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  1. Rab

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    Rangers are still technically struggling financially because of the amount of money we've spent to get back to where we are now. We're operating at a fairly substantial loss considering our last 8 years and where we've come from. Dave King has been the driving force behind our current success. He's been the one to get everything back in order and putting the right people in the right places. Without him none of what is currently going on would have happened. Gerrard has the team playing as a unit. Every single player on the park knows their role and sticks to that role. The majority of teams will struggle to break us down this season.
  2. Rab

    Adding pictures

    It got set up as a donator perk because everyone was overloading the server with images when it was first available.
  3. Rab

    Playstation 5

    I've bought a gaming PC instead of going down the console route this time. The majority of the games I play are crossplay anyway so I'm not gonna miss out on playing with people on consoles. I prefer mouse and keyboard too.
  4. Hamilton Academical, year after year, field players under 18 because they don't have the finances to afford a full squad. I'm sure you'll manage.
  5. Rab

    Show us your pets

  6. Rab


    The way it works out is a £250 payment March and then another in September, so every 6 months.
  7. Rab

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    Yeah. I mean I don't think its even a Gerrard thing either with Rangers. John Fleck was hyped up to be the next Wayne Rooney when he was like 18 and flopped big time when he took to the field for Rangers, moved down to a Championship side where he was just playing away for years. Now he's playing really well for Sheffield United and also playing for Scotland. Ibrox is definitely a tough place to play mentally when the fans are on your back.
  8. Rab

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    Rangers definitely have the talent coming through. We recently sold Billy Gilmour to Chelsea and Dire Mabude to Man City. I think because Rangers are in a tricky spot right now in terms of being completely trophyless for a long time, he can't afford to play inexperienced players. Rangers fans fully expect us to win the league this year and if he was to bring on a youngster that makes a mistake to us losing a game, the youngsters confidence will be shot for a long time because of how cunty some Rangers fans can be towards player's performances.
  9. Rab

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    He switched it up completely against Celtic which is why we won it so easily. We done our homework and Celtic didn't. Barasic and Tavernier barely ran up the flanks unless they were 100% safe to do so. We kept drawing their full backs towards Tav and Barasic which made so much space in behind for us to attack.
  10. Shane Lynch from Boyzone would have been a better signing tbh.
  11. Rab

    Steven Gerrard - How's He Doing?

    Rangers are going to struggle when he leaves. The players we've been able to attract because of his name is night and day. We've yet to win anything under Gerrard though. We play really good football and our defence is solid. Carries himself really well with the media. Everyone is always trying to get him to bite but he never does. He's always focused on talking about Rangers and Rangers only. His man management is pretty good from what I've heard.
  12. Good performance topped off with one the the greatest goals you'll ever see.
  13. Classic American sport knowledge.
  14. Rab

    Football Index

    This is typically always what happens with trading though. All it takes is for Amazon to say they're thinking about doing something different with their deliveries and the stocks of DPD, FedEx etc all drop. It's a risky game.