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  1. Toinho


    Lime or lemon makes it somewhat okay and if it’s its 40 degrees or I’ve just finished playing football - then it’s maybe acceptable haha.
  2. Toinho

    Work a.k.a the vent about your job thread

    Bugger What do you do now?
  3. Toinho


    Can you find little creatures and James Squire in England?
  4. Toinho


    It’s not too bad. Little creatures is a bit better. But I’ve gone off them a bit. Coopers have some good stuff(not WA brewers though boo), feral brewery, and some down in Margaret River way if you went there!
  5. Toinho


    😂😂 to be honest the following on your list I’ve gone for as preferred beers: San Miguel Peroni Kronenbourg Heineken I first discovered Kronenbourg in London. Decent.
  6. Toinho


    Stan’s list is boring and commercial! corona should never be on anyone’s list. It’s beer for those who don’t like beer or using taste buds. Having said that I don’t mind a peroni, moretti, etc but I’m mostly about the craft beers. Loads of great aussie pale ales/IPA’s floating about at the moment. Lots of good West Aussie stuff and some good breweries over NSW way too.
  7. Toinho

    Christmas 2020

    It’s still November. Calm down! Our Xmas will be business as usual at this rate, very lucky.
  8. Toinho


  9. Toinho


    Awesome John! Good work cobba!
  10. Toinho


    I had you down as a huge sausage fan...
  11. Toinho


    Agreed!!! I went up to a famous spot north of Perth earlier this year that has “unreal lobster” and the whole town is basically about lobsters. I shared half a lobster with the gf and only ate some because I made sure I had a chip attached to it...
  12. Toinho


    I used to hate mushrooms as a kid but now I’m a fan. I used to hate every single seafood unless it was battered fish from a fish and chip shop. I don’t eat much seafood now, just fish really. Hate prawns, octopus... lobster and crab are bang average.
  13. Toinho


    Prawn is a no go for me. Salmon is wicked.
  14. Saturday 28th November, 2020 Rotherham 1-2 Bournemouth Valencia 2-3 Atletico Madrid, 15.15 Benevento 0-1 Juventus, 17.00 Gremio 2-0 Flamengo, 21.00 Sunday 29th November, 2020 Lazio 1-0 Udinese, 11.30 Lyon 2-0 Reims, 12.00 Feyenoord 3-1 Utrecht, 13.30 Fenerbahce 2-2 Besiktas, 16.00 Real Sociedad 3-1 Villarreal, 20.00 St Etienne 1-2 Lille, 20.00
  15. Toinho

    Off Topic

    Usual party stuff like beer pong? Research some different drinking games? Tie him naked to something? Ask @MUFC around to lick his feet?