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  1. I also liked the Alpine - Michael Masi radio exchange. Everytime someone contacts Masi, he already sounds so done with everyones bullshit.
  2. My favourite moment was when the Ferrari engineer told Carlos to let Lando by, and Carlos corrected him saying that it was Ricciardo and not Lando. Anyway, SUPER MAX! Simply lovely! Good race from Seb as well. Yuki finally delivering!
  3. That guy singing the national anthem is VERY American.
  4. Such a joy to witness the best player in the world. That Ronaldo guy is pretty invisible though.
  5. Tommy


    Big swarms of cranes flying over my city today as they're headed to the south for the winter. Always impressive to see.
  6. Köln are real mentality monsters under Baumgart. But I'd be terrified of him too to be fair.
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