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  1. I'm happy to keep this post here if you give a shoutout to the forum on one of your podcasts. Otherwise I'll be deleting it because we're not here to help promote everyone else.
  2. Rab


    Welcome to the forum 👍
  3. Rab

    Staff Changes

    Cannabis requested his account be deleted for reasons I won't be making public.
  4. Rab

    Work a.k.a the vent about your job thread

    I went self employed and started working from home at the start of October and this post is one of the biggest reasons why I had to get out of the office environment. The amount of negativity in the offices I've worked in was unreal. It's really nice not being surrounded by it anymore.
  5. Rab


    Legend. Thanks John.
  6. Rab

    Ladies feet

    You need feet to play football though...
  7. Rab

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Thanks Obama.
  8. Rab

    Cars & Motorcycles

    What makes you say that? The new A1 is still a hatchback.
  9. They've never been good.
  10. I'd say he was the worst.
  11. Might change my last name to Dembele and get myself a football career.