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  1. Toinho

    The Butterfly Effect

    He never goes a day without the D.
  2. Toinho

    Australian A-League

    Smashing it at the moment. I will have to go and see us win at some point this season haha. Not many home games left though. Our crowds are still disappointing. Hopefully we secure top spot in the next couple of weeks.
  3. Toinho

    Storts' TF365 Forum Hierarchy 2019

    So will we have to wait 3 months for the number one announcement?
  4. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    Feel good cafe was my local both times I went to Amsterdam when I was young and dumb.
  5. Toinho

    Your social class

    Primary teachers? Interesting to chuck them with retail. You know you can get public school teacher salaries on relevant state websites. Also - there’s no difference in primary and secondary teaching salaries (excluding admin) It’s all experience dependent. I won’t get rich being a teacher but if you’ve been teaching for 7 years in WA you’re surpassing $100k. Some trades get incredible money - particular here, but you can’t do that forever and your body pays the price I suppose. Insane that your general labourers in VIC are taking home more than 100k after tax is that’s what you’re suggesting. Or are they skilled workers?
  6. Toinho

    Your social class

    Sensible decision. Having an inheritance can definitely make you do silly things with the money. I bet there’s others out there whom piss it all up.
  7. Toinho

    Your social class

    Not sure if serious or troll.
  8. Toinho

    Your social class

    How have you saved that much? Do you sit at home and do nothing to save the dough or just invested/budgeted incredibly well to save such an impressive amount? Curious! Don’t have to answer
  9. Toinho

    Trivia Thread

  10. Toinho

    Trivia Thread

    Hahaha. I wish but no wild koalas in Western Australia. to answer your question: wood?
  11. Toinho

    Trivia Thread

    Trick question you’re all in huts
  12. Toinho

    Australian A-League

    Top by 7 points fucking get in ya cuntzzzzz
  13. Toinho

    Ladies feet

    Yeah nah
  14. Toinho

    Underrated women thread

    Queen Elizabeth II
  15. Toinho

    Ladies feet

    Not even clicking on these videos but to answer a question posed earlier. I haven’t been looking at the gf’s feet more since the creation of this thread. Maybe less since! @MUFC do you put your willy between your partners toes or do you get fucked by her feet at all? Just asking.