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  1. Had to register with an English address. So I live at: Vets For Pets 1 Caldy Valley Road Great Boughton CHESTER CH3 5QZ United Kingdom But damn , I still can't watch outside of the UK. I'll try to figure out a way.
  2. Thinking of the guy who literally became known as Löw's assistant as a breath of fresh air.
  3. Oh no. Nazis doing Nazi things.
  4. I want a copy of that episode asap.
  5. Sammer hasn't had a coaching gig in ages tho. Last time was Stuttgart? 2005 or something. I'd be okay with Glasner.
  6. Oooooh yes, Rachel Weisz in Enemy at the Gates.
  7. Funnily enough I started an FM save with Germany yesterday, and I called him up. But yea, I saw and heard good things about him.
  8. How's Rüdiger doing for Real Madrid? I don't always get the criticism he gets from some. Personality and player wise, he's definitely someone I'd want on my team. No love for Tah?
  9. I have played F1 Manager 2022 on PC. I'm not convinced yet if I should get 2023.
  10. Saturday 16th September, 2023 Kilmarnock 1-2 Hibernian Valencia 1-2 Atletico Madrid, 15.15 Inter Milan 2-2 AC Milan, 17.00 Cardiff 1-2 Swansea, 19.45 New York City 3-1 New York Red Bulls, 20.30 Sunday 17th September, 2023 Los Angeles FC 1-2 LA Galaxy, 03.30 Millwall 1-1 Leeds, 12.00 Twente 1-3 Ajax, 13.30 Strasbourg 2-2 Montpellier, 14.00 Trabzonspor 1-3 Besiktas, 18.00
  11. It's a bit sad that he had to step down himself, and that he wasn't axed right away.
  12. I mean, yea. This is what followed the embarassing World Cup exit:
  13. Game 31: 22nd minute Game 32: 18th minute
  14. He had like two below par games where the rest of the team carried him, but today he has been excellent again. Also, Gordon Herbert after the game! These emotions.
  15. Omfg, we are Basketball World Champions!!!!!!! Dennis Schröder fucking MVP! Isaac Bonga and the Wagner Brothers were really good as well.
  16. Half-time at the final. German 47 - 47 Serbia
  17. Yes, they have implented that.
  18. Tommy


    19 year old Coco Gauff wins the US Open, and with that, her first Grand Slam!
  19. What do you mean exactly? I just watched it, and I thought it was mostly hilarious. Yea, I can see that they tried to bring a message across, but it wasn't really one-sided. It also had some good points about our society. Some scenes felt so on point when it comes to behaviour of "typical men", it was hilarious. Ryan Gosling as Ken was just amazing. My favourite line of the movie.
  20. lol I read that Ao Tanka from Fortuna Düsseldorf scored though, so I'm happy!
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