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  1. Rab

    Tiger King

    Yeah, that was a separate interview though. It was never mentioned in Tiger King (not that I can remember at least).
  2. Rab

    Tiger King

    A fact that they never mentioned during the show, which blew my mind at why they never mentioned it
  3. Rab

    Tiger King

    Hey all you cool cats and kittens.
  4. Rab

    Member Opinions 2019

    You're all cunts.
  5. Rab


    Basket (combining the bush and the basket pole) net (red shirt) court (ginger shoes) score (tree in background) hoops (ginger hair) dunk (car windows)
  6. Rab

    Emoji Charades

    Give us another hint.
  7. Rab

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    It's not been confirmed because she's not part of the Royal family, although my sister was showing and still is showing symptoms. The main ones being coughing, loss of taste and smell.
  8. Rab


  9. Rab

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I'd imagine you don't know about because the people with it are most likely self isolating away from the rest of the world. It also says Manchester has 91 (0.46% of total) confirmed cases (assuming you're in Manchester) which is a very small number of people when you consider the size of Manchester.
  10. Rab

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    As an introvert that was working from home before Covid-19, this is hardly a dream. I can't visit my family, i can't visit my fiancee's family, i can't go to the cinema, i can't go to the shops without waiting in a queue, i can't go for a walk without being quarantine shamed (this has happened twice despite my fiancee and I living together...), I can't watch football, the only gig I had planned for this year and was really looking forward to has been cancelled. Woo, fun dream.
  11. Rab

    What Are You Doing While in Isolation?

    I ordered a treadmill on the 19th which I'm hoping will be delivered before Wednesday. When it comes I'm going to start doing C25K. Other than that it's just business as usual for me. I work from home anyway so nothing has really changed other than I can't go to the cinema.
  12. Rab

    Who Am I ?

    Well, it's.... Rebekah Vardy.
  13. Rab

    Who Am I ?

    Elon Musk?
  14. Rab


    EA sent me two copies of FIFA 2020. Offered one to the Staff which Stan snapped up and offering one to everyone else. You've got dibs if you need one.