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  1. Gets Real Madrid, loses to Mallorca.
  2. Toinho


    It’s a wild ride this parenting thing. I turned around earlier tonight to see one of my nearly two year olds waving around a sharp knife.
  3. Must be a great mattress! It’s important but that’s a lot. At the moment with the mortgage being absolutely ridiculous I am not going all out on anything for a while. For the first time ever I’m going to have to actually budget soon I think.
  4. Toinho

    Off Topic

    People are fools. I was the health and safety rep at my last workplace not much to do but some of the little things and risks you see people take are incredible.
  5. It was a great start but now people are not scoring when I want them to. Boo
  6. Talk about king Harry fucking Souttar only in this thread OKAY?
  7. I gotta find my post a couple of months ago saying Souttar off to the Prem in January, told ya @Devil-Dick Willie x
  8. I’ll stick with Real Madrid cheers
  9. Age on sign up?15 I think December 04, first 150odd members. Age now? 33 Kids when you signed up? No How many kids now? 2 Married then? No Married now? No The first member you liked and respected? Hard to say, had some people I knew in real life on the forum too. Also some classic members I’d known from other forums too. Your favourite member now? Nah Where did you live when you first signed up (parents, friends etc..)? With my parents Were you at now? My own home Life goals then? Dude… probably just to get enough grades to get into Uni and play soccer lots… Life goals now? Continue providing for my family Member you most disliked then? Nah Member you dislike now? Nah Forum highlight in your time on the forum? I have no idea where to begin - so much has happened, highlight probably the few times I disappeared for a few months or a year or so haha Biggest world event that happened in the year that you signed up? Greek Olympics? Your football teams league position the year of your sign up? Mate… that’s so hard to remember…actually there was no national competition when I signed up… crazy… a-league didn’t even exist. Their position now? 7th/12 miracle Country you live on sign up? Australia Country live now? Australia
  10. You have so much to remember it’s insane!
  11. Real Madrid also just beat the other Madrid in the cup so that was my next game before Sociedad!
  12. You’re what 17? There’s no reason to ever stop playing video games. I mean I don’t play many or any at all recently but still have a switch, Xbox etc and have no desire to ever part ways with them!
  13. Toinho

    Work/Jobs Thread

    I did it. I quit. I relinquished a lifetime job, in favour of my mental health! Tomorrow I will accept a 12 month contract at another school. A new chapter, hopefully a greener one, begins!
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