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  1. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    I wouldn’t even be halfway to a discount
  2. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    That’s insane. I can’t go anywhere for that price haha
  3. Toinho

    Members Pictures

    I can’t see the photo...
  4. Toinho

    First Goal

    Slutsk for 69.
  5. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

  6. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

  7. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

    I said Middle East earlier but that’s where this fictional place would be placed...
  8. Toinho

    What Are You Doing While in Isolation?

    Girlfriend has been here since last Tuesday working from home due to our state shutting down regional borders within our state... so it was either she stays where she lives for the next 2,3,4,5,6 who knows how many weeks or she comes to Perth before the lockout. It’s been pretty good so far...it’s basically accelerated our relationship to living together for however long this goes for or until she is required to work on site.
  9. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

    I’m a fictional character.
  10. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

    Nope! cheers lad
  11. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

  12. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

    I’m off to bed soon so will give a hint... I am male and from the Middle East.
  13. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

  14. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

  15. Toinho

    Who Am I ?

    Always No