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  1. Tommy


    Jule marches on! First Wimbledon ever and now she's in the round of the last 16! It was a bit nerve wracking to watch though. 21 break points.
  2. Looks like the green colour in the printer cartridge is running low.
  3. All three Freiburg kits. Weird to see them with a British sponsor. Usually they always had something local. Part of their growth I gues.
  4. I have two keepers, six defenders, four midfielders and two strikers and still 15 Mio left.
  5. Jens Dalsgaard Stage (born 8 November 1996) is a Danish professional footballer who plays for Bundesliga side Werder Bremen. Stage is a versatile player, who has been deployed as a full-back, midfielder, winger and forward.
  6. Fortuna Düsseldorf Home
  7. Didn't know we were doing the 13 year old on an Xbox Lobby routine.
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