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  1. Rab


    I used to drive by the Auchentoshan distillery every day on the way to and from work.
  2. Rab

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    The problem with the refereeing performance is... if Morelos gets booked for diving for a penalty. Why didn't Itten get booked (for getting pulled down in the box) if it wasn't a penalty? I swear they just make shit up as they go along.
  3. Rab

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    Triple cheeseburger from McDonalds is supreme.
  4. Rab


    Legend. Thanks 👍
  5. I don't see Gerrard taking a step down and managing Liverpool.
  6. Lennon getting out before the Old Firm game and letting everyone else deal with his mess.
  7. Rab

    Members Pictures

    It used to be available for everyone although it was taking up a lot of space on the server. We made it a donator perk so that people could still do it but it wouldn't take up as much space.
  8. Rab

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    It'll be won before the old firm tho
  9. Rab

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

    Ross County will be disappointed with it only being 1-0.
  10. Rab

    SPFL Matchday - 2020/21

  11. Brilliant little player. Would be sad to see him leave.
  12. Rab


    Thanks yet again John. <3
  13. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This might be my favourite football season of all time.