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  1. THROUGH MY EYES HAHAHA. Phone/computer.
  2. Rab

    Notre Dame on Fire

    Agree 100%. Sadly with it being the internet and everyone thinking they're a keyboard gangster, there's notre dame thing we can do about it.
  3. Rab

    Off Topic

    Always knew you liked german sausage.
  4. Rab


    A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to be able to complete a 5k without stopping so I've been doing fartlek training between lamp posts to build myself up. Any experienced runners got any tips on what to look out for when I'm running? I've been doing research into running form, where to land your feet, cadence and all that.
  5. Rab

    New Shirt Sponsor

    Of course some clubs can survive, but some can't.
  6. Rab

    Your Expensive Habits

    Hey, how are you? Welcome to the forum.
  7. Rab

    New Shirt Sponsor

    Of course, but when the survival of your club depends on money, that's not really an option.
  8. I reckon that'd come under animal cruelty.
  9. Rab

    Sleep - Sleep - Sleep

    I'm usually in bed for 9pm to get up for 5am. For those wondering why any sane person would get up at 5am, I'm attempting fitness and prefer fitnessing before work as I'm usually pretty busy after work.
  10. Rab

    Your Expensive Habits

  11. Rab


    #420swag. Now at £420. Thanks to everyone who has contributed <3
  12. Rab

    Caption Contest

    2030: You'll NEVER believe what Theresa May looks like now!
  13. Rab


  14. Rab


    Massive shout out to anonymous for the £3000 donation.
  15. Rab

    £3000 Taken From My Account

    I always don't have any money so this isn't an issue for me.