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  1. I have proof of vaccination and have the form saved ready. It's more the returning to England part. I know that at the moment you need a test(even if vaccinated) 2 days before returning but I think they are changing it as of October. Whereabouts in Greece? It about time you travelled around Southern Europe have you bumped into @Fusion yet?
  2. What's happening now as of October? Do you not have to take a test before you go and when you come back anymore? It's all confusing to me . But if you don't have to fuck around having so many tests with the new regulations, then I'm going to go to South Spain on the 18th October as I have a week off work. @Stan @nudge where you at currently?
  3. HORRENDOUS performance. Cross, cross, cross. Not Barça football at all. It's obviously not going to be a side that is going to destroy teams as many of the players playing are teenagers(or simply shite like Coutinho or Luuk de Jong) and it's going to take a few years to rebuild with youth and sorting out the financial situation but it was still crap. Things can improve a bit with Fati back, Pedri in the team and possibly even Agüero but Koeman isn't the man. He's terrible in every way. Also why loan in Luuk de Jong? He's fucking awful and Falcao would have even been better. He's just signed for Rayo and while he wouldn't be a signing to jump for joy about, he's superior to Luuk de Jong. But Koeman wants all his Dutch buddies.
  4. It's as bad as a European Super league would be, if not worse. It's literally killed a great sport and made it like an American one such as the NBA and NFL.
  5. My mate, Mambwe Chilufya, plays for Kendal Town now at left back and scored against Morecambe the other week(who are now in League 1), fair play to him. He's 27 but always played for your local pub like teams so he's done quite well to make the step up to non league and then score on his debut(albeit being a friendly) against a football league side.
  6. Site manager(who doesn't watch football) at work the other day:- "That Massi has left Real Madrid to go to Paris"
  7. 4-2 in the end. Braithwaite with 2 goals and an assist! A shame to concede 2 but it was a big win to kick off the season.
  8. He's done very well today and was class in pre season. He could form something with Fati, when the latter is back in the team.
  9. 3-0, Braithwaite with 2 and Piqué with the other. It's been a comfortable performance thus far after 70 minutes. It'd be good to see Demir come on.
  10. The biggest issue now is renewing Pedri and Fati as both contracts run out next year and keeping those 2 is even more important than keeping Messi was, considering his age. These 2 are players who need to be built around for the future, along with the beast Araújo, Dest, de Jong and hopefully Eric Garcia and Emerson. There are also talented players in the youth who have played in pre season but not proven themselves in competitive games yet. Balde, Nico, Gavi, or of course recent signing, Yusuf Demir. I actually think Barcelona will surprise people in the very near future, barring the financial situation is resolved and the club don't fold of course. It's certainly worrying.
  11. Emerson Royal is registered but the others are in the process. Depay and Eric Garcia should be registered tomorrow.
  12. Yeah, that's the main reason he went to PSG, to play with his mate, Neymar. They have recently been on holiday together and Neymar has said 100s of times that he wants to play with Messi again. Their understanding on the field is ridiculous and Barça would have won another Champs League(probably 2019) had Neymar stayed. The rest of Europe should be scared. It's just a shame it's the wrong club they are playing for. But this is football now, the only teams that will compete financially from now on(especially after covid) are the ones with foreign investors. I even think Bayern will eventually start to suffer, they have even lost 2 key men in the last 2 windows on free transfers. Saying that, Barcelona's future can be very bright if things are done correctly and the financial problems can be eased. There's an exciting young team there with one of, if not the best youth system in Europe, but it'll take a fair few years. You'd trust in Laporta but it's all about having the funds to pay these young players once they start growing an ego. Bartomeu's terrible mis management of the club mixed with the covid crisis has caused alot of damage. The club could literally die if not careful. As for Messi, it's one of the saddest moments in football for me as I wanted to see him retire at the club but he did give 15+ years and is the player with the most trophies won, most goals, most assists, most appearances and he put on a show season in season out, you can't really ask for more. When was it we used to rave about the young Messi on the old Blackburn Rovers forum? 2007? It's like he's been playing forever at a high level. I can't say I give a fuck if he succeeds in Paris though. I wish him the best and that he plays well but I'd rather see PSG as a club fail if I'm honest and Lille win the league again. I can't stand them, they are probably the club I despise the most these days and I would rather have seen Messi go to Bayern Munich, although you can't blame him for going to a club where all his mates are, they were the only club he was going to end up at, it was 100% nailed on. Himself and Ramos will change that club unfortunately. It doesn't matter on their age as they still have plenty to offer for a few years atleast, especially Messi, who has been brilliant in 2021. There is definitely something going on there.
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