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  1. Toinho

    Off Topic

    I don’t think he did but anyway give the missus one for me.
  2. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

  3. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    Christmas Island (where we stopped has massive prehistoric crab bastards). Here there are loads of hermit crabs.
  4. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    It’s only a 4-5 hour flight from Perth. Think it was around $900 return, and $1300 for a week’s accommodation 30 metres from the Indian Ocean. Going to explore today and hopefully get some good snaps. Very humid etc. Hoping no storms pass through
  5. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    I landed in the cocos islands last night. The runway doubled as a golf course. There’s only WiFi in a handful of places. So far this place is stunning. Heard there’s only 120 residents or so on the main island. Lovely.
  6. Toinho

    Off Topic

    How can I go back to Japan all the time for this if they’ve just introduced this?
  7. Toinho

    Micro Achievements

    It’s a small win. Ever since India in 2015 my guts haven’t been the same.
  8. Toinho

    Micro Achievements

    Didn’t poo twice before 9am.
  9. Toinho

    Ladies feet

    Her feet... why not some of her um other assets? Definitely sounds like MUFC
  10. Toinho

    Favourite Pizza topping

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen it here except one pizza brand. I like tuna and onion but not really seen it on pizza much! Maybe I saw it in Italy. Can’t recall. I like lots of pizza... classics like Hawaiian, Supreme and anything with pepperoni/ham/salami. A good vegetarian pizza with thin crust is divine too. I enjoy trying new toppings, I had some taco pizza thing the other day. My gosh, heaven.
  11. Toinho

    Favourite Pizza topping

    Wtf is this tuna and onion thing? German?
  12. Toinho

    Australian Bushfires

    Not sure if this will work but fuvk this bloke. https://fbwat.ch/12MQbF8bXSKbeqtw
  13. Toinho

    Australian Bushfires

    Unrelated but if the camel thing blew your mind @Dr. Gonzo, have a google of the great emu war in Western Australia.
  14. Toinho

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Imagine how many nice things you could’ve bought yourself
  15. Toinho

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Ya that sounds a decent idea. My gf doesn’t even wear jewellery on 95% of occasions.