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  1. Carnivore Chris

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    Liberal Democrats
  2. Carnivore Chris

    Group F - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    It was a good goal as well and after only a few minutes of being on the pitch. It was a solid team performance in truth and while Inter had chances, I would say their chances weren't as clear cut as Barça's and in the end it was a deserved victory in my opinion.
  3. Carnivore Chris

    Group F - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    Neto has made a few nice saves now. He's having a good game.
  4. Carnivore Chris

    Group F - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    Should have been 2-0 there. Lenglet should have buried that.
  5. Carnivore Chris

    Group F - Matchday 6 - Tuesday 10th December, 2019

    Why shouldn't a club that has already won their group field a weakened line-up? Why would you risk injuries to key players in a game which means absolutely nothing? It would be suicide. This is why you try and get your group won as quickly as you can so that you have the opportunity to do this in order to rest players. There are 2 big games coming up against Real Sociedad away and el Clasico.
  6. Carnivore Chris

    [VOTE] Team of the 21st Century - RB - Quarter Finals

    Brazil has produced some ridiculously great attacking full backs.
  7. Immense goal. It was like a back heel rebona and I can't remember seeing that before. Suárez certainly knows how to score a memorable goal. The play from de Jong before it was also excellent and he had a fantastic performance in general. Messi with another ha trick, all of which were good goals. Griezmann has looked much more settled recently. The lack of clean sheets is an issue, although the performances keep improving. Rakitic being back in the side is also making a difference.
  8. Another assist for him him just now. A defence splitting pass at that to set up Griezmann to make it 1-0.
  9. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    I say that and then today at work, there was a trolley full of plasterboards(12 of them, which weight 48kg each, so 575kg or whatever), which were in our way, so we went to push it so we could move it and it tipped over, with my wrist getting trapped between the boards and a wall. It fucking hurt that and it could have been much worse on another day. Trust me to nearly break my arm a day after saying I've never broken it before Honestly though, those sparkies are getting it in the ear on Monday because it was all their shite in the way which caused the tip. Just a bunch of absolute cunts they are.
  10. Carnivore Chris

    Member Opinions 2019

    Yeah you used to think my name was actually Phil Mitchell, fantastic. I don't rave much anymore mate haha. But I'm having a big night out in Manchester after Christmas with a bunch of lads from work who are from down there. Where do you go to when you go raving in Amsterdam mate?
  11. Carnivore Chris

    Member Opinions 2019

    I've had a few names but that was one of them yeah I think I first signed up during the Euros in 2008.
  12. Carnivore Chris

    Off Topic

    I've never broken my arm(surprisingly), badly bruised and sprained, yes but never a break. I've only ever broken 2 fingers, a thumb, my foot and my nose. You know about it when you break your fingers, that's one thing I can tell you. The pain is unique as fuck. In fact, it's not even pain per say, but like a horrible vibration feeling going through your bone. I did actually fracture my foot as well once. I could feel like a crunching feeling when that happened. Honestly though, you never really know the extent of an injury without an x-ray mate. Google will only tell you that you have aids and cancer, so I'd avoid that.
  13. Carnivore Chris

    Member Opinions 2019

    Mel must have been on this forum(and TFF) for like 9 years if I'm not mistaken. He's old skool.
  14. English football misses a Big Dunc and a Vinnie Jones.