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  1. Toinho

    Australians Only Thread

    Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Just wondering if there’s some messed up rule they have to follow...but then again when do they follow rules!!
  2. Toinho

    Australians Only Thread

    Are journalists in Australia allowed to mention names without formal legal proceedings etc?
  3. Toinho


    Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Haven’t had a shag for ages anyway so I’ll be fine lol
  4. Toinho

    Turning 40

    True back on topic. Sorry mate
  5. Toinho

    Turning 40

    deleted CBF debating in the wrong thread
  6. Toinho

    Turning 40

    Are you saying people are only kind because of some stories that helped people explain things in a time where science wasn’t as advanced as we are now? Like, religious scriptures actually promote hatred and discrimination mate.
  7. Toinho

    Turning 40

    We’d likely find something else to discriminate and decimate about.
  8. Toinho

    Turning 40

    You really are unique aren’t you
  9. Toinho

    Members You Miss

    Sorry to hear mate. Take care x
  10. Toinho


    Thanks man. Twin girls...
  11. Toinho


    So.... late on the 24th of February I joined the parenting club. Thought maybe we could have a thread offering advice/crying/rejoicing or letting off steam 🤷‍♂️
  12. Toinho

    Turning 40

    Wait... you were a manager or something for United??
  13. Toinho

    Turning 40

    @Carnivore Chris too I believe
  14. Toinho

    Things We've Missed In The Past Year

    Really feel for you guys. I can’t even fathom how difficult it would have been and still is. Fingers crossed that normality comes soon!
  15. Saturday 27th February, 2021 Swansea 1-0 Bristol City Sevilla 1-2 Barcelona, 15.15 Utrecht 2-0 FC Emmen, 15.30 Lokomotiv Moscow 1-1 CSKA Moscow, 16.00 Porto 3-2 Sporting Lisbon, 20.30 Sunday 28th February, 2021 Sampdoria 1-0 Atalanta, 11.30 PSV 1– Ajax, 13.30 Sturm Graz 0-1 RB Salzburg, 16.00 Villarreal 2-3Atletico Madrid, 20.00 Marseille 1-2 Lyon, 20.00