans are going to be livid.
  9. The Palace Fan

    Coronavirus and Football

    On a side note I read somewhere that factoring in AFCON and rescheduled Olympics that Liverpool could lose players like Salah for almost four months. The football schedule could be mental from restart until possibly the summer after the World Cup. I'd be in favour of them dropping squad registration and allowing teams to utilise bigger squads.
  10. The Palace Fan

    Coronavirus and Football

    If Betfair had money on which players would behave like tossers during this period. I'd have chucked good money at Oumar Niasse.
  11. The Palace Fan


    Seeing Chris Jericho argue with Vanguard 1 almost got rid of my headache.
  12. The Palace Fan

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Can we trust the likes of China and Russia to be honest with their figures?
  13. The Palace Fan


    And to be fair to them, they showed WWE how to put on a show with no crowd. I'm so glad it's over two nights. Every year it gets more and more difficult in the UK to watch. Yeah, Drew is the biggest loser here. I wouldnt be against Brock winning and saving Drew's moment for a SummerSlam. I never appreciated at the time how good the build up to that PPV was until recently even though it sucked me back in to Wrestling. Brock vs Rock, HHH vs HBK, Eddie vs Edge, Angle vs Rey, Benoit vs RVD, Black Gold, even Test looked like a bad ass feuding against Undertaker. Great times. Part two on YouTube and first season on 4od in case you werent aware. Binged during quarantine. My missus hates wrestling but was really engrossed by it. What a man Chris Jericho is. I thought you wrote Ernest Miller for a second 😂 Simon Miller is going to really struggle bring indoors for weeks/months.