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  1. I vote to lynch Faithcore!
  2. You sound very defensive there. Got anything to confess?
  3. I think I still come out on top if you take away the googlers.
  4. Saw this on reddit and thought it's pretty interesting. The evolution of some race team factories:
  5. Tommy

    Who Am I ?

    Anyone who's remotely interested in Formula 1 knows who Murray Walker is.
  6. Tommy

    Who Am I ?

    We don't watch garbage TV in Germany, so I doubt he knows who that is.
  7. Tommy

    First Goal

    18th minute.
  8. Tommy

    Name a Song with..

    Smh, none of you mentioned "Wind of Change" from the Scorpions in this game when it was about wind? Pathetic. Not even SchalkeUK with his vast knowledge of German History, apparently.
  9. Tommy

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I knew that picture would become relevant again eventually.
  10. Tommy

    The Masked Footballer

    Fuck me, I knew Toad was Michael Ballack because I recognized the shirt. I think I also have an autograph card of him somewhere with the exact same pose.
  11. Tommy

    F1 E-Sports

    Grazzie Ragazzi!
  12. Tommy

    What Are You Doing While in Isolation?

    That was my plan at first, but now I try to do damage control in terms of getting fat. But next week I want to exercise again too.