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  1. Personally I reckon both as Ansu Fati is far too young to be relied on, Dembele is a waste of space and Griezmann is slow. As I've said, I've never been a big fan of him since the young Griezmann from his Real Sociedad days. He was brilliant back then. I've come to the conclusion that this just isn't a great side anymore and it's now about building for the future, although with the current board this could prove difficult as they are clueless. It's also got to be noted that it's becoming much harder to buy star footballers out-right right now due to the inflation of the market. Suarez is a big miss because he was actually having probably his most important season ever in a Barcelona shirt and was in top form in the games leading up to his injury. Such a blow.
  2. Carnivore Chris

    Would you rather...Football Version

    Treble by miles.
  3. Carnivore Chris

    Copa Del Rey 2019/20

    Barcelona very nearly went out, Real had it really tough, then Atlético actually went out. This is why changing it from 2 legs to 1 was a good idea. It's made it more appealing and open to shocks. Even with 2 legs we saw shocks, I mean Real themselves have been eliminated by Real Union and Alcorcón over the last 10 or so years. But it's open to even more shocks now that you have no second leg to make a comeback in. It means less games over the season aswell.
  4. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    You've never been inside a (hollow) building when someone decides that he's going to cut through metal with an angle grinder.
  5. Carnivore Chris

    Show us your pets

    A baby Alligator?
  6. Carnivore Chris

    Show us your pets

    Put a pike in there, I dare you
  7. It would also be ideal to speak Spanish since it's a Spanish speaking channel. It's a shame that you can't get canal+ over here to be honest. Great channel.
  8. Carnivore Chris

    The Holiday Thread

    Nah Barcelona. Might be going to Amsterdam in late May/Early June though with a bunch of lads. My mate was on about it other day, so I might just have to jump on that one.
  9. Carnivore Chris

    The Holiday Thread

    @Stan 6 weeks tomorrow. I will have to take 350 pictures for you when there
  10. Carnivore Chris

    Show us your pets

    Speaking of Tench, I remember when I had a fish tank. I had carp and Tench in it and the 2 tench used to come up and let me feed them by hand. They were practically tame.
  11. Carnivore Chris

    Show us your pets

    If it's a tench you just turn it upside down and look at it's pelvic fins. Male ones are much bigger.
  12. Carnivore Chris

    Show us your pets

    It eats better than me to be honest
  13. Carnivore Chris

    Show us your pets

    My parrot hasn't been in its cage since the first week I bought it(about 4 months ago), it has made the whole living room its home and has perches, etc, everywhere. The only time it pops back into its cage is when it is having something to eat, but if you go near it when it does so, it quickly flies out so that you can't lock it in. It's not stupid at all . Saying that, I don't have intentions of keeping it locked in the cage as there is no point and it also makes me feel anxious to lock a bird in a cage. It's safe enough, it only shits in certain places(so I put kitchen roll down in those areas) and at night they obviously don't fly, so it just chills on top of a perch and sleeps there. I've got to say, that it eats shitloads. It has a pot of seed everyday(which contains alsorts from sunflower seeds to sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds to dried banana and dried chile) and then I give it a pot of fruit and veg every morning before work, usually containing atleast some blueberries as they are its favourite(other fruits are apple, strawberry, kiwi, melon, pineapple, blackberries...), then every other day it has brazil nuts and almonds as a treat. Red pepper is another it likes and sometimes it gets some chiles, along with a bit of lettuce or sugar snaps. On Christmas day it had a bit of turkey too. They are fine to eat plain chicken or turkey from time to time as long as its cooked properly and contains no added salt. I gave it some turkey, a few sprouts and some cauliflower. It threw t he sprouts across the room but loved the turkey
  14. Carnivore Chris

    [VOTE] Team of the 21st Century - CB 2 - Semi Finals

    Ayala should have been against Puyol to be fair. Godin was brilliant but Ayala was definitely better in my opinion. Only Mascherano, Zanetti and Messi have made more appearances for Argentina than him and that tells you a lot, not just about how good he was, but how he had a long career. Both of them are 2 of the better defenders(often overlooked in these arguments at the same time) of the last few decades though without a doubt. @Berserker will agree about Ayala also.
  15. Carnivore Chris

    Favourite Pizza topping

    I prefer a burger to a Pizza myself.