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  1. Rab

    Trivia Thread

    If it's not a shark, is it a blue whale?
  2. Rab

    Trivia Thread

    Woah woah woah, one at a time.
  3. Rab

    Trivia Thread

  4. Rab

    Trivia Thread

    Frank Sinatra?
  5. Rab

    Trivia Thread

    Kenny Rogers?
  6. Rab

    Football Index

    Welcome to the forum mate!
  7. Rab

    Militant Veganism

    I don't see where it stops with Vegan's though. I seen an article the other day asking whether people know if their energy supplier was vegan or not. Apparently mine (bulb) aren't because they burn manure for fuel, which seems fine but there was an uproar about where the manure was coming from; was it coming from abused animals. Everything affects animals.
  8. Rab

    Team Support Request

    Club America, Grimsby and Lyon added.
  9. At least one of us can finish.
  10. Rab

    Spurs New Stadium or Yours?

    Ibrox everytime.
  11. Fancy sharing a tip? Or looking for the next best investment?
  12. Rab

    Football Index

    SEO purposes. "Football index forum" is one of the most searched terms on Google at the moment when it comes to football.
  13. Rab

    Team Support Request

    Although if anyone wants to submit their own Atlanta badge...