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  1. Probably mate, I've had loads of names.
  2. Different situations though. Bojan and Gio Dos Santos would be good examples(in terms of players whose career shot downhill) as they had all the potential in the world and showed it for the first team, before fading off. However Bojan was mentally weak and also suffered from anxiety and depression due to the pressure at a young age. However, you can't compare players like Gai Assulin or Halilovic, who never actually broke into the first team and were just hype as youngsters before going on to achieve nothing, with the current crop of young players who are being lauded. There have also been alot of players over the years such as Tello, Deulofeu, Munir, etc, who had been given chances in the first team, but they never actually impressed and you never got a buzz about them like with the players being spoken of, who are already key players and look the real deal. Araújo is already an established defender(the only good defender at the club) as he's now been a first team regular for 2 seasons and the likes of Pedri, Gavi and Fati(when fit unfortunately) are already key players and some of the first names on the team sheet for both club and country. These are actually proving it against strong sides and the fact they are actually playing regular football is one of the key factors. They are also a group of young lads who have played together either at Barcelona or Spain in the youth teams and understand each others game. Building a backbone of young La Masia and Spanish talents is what the club have needed to do for years, even before the financial issues became as extreme as they are currently. There is also the case of La Masia being pretty much neglected in recent years and young players haven't been getting chances, or they may have gone on to become first team regulars at the club, rather than moving elsewhere, which ends up unsettling them or dampening their progression. Or they are simply built to perfectly suit a certain system. A fine example for me would be Busquets. Had he not been given chances under Pep and had instead been sold abroad, he may not have become the player he is. It makes you wonder if more players would have made it over the years had they actually been given chances. On another note, Pedri(albeit not being from La Masia of course, but is one of the young players) bossed that game when he came on last night, and that's without playing for months. It was the first time all season that the majority of the key players were available at the same time and they played very well despite most of them lacking match fitness. What will this group of players be like if they can now kick on and actually a have run of games playing together? They would have done Madrid last night! It's a quality little group of players already. The defence is horrible though and constant injuries all the time to players is a concern.
  3. I've recently had it. I had no symptoms at all and only got tested as my mother had it and I'd been in contact with her. I'm back at work Monday and don't need to self isolate now. Either I'm one of those asymptomatic people or the 8,555 vaccines I've had in the last 6 months are effective.
  4. Look at the colour of that sea! Incredible. How long are you there for then?
  5. @Stan when are you off to Jamaica from Barbados? And how long for? I look forward to heading about it. @nudge I also forgot to post you some pictures of my last trip and it's been about 3 months now . But I'll upload some later on.
  6. From Sunday league and street style football.
  7. I know this is off topic, but what about Rayo's home form? Before Christmas, they had the best home form in any of Europe's top leagues.
  8. It's about getting through the patches mate and not letting it get you down permanently. Ye definitely mate. I've got a bit on until 20th March then I'm going to Spain for a week, but early April would be spot on. Blackpool home is around then so we could go to that mate.
  9. Rules relaxed again where you only have to have a test 2 days after arriving back in England, as it was when I went away in October. Hopefully it stays like that for March!
  10. He was good in his first half of a season then went downhill after that. He was similar in his spell at Bayern funnily enough. His problem is he doesn't know when to shoot or pass and lacks consistency. Lenglet and Umtiti the next out with a bit of luck.
  11. Some of the goals I've scored on this are unreal. Ansu Fati and Pedri to 99 overall rating on career mode. @Cicero Created a club "Lancaster City" and built it from scratch(but from the Championship, as I couldn't be bothered starting from league 2). 10 years into it and I'm now slowly building a future team of youth.
  12. Brereton makes it 2-1. He just doesn't stop scoring this season. It's far from over yet though. Still 25 minutes to go.
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