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  1. Rab

    I am back

    Clearing this up so that everyone can understand what happened. Brian isn't ban evading because Brian was never banned. Brian messaged me regarding deleting his account because he needed some time away from the forum. I asked Brian if he was ready for his account to be deleted and he said yes, so I deleted it. Brian came back a few hours later with another account saying he wasn't ready for this account to be banned because he hadn't messaged everyone he had wanted to message yet. Given the fact that Brian was always going to come back to the forum once he had sorted whatever it is he was wanting to sort out, we placed a suspension on the new account so it would be ready for Brian whenever he decided to come back. Brian signed up to the forum again now he's ready to return and the account with the suspension on it got deleted and Brian will continue on this new account.
  2. Rab


    The goal is the bare minimum required to cover the costs of hardware/software licenses, anything over that will go towards marketing or will rollover into the next year.
  3. Rab


    Legend, got it thank you. I'll add it to the counter as it doesn't seem to have updated.
  4. Rab


    Thanks John <3 Received Nudge's donation as well. Mental we're only £150 off of the goal 9 days into the year. The support for the forum is unreal. Legends.
  5. The support for the forum is always unreal. I've updated the donation bar to include Batard's bit on the side.
  6. Not sure why that would be. I've not changed anything and can't find any options to change to fix it.
  7. Rab


    Fixed. Every version of IPB got the same bug, the developers when they created the site set the cookies to expire in 2020. Nailed it. I've set it to expire in 3020 so we should be good.
  8. Rab

    SPFL Match Chat 2019/20

    Basic physics tells us the only way the ball can move in that way towards the goal is off of the arm. Our luck in these games is unreal.
  9. Rab

    SPFL Match Chat 2019/20

    Get fucking in there. Not sure why Kent didn't get booked there for celebrating. I guess it's just that Morelos special treatment.
  10. Brought it back just for you bae.