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  1. You think I read other peoples stuff?
  2. Venzia F.C. Absolutely stunning. Shirt is okay too, I guess.
  3. Game 1: 13th minute Game 2: 19th minute
  4. Appelkamp, Sobottka and Nedelcu in doubt for the Bremen match due to injury. Felix Klaus definitely not in the squad after falling on his head against Sandhausen. Even though the scans were all positive, so it's just a pre-caution.
  5. Imagine Max getting a grid penalty because they have to change parts for an incident that was not his fault at all.
  6. Karlsruhe 2-1 Darmstadt Paderborn 1-0 Nürnberg Hannover 2-1 Rostock Regensburg 1-0 Sandhausen Ingolstadt 2-1 Heidenheim Düsseldorf 3-1 Bremen Kiel 1-2 Schalke Hamburg 2-2 Dresden Aue 1-2 St. Pauli
  7. I won't attend the match this time. My dad and I have a ticket. We'd both have to enter the lottery and there's no guarantee that we'd both get one. Can't be arsed. Next home game I'll be fully vaccinated, so I'll have more reassurance that I can definitely attend. Just a shame that it's against Werder.
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