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  1. Tommy


    https://screenrant.com/lost-damon-lindelof-series-original-ending-season-abc/ That's why I'm glad that the Dark creators seemed to have envisioned three seasons, and weren't talked into more. Like La Casa de Papel. It had a perfect ending after Season 2, and then somehow they got talked into making more. Admittedly though it was good.
  2. Tommy


    It absolutely was. I loved it. But I'm a sucker for emotional things. I recently read an interview with one of the creators of Lost, and he said that they wanted it to end sooner, but the studio dragged it on, because it was so successful. So I think it was more of an improvised ending rather than the one the creators really imagined. Dark ended after Season 3, with the ending the creators intended.
  3. Tommy


    Plus, the mystery thing is quite like Lost. Although I'm sure Dark will find a more "logical" ending unless an emotional (yet good) copout.
  4. Tommy


    Haha, not all of it, but the cave, and the time travel thing. Oh well. Gottem! Also I'm on Season 2 while you fell asleep during the first episode.
  5. Tommy

    Surprising Facts

    I do understand Mafia Wars sometimes.
  6. Tommy


    It reminds me of Lost sometimes.
  7. Tommy


    It definitely needs attention. I pay full attention to it, and I'm still confused (not the Mafia Wars kind of confused) so many times and have to go to some Dark-Wiki thing to check a few facts. It's really good. Surprised @nudge hasn't watched it yet?
  8. Tommy


    I'm already in Season 2. Mindblowingly good this.
  9. Tommy

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    My city is the most rising when it comes to new infections in Germany. We even overtook that city that had that big outbreak in the meat factory. https://www.mdr.de/nachrichten/panorama/corona-neuinfektionen-duesseldorf-nachtleben-100.html
  10. Tommy

    First Goal

    Game 41: 28th minute Game 42: 12th minute.
  11. Williams just glad to somehow be there.