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  1. Confirmed. I was looking forward to see him back in the Bundesliga, but not at this club.
  2. Just read about this as well. Destined to bomb, but I'm curious nonetheless.
  3. Frankfurt take the lead again. That was a fantastic goal to be fair.
  4. You are easily entertained, aren't you?
  5. Darmstadt turn the game around within two minutes or so. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!
  6. Tommy


    Where did you see them? I've only ever seen them in a wildlife park. It's a shame that they went extinct in Germany for a long time. But since 2000 they are slowly coming back, and I love reading about the news of sightings etc. Not everybody is happy about it though. But hey, they are just reclaiming what was once theirs.
  7. Tommy


    What a beautiful animal.
  8. Great cross and a beautiful header! Kolo Muani, what a player. He'll probably be gone sooner than later. But a bit disappointing considering Darmstadt had to first dangerous attack. Just as I type this, Borré misses a sitter.
  9. Oh right, I chose to forget about that. Just checked our starting line-up from back then. Only Kastenmeier and Hennings are still at the club.
  10. So no upset after all. Freiburg win it 2:0. Looking forward to Frankfurt vs. Darmstadt. I still can't believe that we are still in that competition as well. I'm not used to that.
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