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  1. Carnivore Chris

    Riqui Puig Not Wanted By Koeman

    He's wanting Puig and Pedri out on loan rather than wanting them.sold as the original articles floating about portrayed. That makes sense as they are 2 of Spain's too young talents and a loan to another Spanish club would benefit them greatly, especially Pedri, who is 17. But never selling them. Puig is a true Catalan and he impressed under Setién. More so than even Arthur in terms of consistency over a period. A loan to someone like Betis would do him good thinking of it, but then the midfield starts to lack depth at the same time if there are any injuries. Koeman also said the idea is for him to go out on loan as he needs minutes, but that his future is still at the club, so he won't be sold. There isn't a single striker at all other than Braithwaite but he's Championship standard if we are honest and the by far weakest part of the team(the defence) is still exactly the same as last year. Those are the main worries. But the midfield and attack(in terms of attacking mids and wide players) has plenty of options, but no out and out striker.
  2. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    And that then is exactly why I claim how naturally talented Dembele is. He just skips past players like they aren't there. Now, what would be be like if playing every week and stayed away from injuries for a full season?
  3. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Fati is a real threat in the air by the way. When you look at him, he doesn't look like s player you'd associate with aerial ability. It makes you wonder if in the future he can be built into that striker or false 9 type role if needed. Fati also doesn't play like a 17 year old. Honestly, what a player already. Intelligent off the ball, can play a pass and cross, good dribbler, quick, aerial threat, movement, works hard..
  4. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Why not? Toughen him up. Ewood park on a Saturday afternoon 😷 But he definitely shouldn't be sold. Thing is there is alot of young quality there now so it's about making sure everyone gets minutes. The big one this year is if Dembélé stays fit because the natural talent is there and he's shown it, but constant injuries have held him back. If he stays fit, there is a player there who could reach Neymar type level for me, but if he doesn't stay fit(which is unfortunately what I'm expecting) then we are probably looking at a player that "could have been".
  5. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Ye he's probably not ready yet BUT selling him would be a ridiculous decision, although not surprising with the current board. A loan to Betis or somewhere of that nature would do him well for a season.
  6. Carnivore Chris

    Riqui Puig Not Wanted By Koeman

    Weird club now. Sell all the young talented players who are for the future and sign past it players. Saying that, with all the youngsters right now, a loan would do him well as it did with Aleñá as not everyone can play and he's still very young. But selling him would be an error. He's probably one who isn't ready to feature regularly yet, but it should be a loan and never a sale.
  7. Carnivore Chris

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I don't think a "second wave" was ever in doubt to be honest as the virus is too far spread and the world is too overpopulated for it to simply disappear. Not to mention people travel more than ever nowadays. It's going into lockdown around here I think along with a bunch of other Lancashire towns.
  8. Carnivore Chris

    Outdoors, Wilderness & Survival Skills

    @CaaC (John), @nudge you should try Liberty caps. They will be growing wildly around about this time if the year
  9. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Also @El Profesor, Messi is only 9 goals away from beating Pele's record of most goals for a single club. If there is one reason to stay, it's to break a legendary Brazilian player's record
  10. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Araújo, Trincao, Aleñá, Puig, Fati, Pedri...that's actually alot of quality as far as young players are concerned. There is alot of potential there. Obviously de Jong is still young himself and Lenglet, if partnered with someone better than Pique, would look better. As for Messi, I don't think he'd ever refuse to play or not give it his all, as he always wants to win. The formation Koeman has been using is interesting. I think this team is very capable of fighting for all the domestic trophies, but the Champs league will be a step too much I think.
  11. Carnivore Chris

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    One thing for sure, is that I won't be out of work this time if there is another cuarentena. I'm also working literally 150 meters from home now, which means I can pop home for a munch and a spliff at dinner.
  12. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    I agree as himself and de Hong could have formed the best midfield pairing in Europe in the coming years but I do rate Puig highly and I think his energy levels, aswell as his ability could take him far. Arthur was very inconsistent but I always thought he was held back under Valverde's system more than anything. I think where he left a bad taste in the mouth of the club and fans alike is when he injured himself skiing. His attitude didn't always seem great either. But you still feel him leaving will turn out being a mistake. Pedri is also a cracking young talent. Ansu, Pedri, Puig, Aleñá, Araújo, Trincao, possibly Todibo if he stays and doesn't go out on loan..there is actually a lot of quality young talent at the club right now. This will be make or break for Dembélé this season, but he's a serious talent and could really be a big player for Barcelona if his legs weren't made of glass. There is also this man as well of course, who is one of the players who the team needs to be built around:-
  13. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Nice pass at 1:10. Also @El Profesor look Who the midfielders were in the starting line up for the second half, which you see at the start of the video haha! It'll be interesting to see what Trincao brings, how De Jong will play under Koeman in his proper role, how Ansu and Puig will develop and if Carles Aleñá can now show he has what it takes. Will Dembélé finally stay injury free this season? Can Griezmann show his best form and will Araújo get chances at the back?
  14. Carnivore Chris

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    Carles Aleñá was the best player by a mile in that pre season game. Looks like the loan to Betis helped him alot. He looks sharp. Trincao was out to prove a point too. But it's what players do in the actual season they'll count in the end.