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  1. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Campbell_(YouTuber)
  2. Tommy


    Ah. Wordle 222 4/6
  3. Tommy


    This clip always takes me back. It is what makes Dark for me. Still the best series I have ever seen.
  4. Just finished the first season. Some very frustrating illogical things happening. Like, the characters literally behave stupid as fuck sometimes. But it was still entertaining, and it had it's good and clever moments. So I enjoyed it for the most part. 2nd season could be intruiging.
  5. Cheers! Last time I missed the playoffs completely, so it's progress already!
  6. Ended my 2nd regular season with Wellington Phoenix. Qualified for the Playoffs this time. At least I think it's some sort of playoff.
  7. Tommy


    Wordle 221 6/6 Absolute lucky last guess.
  8. Game 79: 9th minute Game 80: 22nd minute
  9. Bit off topic but.. He's almost 50 years old.
  10. Got my 3rd jab today. Still breathing.
  11. Zoe Wees is pretty big even outside of Germany right now.
  12. Tommy


    Decent. Wordle 220 4/6
  13. I think Wirtz' dad said that he wants his son to remain at Leverkusen for at least 2-3 more years if I remember correctly. And yes, I share the sentiment that they are just a joy to watch at times. The kind of team you'd turn on the TV for on a Sunday evening just to be entertained.
  14. That is an...... interesting trailer.
  15. Ah ffs. Heidenheim, I guess.
  16. I didn't know that he composes his own music. https://streamable.com/ewu997
  17. It says social activities. Not social media activities.
  18. Tommy


    Stan's upper class. His posh education is paying off.
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