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  1. I struggle to think of a crest improvement I've seen in recent times outside of Rangers. I don't know why clubs go crazy with it. Just keep it the same but improve it.
  2. Enjoying your new swing set?
  3. We prefer Google at TF365.
  4. That's a feature not a bug.
  5. hi

    1. football forums
    2. football forums


      Hello, it works

  6. I'll be updating the forum software on the 29th of May so expect some downtime between 10am and 4pm.
  7. It should also get faster as I'm still doing optimisation to the new server.
  8. It wasn't me but I'll take the credit. Thanks man.
  9. I'm going to upgrade the forum to the latest version soon which might fix the Grammarly issue but no guarantees.
  10. Also let me know if you feel like there is a performance increase or not.
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