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  1. Bunch of sexy bastards.
  2. Appreciate it everyone
  3. TF365 has been set back up.
  4. The donation button has been disabled while I get the account switched back over to the TF365 account.
  5. Rab


    Do you collect anything? Football shirts? Pokemon? Hot Wheels?
  6. Lmao, Imagine losing 6-0 to Hibs. El Sackico claimed a victim.
  7. One of the most frustrating players we have. Has the ability to run/dribble past 3-4 players but then just gives the ball to the 5th. Capable of an end product but you barely see it. Might do better in other leagues where the football is more open and he isn't trying to break down 10 men behind the ball.
  8. I love how absolutely shit Aberdeen are.
  9. Due to changes in circumstances, @N U F C is no longer looking to take ownership of the forum right now. Although, he is still willing to pay the monthly server costs. Since he is the one financially backing the forum. all donations will still be going to him. Rab.
  10. Not a single person went to see if he was alright after the tackle. Only cared about getting Felix sent off. Rip.
  11. I wouldn't call wallpapering simple, especially when it has a pattern you need to match.
  12. I fully expected us to get demolished based on our first-half performance. The second-half performance was much better. Our simple passing at times has been absolutely dreadful.
  13. I think it's only natural to enjoy your rivals losing a key player/staff member. Yeah, just need to look at Alex Ferguson, him moving to England was a complete shambles.
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