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  1. Celtic have now lost more games this season than we did all of last season.
  2. Rangers game finished 3-0. Rather slow game after the goal. Roofe coming on helped us get back into our groove with his movement.
  3. Rab


    Is it cross-platform? I've got it on PC
  4. I'd like to thank the hackers as none of this would have been possible without them.
  5. Rab

    Work/Jobs Thread

    Honestly, it's best to avoid any situation when someone comes to you with an investment opportunity. The best investments in life are yourself and the investments you can research yourself.
  6. Its on the list. Some things aren't as easy as others.
  7. Signatures now have a limit on their height. Pre-existing large images will be automatically scaled down for the new height.
  8. I don't think it does. Using this page as an example, John's signature is about 3x the size of the bar. If we're worrying about breaking the flow of conversation then signatures need a height limit.
  9. I've switched the topic summary to underneath the first post and can be expanded. Does that work for everyone?
  10. Rab


    How do you have time for anime when you're always looking at the online list?
  11. Should be fixed, let me know if anything is still not working.
  12. Not sure if you watched the games or not but Midtjylland were nowhere near their usual standard.
  13. The forum was upgraded from an older version of the forum software to the latest version.
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