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  1. Toinho

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Sorry I should’ve written clearer. It does come out in my fortnightly pay. Just didn’t know how much until end of financial year. I wasn’t clear.
  2. Toinho

    The Student Loan Crisis

    Yeah think mines around 30k at the moment. Doesn’t bother me one bit, except if I could go back in time I would have made some voluntary repayments when I was abroad because indexation made it worse... I have no real intention to pay it off outside of forced tax time payments though. (Think it’s 2-3k for the financial year just gone) hopefully gone in a decade...
  3. Toinho

    Question a Member: Pyfish

    I know the first one
  4. Toinho


    Scummy fans. Not saying our lot would have done different but very disappointing scenes in the last couple of hours.
  5. Toinho


    Archer didn’t even look like he went over and was laughing? I was only half paying attention because that was some blow. Smith, despite who’s leadership rightly should be called into question, is an absolutely phenomenal cricketer who’s been in fine form. Hope he’s alright.
  6. Toinho


    Worst review ever by England. Smith injured and Archer charging in at 94mph/150 odd km. This is exciting cricket.
  7. Toinho

    Question a Member: CaaC (Joan)

    Thanks for participating mate!
  8. Toinho

    Question a Member: CaaC (Joan)

    @CaaC (John) will give you the rest of today to finish answering.
  9. Toinho


    Is it just me that dislikes T20? Despite the Perth Scorchers being (or have been) the best side over the last 6-7 years I’ve never been to a game.
  10. Toinho

    The Holiday Thread

    Near the African section - from memory.
  11. Toinho

    Sheep - Season 3 - Media and Entertainment

    yeah im out, enjoy the season
  12. Toinho

    What are you listening to?

    Wtf is going on in here 😂
  13. Toinho

    Cultural Shocks

    Having said what I did though, one of my best mates is American! I’m only talking from personal experiences and that’s all we can do really! The Americans on here are decent, of course!
  14. Toinho

    Cultural Shocks

    Aye can see the appeal.