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  1. Tommy

    President Trump

    And all the news reports about it even increased it. Just type idiot in google image search
  2. Tommy


    Anyone watching the World Championship? Some poor Indian dude is getting battered by some dutch fatty Round 1 is fun. I could compete against some of those at my best.
  3. Tommy

    The Holiday Thread

  4. Tommy

    The Holiday Thread

    I know the best places for both
  5. Tommy

    The Holiday Thread

    I command you to!
  6. Tommy

    The Holiday Thread

    Düsseldorf has changed it's face completely in the last decade. Even as a home town boy I don't recognize some places when I haven't been there for a while Mostly very positive though. The harbour region, the city center, the Rhine promenade, the subway stations, everything's completely new. Plus it's a small big city. Everything's easy to reach.
  7. Tommy

    The Holiday Thread

    When was the last time you were here? So much as changed. Much friendlier for pedestrians and tons of new charm connected with the old. Here are some impressions for those interested:
  8. Tommy

    The Holiday Thread

    Düsseldorf is much nicer than Köln, but okay. I'd recommend Düsseldorf of course. Most people who visited say it's their favourite German City after Hamburg. Dortmund is not really spectacular.
  9. Nürnberg 1-3 Wolfsburg Hoffenheim 2-2 Gladbach Stuttgart 1-2 Hertha BSC Augsburg 0-0 Schalke Hannover 0-2 Bayern Düsseldorf 2-1 Freiburg Dortmund 3-1 Bremen Leipzig 2-1 Mainz Frankfurt 1-0 Leverkusen
  10. Tommy

    Motorsports - General Chat

    I've always admired her for her spirit and confidence, so I'm surprised but not that surprised I'm just glad she's not going to that stupid "all female race series". But she openly voiced her opinion against it anyway. Although I do understand women who want to use this all financed opportunity.
  11. Tommy

    Motorsports - General Chat

    Ah okay, I was not aware of that name change/merger. Good for her, and should be a confidence/motivational boost on her way to recovery
  12. Tommy

    Motorsports - General Chat

    Oh, is it the same one where she drove last season?
  13. Some players should be back from injury for us against Freiburg. Ayhan, Sobottka and maybe even Andre Hoffmann. That'll definitely be a huge boost for us.
  14. Tommy

    Motorsports - General Chat

    Is that a good racing category? Never heard of it before to be honest.
  15. Please take in this song to properly immerse yourself into your new job.