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  1. Tommy

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    It's not how we eat them here normally.
  2. Well deserved. Loved to see him play whenever I watched Stuttgart. As soon as he got injured, they played worse.
  3. 3. Liga player of the season.
  4. "Svensson gibt ein' aus der Idiot"
  5. Tommy

    Eredivisie - Netherlands

    Let's go Sparta.
  6. Saturday 22nd May, 2021 Brentford 2-1 Bournemouth, 12.30 St Johnstone 1-2 Hibernian, 14.00 Elche 0-1 Athletic Bilbao, 17.00 Huesca 1-3 Valencia, 17.00 Chicago Fire 2-2 Inter Miami, 23.00 Sunday 23rd May, 2021 Sydney 2-1 Western Sydney, 07.05 Atalanta 2-2 AC Milan, 14.00 Torino 1-0 Benevento, 14.00 Nantes 2-1 Montpellier, 20.00 Strasbourg 1-1 Lorient, 20.00
  7. Dawid Kownacki.
  8. You really peaked when you won funniest member of the year.
  9. Tommy

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    I never had it until I read it as "original greek" in the menu, so I had to try it. I was very pleasantly surprised. It somehow works. KFC has gravy in the UK? In Germany we just call it (Bratensoße) a sauce you have with a roast or something. Not something I'd add to chips or anything else. Here we usually eat them with mayo, and I know that is a controversial subject in itself again, but that's how it is here and I love it. And then there's Joppie Sauce! I think that's from the Dutch. Very good as well!
  10. Tommy

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    I've tried Chips with vinegar once. Surprisingly not bad.
  11. Tommy

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    "Original" is with mustard and ketchup though. But yea, the European kind is the one I eat most often too though. With Tzatziki and coleslaw (Krautsalat!). We used to have a really nice Greek takeaway in Düsseldorf. They offered so many kind of different pita breads, different versions of gyros. They closed a few months ago.
  12. Tommy

    Your Favourite Fast-Food Items

    Original Gyros is yummy! Yea, that does look kind of sad. British Chips looks weird in general. Kinda bland and dry.