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  1. A Fortuna Düsseldorf player scores the winning goal! I am so happy for him.
  2. Tommy


    That's a Pokémon!
  3. I hear his family goes on vacations quite frequently.
  4. Just checked the line-ups. Argentina have a player called Mac Allister, and Poland have Matthew Cash. Should have at least changed it to Cashski.
  5. Ben Manga's contract terminated. That's big news. I think he was a huge factor behind their success in the last few years.
  6. I do. Just weird that everything he posted is gone. I would have liked to see it.
  7. Hard to judge if you just flagged him as a spammer and removed all of his posts as a result, but okay.
  8. You sign up and already take on Spike. I like you.
  9. I couldn't get into this. Started with Fortuna, a Gladbach save, Palermo... and never really enjoyed it. Now I started a save in Poland's 2nd division with Chrobry Glogow, and I'm enjoying it.
  10. That is the most efficient streaker I've ever seen. Ukraine message on the front, Iranian Women on the back, Rainbow flag in hand AND an Africa Tattoo on his calf.
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