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  1. Tommy

    Popular movies and series you never rated

    Series: The Big Bang Theory Two and a Half Men The Walking Dead Movies: All that Avengers stuff. It feels like they bring out a new movie every week, and it has become incredibly tiring.
  2. Tommy

    Guess the Movie

  3. Tommy

    Guess the Movie

    Nope. Early hint
  4. Tommy

    Guess the Movie

  5. Tommy

    Guess the Movie

    Oh, I would have guessed it after the first post. Equilibrium. Or however it's spelt.
  6. Tommy

    Things you use to think as a youngster?

    Reading all this, I was a pretty smart kid. And you were all kind of dumb.
  7. Tommy

    Round 07: Canada

    https://www.f1analisitecnica.com/2019/06/last-car-is-on-grid-analisi-gp-canada.html?m=1 So apparently Seb was fuel saving the whole race, which makes his drive even more impressive, and makes it even more of a shame that he was robbed
  8. Tommy

    TF365 Memes

  9. Tommy

    TF365 Memes

    How have I never seen this topic before. I could have contributed so much.
  10. Tommy

    Round 08: France

    Come on Nico H!
  11. I'd explain it, but I think @Faithcore is better suited for this.
  12. Tommy

    Pitch Your Club

    Not at all. He was more of a case of unfulfilled promise. He's very intelligent man and a bit of a gentle soul, so I think all the media hype and the pressure in German football wasn't for him, and that's why he flourished in Australia. They made a movie about him, a documentary called "Tom meets Zizou" which was a very interesting watch.
  13. Tommy

    Chernobyl (2019)

    Na, kidding. I'll check it out tonight