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  1. The goat returns. Thanks John!
  2. Big thanks to Liverpool for making our result look not that bad.
  3. So there's basically a lot of things going on. Every plugin, feature, person, bit uses up resources. One of our plugins that was actually weren't even using anymore was overloading the database more than it needed to.
  4. Yeah annoyingly we can't control what is said when something like that happens.
  5. How'd you get back in?
  6. Unsure if that's a good or bad thing
  7. DDoS wouldn't waste their time creating accounts. All you need to do is overload the server with traffic (which doesn't seem like it would be hard lolz)
  8. After the changes I done last night I emailed them regarding the fixes and their reply means we should be good now.
  9. Naw save that for the people that deserve it.
  10. Surely Stan can just predict what people would have predicted...
  11. Hey everyone, Due to an issue with the size of the forum and the limitations of our current host, they suspended our services. They've for now agreed to unsuspend the forum as long as certain resource limits aren't hit again which I'm currently working on fixing. If the forum goes down again we'll most likely be moving to an improved hosting provider. Cheers, Rab
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