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  1. Toinho

    Your Expensive Habits

    She’s not your girlfriend if you have to pay for her...
  2. Toinho

    How many countries have you visited?

    Everywhere in the UK? I count them separately.
  3. Agree that nationality would be more interesting
  4. Toinho

    What's in your diet?

    Cheers mate just a football injury. Should be good in a few weeks.
  5. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    Haha think I’ve got maybe 7-8 pages left. Ours seems quite big though. Don’t know if every passport had the same number of pages?
  6. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    I haven’t had mine stamped for quite a while or I’ll try use the auto gate thing. I like seeing the stamps.
  7. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    You can see a holy grail or some shit there
  8. Toinho

    Sleep - Sleep - Sleep

    You mean 11pm. You sausage.
  9. Toinho

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    Identity Crisis the new release from one of my favourite authors... Ben Elton.
  10. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    I’ll message him. Cheers.
  11. Toinho

    Sleep - Sleep - Sleep

    9pm to 6am and still fucking tired
  12. Toinho

    What's in your diet?

    I haven’t exercised for 5 weeks and have an MRI today for my spine. My actual diet though isn’t too bad.
  13. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    Still jealous at how close you lot are to Europe. Japan on Sunday. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I’ve not been before. Taking the gf.
  14. Toinho

    Your Expensive Habits

    I suppose alcohol. But I drink less than I used to. Nothing else would be a habit really, if you added up my Netflix, Xbox live, internet, phone, and a few other things it probably becomes quite expensive over the course of the year but I can comfortably afford those luxuries.
  15. Toinho

    How do you wipe your ass ?

    Watch this shit become one of our most popular threads