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  1. Girona can be proud of what they have acomplished this season, whatever happens from here. They will finish with 70+ points and in a Champions League spot, something that nobody would have predicted at the start of the season.
  2. Barring no injuries against Madrid in the Clásico, I'm guessing this will be the line up:- Ter Stegen Koundé -- Araújo -- Cubarsi -- Cancelo Pedri -- de Jong -- Gundogan Yamal -- Lewandowski -- Raphinha That's a actually a strong line up.
  3. It's FC Barcelona. But I think your opinion about Barcelona's era is shared by everyone to be honest mate. That will be tough to surpass.
  4. My last 2 came through in my 30s. I had a bit of pain with one coming through as it slightly impacted but nothing major. The others came though with zero pain.
  5. Good result from Barça last night. A well deserved victory but it was frustrating to concede 2 as the team actually defended well over the 90 minutes and didn't deserve to go 2-1 down for me. Great comeback from there however. Barcelona in recent years have folded and ended up recieving hammering in those types of moments. Raphinha has been a different player lately also and is playing like the player who he was supposed to be when signed. Class performance by him. I can now see why @Lucas loved him at Leeds. He just needed time to adjust it seems. Pedri and de Jong back is massive. You'd expect Pedri to start in the 2nd leg over Sergi Roberto. Xavi deserves credit for the subs. Pedri came on and played a lovely pass to assist Raphinha almost instantly, then Christensen came on and scored the winner 2 minutes later. The problem with it only being 3-2 is that it can easily be overturned by a player of Mbappe's quality, even Dembélé, so the team need to be at their best in the second leg, as do the fans. The Olympic stadium isn't Camp Nou either.
  6. Both are likeable clubs, so it's a shame in many ways that both couldn't have won it, although that is obviously not possible.
  7. Athletic certainly think of the fans. They have done well very overall throughout their history, having never been relegated ever and winning 24 Copas del rey and 8 leagues. Interestingly none of them, before Sunday night, had come in the last 40 years.
  8. Athletic Club beat Mallorca on pens in the end, to finally lift the Copa del rey(their 25th), 40 years later and 6 finals lost since they last lifted it.
  9. They've got the players and they have nothing else to fight for this season, the league is too far away for them and they were recently knocked out of the Copa del rey by Athletic.
  10. I hope they do, just because it would be the perfect end for Klopp. The Europa league is probably going to Anfield as well.
  11. Atlético need a Champions League to be honest. They should have already won atleast one now throughout their history. I hope you smash the cunts about 6-0. Barcelona are out. Just Mbappe alone. They aren't a great side, but Mbappe is too much. The most dangerous player in the world. If everyone was fit, like Pedri, Gavi, Balde and de Jong, this team could give anyone a go over 2 games but injuries are a big issue. If they can get past PSG though, that semi final draw would be doable. Atlético are a nightmare but Barcelona would have more chance beating them currently than someone like City or even Bayern, who are Barcelona's biggest nightmare in this competition.
  12. Ironically the worst for this are actually other religious people. Muslims vs Hindus, Muslims vs Jews, Muslims vs Christians, Catholics vs Protestants. In fact even Shia Muslims vs Sunni Muslims... They are often the worst when it comes to homophobia too.
  13. I'd get around 100 points and there would be a team behind me on nearly the same points for 4 or 5 seasons straight. Real Sociedad finished on about 105 points when they beat me to it
  14. What can you say about the kid? Before scoring, he always looked the most likely of doing so. Cubarsi, another 16 year old, has also been doing well at centre back. He had a solid game last night. The issue is keeping players fit. De Jong, Pedri, Gavi and Balde all out. When fit, they are all among the first names on the team sheet. Very frustrating. With de Jong, Pedri, Gavi and Balde all fully fit and at their best, it would be a different team.
  15. Yeah I was actually thinking of moving up to that level. I usually play world class but it would make sense to change it to legendary and use sliders. In saying that, I never seem to win the league easy. There is always a team who finishes within 2 or 3 points of me. In fact Real Sociedad beat me to it one season by a point. Once you have a team full of 90 players though, then it becomes too easy. This is also why I play 3 minute halves, keep the scoreline down a bit haha. Atlético Madrid seem to always be a difficult team to play against for some reason.
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