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  1. Carnivore Chris

    (Group F) Portugal 2-4 Germany - Saturday 19th June, 2021

    The thing is Ricardo, what are clubs in Spain supposed to do? They produce talent, find gems for cheap prices, turn them into stars and then Premier league clubs buy all their players season in season out. The exact same is happening now to Germany, who are producing talent but Premier league clubs are buying them all. The exact same will now happen to Italy mate. There is no real future for any league in Europe outside of the Premier, which is now literally the NBA of football and no better than a European Super League in how it functions. The only difference is that one is based in one country, while the other would be based in a continent. 13+ clubs are owned by foreigners, then you have the marketing, the branding of this whole "EPL" nonsense around the world, the TV deals, which nobody can compete with, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if clubs from the likes of Spain, Italy and Portugal end up creating a new league to compete with it sadly. Maybe some big clubs will be fine from the leagues mentioned(especially PSG), if they are wise in how they do business and can emulate what Bayern are doing, but the leagues as a whole will not survive unfortunately mate. It will only get much worse too. Anyway this was a brilliant game and has been a solid tournament so far. It's why I've always preferred watching it over the world Cup, which is largely underwhelming these days.
  2. Carnivore Chris

    (Group F) Hungary 1-1 France - Saturday 19th June, 2021

    Abidal in the studio!
  3. Carnivore Chris

    (Group C) Netherlands vs Austria - Thursday 17th June, 2021

    De Jong is going to be on another level(if not already) in the next few years. Different class. Himself and Pedri together are a joy to watch and have many years ahead of them. The near future for Barcelona looks much much brighter than people who only read/watch the media think. Alot of young talent who have what it takes to be among the best in the world and will be growing as players together.
  4. Carnivore Chris

    (Group B) - Denmark 1-2 Belgium - Thursday 17th June, 2021

    Lukaku is at the best he's ever been lately. He's been brilliant since leaving Man United. Top player. The 2 goals from Belgium tonight were my type of goals.
  5. Carnivore Chris

    (Group C) Netherlands vs Austria - Thursday 17th June, 2021

    That burst through midfield then by De Jong!
  6. Carnivore Chris

    (Group F) - Hungary 0-3 Portugal - Tuesday 15th June, 2021

    Definitely not offside. It was a well worked goal, brillant. The type of goal you'd expect Portugal to score with the talent they currently have.
  7. Carnivore Chris

    (Group E) - Spain 0-0 Sweden - Monday 14th June, 2021

    The best player on the pitch so far to be honest.
  8. What about Diego Maradona? Johan Cruijff too? (I know they weren't Premier league players but you mentioned plenty who weren't)
  9. Carnivore Chris

    Harry Kane Wants to Leave Tottenham?!

    @Dr. Gonzo is gona start a riot laaaa
  10. Carnivore Chris

    (Group D) England 1-0 Croatia - Sunday 13th June, 2021

    England to win the tournament this year.
  11. Carnivore Chris

    Solo Para Los Que Hablan Español

    Pues, no es un problema a la hora de leer textos escritos pero cuando hablan, les entiendo a duras penas como si hablaran en ruso . Será porque los acentos son muy distintos a los del mundo hispanohablante y existen muchas expresiones que no se pueden traducir literalmente de un idioma a otro y que se usan más al hablar que de forma escrita pero en general la estructura gramatical es muy parecida a la del castellano, ya que ambos derivan del latín. A mí me encantaría aprender a hablar portugués para cuando viaje a Portugal en el futuro. Suena muy lindo, transmite buen rollo y tiene algo que me atrae muchísimo pero realmente no tengo tiempo para aprender otro idioma. Sabes, a veces pienso que en mi otra vida era latino. Me fascina la cultura y generalmente me llevo fenomenal con los latinos, especialmente los de América Latina pero también los de Europa. En este foro, por ejemplo, hay @Berserker, @El Profesor, @SirBalon, @Teso dos Bichos, @Kris(descansa en paz chaval) y @Machado.
  12. Carnivore Chris

    Do You Still Go To The Butchers?

    Especially bacon. If you buy bacon from the butchers you'll never buy that watered down shit from supermarkets again.
  13. Carnivore Chris

    (Group B) - Denmark 0-1 Finland - Saturday 12th June, 2021

    Braithwaite, aka the Danish Pele, to score 2 and win it for Denmark.
  14. Carnivore Chris

    (Group B) - Denmark 0-1 Finland - Saturday 12th June, 2021

    That was awful viewing but great news that he's in stable condition and talking.
  15. Carnivore Chris

    Solo Para Los Que Hablan Español

    Donde está @Berserker? Hace mucho que no hablamos chabon. Espero que estés bien. Si no planeas volver al foro, agrégame a WhatsApp y seguimos en contacto.