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  1. Carnivore Chris

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    The best burgers are from a burger van in town across from McDonald's. Double burger and bacon full of red sauce. Since I know them, they always give me discount aswell. I haven't had one for ages though as he's not open due to the pandemic.
  2. Carnivore Chris

    Blackburn Rovers Discussion

    Amazing to think it was nearly 20 years ago. Where the fuck does time go?
  3. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    Another classic. I didn't know they were Dutch though! Or I'd have mentioned that song before most. Classic.
  4. Carnivore Chris


    Quitting both weed and fizzy drinks (specifically pepsi) at the same time fucks you up. Nightmares, night sweats, headaches, slightly impaired vision, nausea, serious anxiety, stomach ache, watery stools...nothing dangerous like the withdrawal effects from harder drugs or alcohol (which is one of the worst) but still awful as I thought I had an underlying illness. I feel great in the last week, but was fucked for weeks until that. Smoking CBD bud has helped with the cravings of weed but there were alot more withdrawal effects than people would imagine. Saying that, quitting fizzy drinks at the same time would have added alot to that, in fact that was probably causing most of the withdraw effects. I smoke the actual buds. They smell and taste good, are dense and very similar to THC buds, they just have no psychoactive effects. It certainly works though once the THC is out of your system and you start to feel the full effects of the CBD.
  5. Carnivore Chris

    Fishing and Angling

    I was going to throw a few lures out on the canal today but it's still a bit frozen. With the rise in temperature in recent days, it should have all thawed out by Wednesday so I might go then, unless it hammering down.
  6. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    There is a video of a big rave in Dam square on YouTube, I think from a New year's Eve. That would have been class. I went to sensation white at Amsterdam Arena in 2007. That was some event.
  7. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    Amazing film. It's so true to life when it comes to that scene. The actors had all experienced the clubbing/ecstasy scene in real life.
  8. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    There will never be another Andrés Iniesta in Barcelona's midfield. What a player he was. A true big game specialist.
  9. The little pass which lead to the 5th goal was brilliant. Both goals were typical Messi. But he should have had a hatrick,as there was nothing wrong with that 1st goal. If Griezmann clipped his finger nails last night, he'd have been on,that's how close it was. Pedri also looked great when he came on(as always) and Ilaix Moriba had a solid debut,other than the poor mistake which led to the Alaves goal. Trincao with 3 in his last 2. He's starting to prove himself now.
  10. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    These are Dutch aswell if I'm not mistaken. Arguably top 5 trance tunes of all-time. Let's get on the MDMA! On a serious note, I couldn't handle that shit nowadays. I can't even handle caffeine anymore...but they went hand in hand. Stimulant music!
  11. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    Honestly, you can't get a better song then Adiago for strings. Whether the original in itself by William Ørbit, the trance, the hard dance... Speaking of Germany(since you mentioned them earlier in the thread), this is a banger too.
  12. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    I forgot Ferry Corsten is Dutch. Out of the blue is an absolute classic. I used to love it when that came on in a club. Another classic:-
  13. Carnivore Chris

    Famous Artists/Songs from your country

    @Panna King The Dutch certainly know how to throw out banging trance/dance tunes. But you forgot my man Armin van Buuren!
  14. Carnivore Chris

    Best License Plates

    I was working on a site 4/5 years back and there was a fella on there called James Bond(I'm not even taking the piss) he generally drove to work in a work van, but one day he came in with his normal car and it had "007" on it. I can't remember the whole of it now, but it was massively cringey .
  15. Carnivore Chris

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I've just thought now, why does the tuberculosis jab you have at secondary school leave a permanent scar on your arm?