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  1. Toinho


    No idea who most of the comedians are from the above few posts! I got Jimmy Carr tickets for next year some time. Should be interesting!
  2. Toinho

    Off Topic

    We teach about the stolen generation as early as kindy/pre primary mate. Lots has changed in our curriculum in the last decade.
  3. Just saw the score. What a farce. Imagine liking a sport where a final is so one sided it may as well have been Geelong versus Deadlines Man.
  4. Still waiting for my alleged post to resurface.
  5. Toinho

    Off Topic

    In the curriculum do they learn about the atrocities the British colony inflicted on the world? Genuine question.
  6. Find a post about a bombing please. And I will leave the forum.
  7. Am relaxed. I was done in a much earlier post but Stan and Bluewolfhad to press. So just explained what I thought. Again, carry on with the dark secrets. As I said before.
  8. So asking if she died from self harm isn’t a joke about self harm? Righto
  9. Yea, which is what I said people were making jokes?
  10. Are you serious? Beezlepakistani asked if Nudge died.
  11. Should form a new league, the premier premierleague and you must have 5 clubs each from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Revolutionary idea.
  12. The jokes about self harm? Anyway, continue with the secrets.
  13. I’ve lost a friend to suicide. There’s been some shocking posts in here.
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