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  1. Carnivore Chris

    The Holiday Thread

    I've just been looking at deals to Barcelona in early March(which is around my birthday), it was a shame not to go in June this year, which I was thinking about when I came back from my last solo trip to Amsterdam in April, but the fishing takes hold of me around that time of year and the two trips down to the midlands and South, respectively, along with going to Dam a few times meant I ended up a bit congested. Saying that, it'll be better in March anyway as there will be football on. The hotel is a 4 star, is in a perfect location that I'm familiar with and it is only around 200 quid for 4 nights, which is cheap as fuck. Hotels like that tend to double in price if you leave it too long, so I will book it in a few weeks and then it is done. I'll probably go with Easyjet as well. Only Ryanair(and Vueling, but they are always late flights) fly from from Manchester airport, but fuck going with them, I will just fly from Liverpool airport instead then I can travel with easyjet. Much cheaper and I've always been satisfied enough with them, even if they do have small delays pretty much every time I fly with them. Barcelona will be playing Real Sociedad that weekend, so that'll be worth going to itself. Since I'll be there for 4 days, I may as well spend a day in another Catalan town down the coast. Anywhere that is within around 2 hours on a Train would be worthwhile I'd say, as the train ride down the Catalan coast would be nice itself. Maybe L'ametlla de mar? @SirBalon
  2. It's away games like this against Eibar away which can lose teams the league. Ask Real Madrid from last season
  3. Those runs at players that de Jong makes are also brilliant. He bossed the game yesterday and keeps improving every game. Let's also not forget Arthur either. It wasn't one of his stand out performances yesterday but some of his touches were sublime. The front 3 really started to click in the second half and showed great signs. All 3 were involved in the last 2 goals and also in the offside goal, along with a few other chances which could have resulted in goals. The team are certainly starting to show signs of huge improvements from what we were seeing. Honestly, under the correct guidance, the sky is actually the limit with this squad. It's genuinely a fantastic squad of players, I'm just still not sure if Valverde is the right man in terms of Europe.
  4. Chelsea playing very well this season and look like they are going to have a very bright future under Lampard.
  5. Brilliant win by Mallorca and well deserved. They played more cautiously in the first half than in the second, although held on well. Massive 3 points for them, they really got stuck in today. Some excellent defending overall and when they attacked more, could have had more goals in the first half. I'm surprised this is Real Madrid's first loss of the season as they have looked off the pace all season thus far. Saying that they were lucky in the games which ended in a draw. Fair play to Granada, they are only two points off top now after their 1-0 win at home to Osasuna last night. Sevilla and Real Sociedad also have a chance to close the gap on the 2 Madrid teams tomorrow. Atlético Madrid will seriously need to find goals if they wish to achieve anything this term. Dani Parejo's goal for Valencia this afternoon was a rocket. Barcelona now top of the league by one point. The team are still not playing to their fill potential but there are improvements being made all the time, Messi and Suárez look to be improving by the game, while de Jong looks better every week and Griezmann is starting to look more comfortable. Not to mention, 3 clean sheets in a row, after conceding in all of the first 6 games, shows improvements defensively.
  6. You wouldn't think that Mallorca had started the season so poorly judging by how they have played so far this evening. If they can keep this up tonight, get a result and then build on it, then they will be alright this season.
  7. I'm actually not surprised to be honest as Valencia always play at their best when coming up against the better sides, while Atletico have been seriously struggling for goals this season.
  8. Real Madrid looked rattled here. Mallorca are 1-0 up but have just had a goal ruled offside as well which was very close. They are all over Madrid right now. Anyway, it's good to have La Liga tv back. It's the first time that a league has had its own dedicated channel in English and this even includes our own league, the Premier League, so it should be taken advantage of.
  9. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Only in America would they come up with a show like this
  10. Carnivore Chris

    Hip Hop/Rap

    @Teso dos Bichos
  11. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    Judging by his posts on here and how he hates everything, he probably beats them up
  12. It hasn't been a poor season for Rovers this year but not a great one either. We are seeing a side that don't look like they will go down(although you can't rule it out completely as it's a long season) but don't look like a side capable of promotion either. It'll probably be a similar campaign to last year in terms of the final league position. I wonder if Preston can keep it up this season? In recent times, Blackburn, Burnley, Bolton, Wigan and even Blackpool, have all had periods in the top flight, but Preston haven't. In fact, they haven't been up there since Tom Finney was playing his trade and that's incredible considering how they were once a side that won the first division undefeated.
  13. Not necessarily, as Eibar players started making a lot of daft fouls in the second half which were card worthy as opposed to the minor fouls committed by the Barcelona players. Same with offsides, Eibar were playing a high line, which often leads to more offsides, some were very close also, such as the Suarez disallowed goal. He was JUST offside. If he didn't have such a large head in fact, then he would have been onside there It wasn't a perfect performance though and the passing was at times very sloppy, but it was better as the game progressed and there were positives to look at, especially when it came to Griezmann. Messi was given man of the match and you can see why, as he was very active, scored a goal and assisted another, although I would have given it to de Jong today personally. He was class.
  14. Griezmann is having his best game in a Barcelona shirt today.
  15. de Jong just gets better every game. What a player. @Panna King As I write that, Messi scores to make it 2. de Jong, Suárez and Griezmann all involved.