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  1. We’re currently 5th on the medal tally, I expect us to slip down to 10/11th by the end but we continue to punch above our weight. Extraordinary stuff.
  2. Toinho

    Work/Jobs Thread

    I did that and now working 3 days a week for the rest of the year in a brand new year level for me. Only thing is to manage our finances well enough that this part time life works out alright with our mortgage etc. should be if I stop buying dildos.
  3. Football is a big interest of mine, which may sound bizarre… I don’t have much time for me. When I do it’s check this forum, clean the house, do the washing, buy nappies… When the girls are like 25 maybe I can get back into reading more, doing more quizzes, Xbox, learning card tricks, running more, learning (or relearning) Japanese…
  4. Haven’t been drunk since January, then went just under 3 months no alcohol (personal best for me since I was 17/18). Now, I may have a 1-2 beer/whiskey every second day or so. Just got no time for it, and really don’t fancy being hungover looking after two babies… I have three big nights planned in October though (football awards night, bucks party, and a wedding) so that’ll probably be my big ones this year haha
  5. Wasn’t too poor, but for their standards and history I guess I agree! Sweden are very good…
  6. An amazing performance by the Matildas to defeat Great Britain! Went to get pizza at 85 minutes come back and Kerr (god) had scored an equaliser and wow what a game. I actually think GBR were better but very proud of the ladies and now we face Sweden again… they’re my favourite for the gold medal but we’ve made it to the semis which is utterly amazing.
  7. Agreed. It’s been a good “rivalry” to watch. I missed most of yesterday’s but I do enjoy watching the swimming, probably up there as some of my favourite events to watch. .
  8. Nah she smashed Ledecky in two finals that’s all
  9. I know you were having problems not that long ago (not sure when time goes crazy quick doesn’t it?!) but hope this is all okay now mate. Not entirely sure what to suggest as it seems complicated/can be amazing/can be tiring. I mean no relationship is perfect but there’s only so much someone can “take”. All the best
  10. My lord! 10 cups! Would put me in hospital. Love coffee though - pretty much always have it black. As for the title, I can’t really think of anything except maybe first starting to drink at 17… (I was late compared to so many friends as I really wasn’t interested and was focussed on football and other stuff).
  11. Perhaps COVID has affected it this time.
  12. Well I get it’s not huge for football but every side there is playing to win, and it’s arguably gonna be the biggest tournament for so many of the footballers that they’ll play in so I honestly really do not understand your comment.
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